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Things I've learnt since I started blogging.

Monday, 14 August 2017
My blog will be 2 years old in November. During this time I've learnt a lot about my blog and actually about myself which I wasn't expecting when I started all of this. Here are some of the lessons blogging has taught me.

1. Blogging is so not as easy as everyone makes it look.

2. My photography skills are constantly evolving.

3. Everyone has their own writing style, once you learn yours typing up posts' will be a breeze.

4. The post man will become your best friend as he delivers your splurge on new products.

5. Speaking of products, you'll discover so many cool brands you wouldn't have heard of before.

6. Everyones in the same boat and that boat of bloggers are so supportive, sure theirs the odd person that you most likely want to check over board but almost every blogger I've met is super kind.

7. There's always going to be someone better than you, you just have to learn to roll with it, be more creative, more unique.

8. I don't know one person whos hasn't received a mean comment, brush it off, straighten your tiara and go back to being a boss.

9. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES compare your work against someone else's.. you're  different people with 2 different writing styles, opinions, photography skills etc it just becomes a rabbit hole.

10. You are your own person, you don't have to like what everyone else likes if a cult fave breaks your heart when it doesn't work (and perhaps your bank account) find your own fave!. 

11. ALWAYS be honest. If you're reviewing a product and you don't like it, tell the truth. your readers and other brands will value your opinion much more.

12.  Always show the blog love, you never know when you may need the favour returning.

13. Your blog is your blog, stuff everyone else's opinions.

14. You don't have to spend £100's on fancy photography equipment, your iPhone and some nice lighting is all you really need

15. following on from last, you don't have to spend a week rent on a nice template, sure they're probably a little smoother and have better qualities but if you're desperate for a template and are utterly skint. There are some on Etsy starting from about £5 either that or you can use a free one from here and just customise the colours.

16. You don't have to skint yourself to be a good blogger, don't feel as if you need to buy things to write a post, dig through your make up collection ~ discover your old faves. Lifestyle posts are a fab alternative if you don't want to buy products for review.

17. writer's block will most likely hit you at least once ~ Here are 50 post ideas for when you're in a pickle.

How long have you been blogging, what has blogging taught you?

Drugstore products I'm loving this sumer

Monday, 7 August 2017
Summer is a strange time of year everyone is all hyped up about the sun (overrated) but at the same time they all complain about the heat and being a sweaty betty. One thing I do actually like about the summer is having longer days just because it makes things sooo much easier (bloggers/youtubers will understand). However, Longer and sweatier days means you need some top notch make up and skincare and speaking of which I'm going to show you some of my top drugstore beauty picks for summer. BTW sorry about the semi dark photos, I legit had about 10 minutes free to take them before today (at 9pm).


I like a matte foundation all year around, having oily skin a 'dewy' finish just doesn't work for me - like it starts slipping off within an hour leaving me looking like a melted wax figure. So in the summer I for sure need a matte. At the moment I'm loving the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation in Calico this one is oil free which is handy for my oiliness and it does stay for quite a while, it doesn't oxidise as bad as other foundations (especially if you use a primer). 


Again I'm a matte girl (I think there's an occurring theme going on here). I think pinky, mauve nudes are best for summer and as I need something that's going to stay all day I usually go for a liquid lipstick. I really love the sleek matte in shabby chic and the Bourgois rouge edition velvet in 07


I'm breaking the mould - in this department I'm partial for lots of sparkle and shimmer. I recently picked up the Maybelline blush nudes and I love it. It's really affordable and has a variety of different shades that will still work well in autumn so totally worth the money, the pigment is good and the shadows are blendable and easy to work with - safe to say it's one of my new favessss.

Botanics spritz toner

This may have been one of my best purchases of this summer so far. It's organic which I like, it smells loovely. It's such a refreshing product for those long hot, humid days plus I got it on sale so it was such a good price (We all know I love a bargain).

What products are you loving so far this summer?

A lil' body shop top up

Monday, 24 July 2017
If there's one place I love to have a lil mooch around it's the Body shop, walking around spritzing all the smellies trying out the lotions ~ heaven ~ and although I didn't have the time to go and have my usual mooch around the shop, I did manage to order some classics and new favourites online.

