New favourites in my makeup collection

Thursday, 19 July 2018

Long time no speak, again. I'm still so busy recently and if you're wondering why my posts are a little unscheduled compared to normal I explained it all in my most recent post and on top of the business I've had a cold from hell all week (well, since Friday) so I've been a little bit behind with my blog, I really wanted to write a post though, I'm having a few writers block recently as well so just bear with me, it turns out you can get a little out of touch with writing posts when you haven't done it in a couple months.

Anyway, let's get on with the post. I've been a little naughty with my spending recently (OOPS!) and treated myself to a few bits and I've found some solid new faves.


Urban Decay 'Naked Skin' Foundation 


My first new fave is the Urban Decay Naked Skin foundation, I went for the shade '0.5' and to be completely honest I wasn't sure what to expect from this but I tried it out and now I'm never buying anything else and I'm not being dramatic. The formula of this is quite watery and thin which made me worry about the coverage a little but one thin layer of this covers most of my acne which is ridiculously impressive for such a thin, lightweight foundation. I'm ridiculously impressed with this


Urban Decay 'Deslick' Setting spray


Next is the Urban Decay De-slick setting spray, I only really brought this because it's on sale ( I really didn't need anymore setting spray) but oh my god, it was so needed. With the temperatures so high and with the fact that I work in a kiosk that's been hitting 40 degrees recently my make-up has not lasted 5 seconds, so I tried this setting spray out the other day and my makeup lasted a solid 8-10 hours, it still looked fresh. I will say I do have oily skin so this is perfect for me but there are different versions of this product tailored to different skin types.


MUA eye-define eyeliner


The MUA eye defines liquid eyeliner is another firm favourite. I mainly like this because it has a long nib, I really hate those eyeliners that have proper short nibs, I just can't use em!. This is also like jet black rather than that faded grey ya sometimes come across and the best part about it? it cost all of about £3.


Real Techniques blending sponge


After absolutely despising beauty blenders (well I say beauty blenders I mean the little £2 ones you find in Primark and boots) I decided to