Firstly I'll start with the make-up I wont be going into too much detail with this because I'll be buying a couple more bits and doing a 'testing body shop make up' over on my YouTube channel and if that's something you'd like to see you can subscribe here to catch it!. I picked up the contour palette in light, a matte liquid lipstick in Mauritius Dahlia and a Eye colour stick in Cyprus Bronze. From a first glance all of these products look lovely, I haven't done any swatches though, I'll save everything for the video!.

On too skincare which I can share a little more about. I absolutely adore the body shop mists usually I go for my classic mango but I decided to switch it up and go for Pink grapefruit, this scent is so zesty and sweet and it is perfect for the summer. 

Next I picked up one of my absolute favourite body butters which is the green tea, I just finished off a tub the day before my parcel arrived (Thankyou Royal Mail). This butter not only smells very crisp and fresh but it isn't too over powering at the same time. Although, to be honest this could smell like I'd bathed in green tea and I'd still use it - the quality is incredible this is one of the only products that has actually made a noticeable difference to my dry sensitive skin and I could rave about it for hours.

I decided to treat myself and take a little risk at the same time, Usually I wouldn't go for a product from the tea tree range just because it's pretty strong and my skin is quite sensitive and the two just do not mix. However, I saw a targeted gel for blemishes and as a suffer of adult acne I feel like I've tried everything. At this point I just hope it'll clear by itself, anyway I picked this up and I've been using it for about 2-3 nights (I use after moisturiser before bed and leave through the night) and I can see the difference already. Those huge scary spots *poof* gone. The product itself has a 'dofer applicator' a little like a concealer it's very precise which makes it so easy.

I am thrilled with everything I picked up and don't forget if you'd like to see my first impressions on the make up don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube!.

wouldn't you just love to bathe in tea tho?.

My favourite memories; Starting a scrapbook.

Friday, 21 July 2017
One of my favourite things to do is take photos, whenever I off somewhere new I always grab my trusty Cannon or at the very least my iPhone. This is because I just love keepsakes, memories - I'm a memories hoarder I mean if there is such thing. 

The perfect way for me to keep all of my memories close is a scrapbook, I love getting creative and ultimately making a mess - glitter can usually be found all over my work space. 
I picked up a plain black sketch book for the scrapbook (mainly as most scrapbooks I found had monkeys and huge bubble writing on the front) and got creative with a lil gold paint and glitter for the cover I know it looks a tad unprofessional and messy but it's personal and I love it.

The prints I was kindly gifted by Printiki*. Printiki offer high quality prints for super affordable prices, there are a variety of different sizes (4x4, 5x5, 4x6, 5x7, 6x8). You can also choose if you'd like a retro boarder or not (personally, I love the retro). There's also photo books which you can choose from (A4, A5, Square m) as well as small, medium and large posters. Personally, I chose a glossy finish but you can go for a matte if you'd prefer. 

I picked out 28 prints (Random number Charlie). 28 prints of my family, my best friends, my boyfriend and from a holiday. 28 perfect memories. Since I don't manage to visit my family and friends much, It means a lot having all the fun memories close by. You can also choose to have text on your prints, I left mine clear and wrote on them with a Berol Itallic to fit in with the theme of the scrapbook.

The prints are very affordable starting at just £5.50 for 20 high quality glossy (or matte) prints. Your precious memories are printed on Kodak Edge and Fuji Crystal Archive paper. You can see more about prices here.

I'm insanely excited to fill the rest of my scrapbook in, I have many more pages for many more memories. Thankyou Printki for bringing my precious memories to life, If you'd like to bring your memories to life an get free delivery whilst doing it, you can use my code - S5H8VKQB

What are some of your favourite memories?

*This post contains affiliate links*

How I grew my nails in 1 month

Monday, 17 July 2017
I wrote a post a couple weeks back explaining how I was determined to grow my nails. In that post I promised to check back in a month, so here I am. I thought the best way to do this would be weekly, not only does this make me more determined to stick to my goals, it also shows you my process.

My goals - Longer, stronger nails.
My process - Applying 'Sally Hanson nail rehab' which is a intense care for severely damaged nails once a week. 
- Use 'Laura Ashley Royal bloom cuticle balm' weekly 
-moisturise my hands daily using 'Soap and Glory Hand Food' 
- Swap my cheap nasty £1 bottle of nail varnish remover for Boots strengthening pads which are developed for brittle dry nails it contains calcium and vitamin B5.

Week 1

My nails are looking visibly stronger and healthier, they're also starting to grow nicely, I've stuck to all of my process for the week and I'm actually about to use my new nail varnish remover and re-apply my Sally Hanson nail rehab for the week right now!. I've had picks but noticed and stopped.

Week 2

Week 2 was a lot alike week one, apart from one slip up (hear me out) my nail chipped as i was getting something out of my bag and it was just staring at me chipped and I couldn't just leave it, we all know I'm a perfectionist. You can most likely tell which nail it wasExcept from one little slip up I've been applying hand cream daily, cuticle cream every couple of days and re-applied my Sally Hanson, I'm really impressed with the growth so far.

Week 3

How is it week 3 already?. Honestly, it seems like I was filling in week one like 2 days ago. Never the less on to the nails. I am starting to loooove my nails now, they're getting so much longer and they're so strong it's amazing!. My nails now make that super satisfying tappy sound whenever I type (which I'm loving btw). I painted my nails for the first time in what seems like forever. I chose a mint green with a subtle gold shimmer on one nail don't get me wrong they were a tad on the messy side but I'm just a nail ammeter I'm sure within weeks I'll be painting floral #instaworthy nail art on oval shaped nail, okay maybe not quite but hopefully I can do a little neater than this.

Overall I am so happy with my nails, for me this is just such a huge accomplishment especially after constantly picking my nails for roughly 10 years as a nervous habit.  Charlie - 1 | Anxiety - 0 . I hope to keep up my  healthy nail habits and learn some lovely glamorous nail art skills, wouldn't that be lovely?.

Have you ever had a nervous habit? did you break it?.

My July goals

Thursday, 6 July 2017
I swear, I could plan something a month ahead and I'd most likely still be late, a bit like this post (sorrrryyyyy!!). I've been hella busy and haven't had chance to sit and type up a post. Anyway, enough of my fails let's talk about my goals, my potential successes, if you will.

Start my driving lessons

Honestly, I planned to have this done by now, I'm 20 years old and haven't even looked into a instructor until now. I kept putting it off because of my anxiety the idea of being completely in control of a huge machine is pretty daunting to the anxious mind. On the other hand I can't keep sitting on national express for 9 hours every time I want to see the fam ~ no offence national express you're super polite and your seats are comfy but nearly throwing up because someone ate a dodgy curry last night's just not my style. I should be starting my lessons in a couple of weeks and I'm proper swooning over cute cars already.

Be bloody careful with my spending

Apart from a couple of body shop orders - don't judge, there was a sale ok?, okay. My driving lesson money which I'm saving ready and a new bedding set I'm not planning on overspending this week. Mainly because I can't flipping afford it. My biggest downfall is popping in co-op for some milk and coming out with Doritos, Chicken poppers (which I can't get enough of) and a bag of mini eggs. NO MORE. I Charlie vow from this moment onwards to only buy what I need and stop spending money just for the sake of it.

Spend a little more time on self - care

I usually keep quite busy so self care doesn't really get a look in. I do wish I'd put more time aside for myself but I don't see it as important as everything else in my life, which is a little dangerous because I just end up having like breakdowns over stupid little things because I'm super overwhelmed. I really do believe taking some time out for myself will do me some good whether it's reading a new book (I have some recommendations to come for that one), Doing my make up and hair nicely or just writing a blog post, just giving myself time to relax is my plan.

Step up my social media game

Recently, I stepped up my Instagram game but I'm still in  the process of that - with me being so busy I'm struggling to find time to tweet, snap and post statuses. I know a lot of people will be like oh no what are you going to do *sarcastic tone* but I really want my blog to do well because I  pour so much effort into it. However this won't happen without the numbers on platforms to share it on so I really will be stepping up my game and getting more organised with everything - wish me luck because I'm about to take on a truck load of extra work here, hopefully I manage to keep on top of it! fingers crossed (!!).

I'll of course check back with you on my goals at the end of the month and see what I've stuck to and what I haven't, what are your July goals? 
Charlie xx

Products I'm loving!

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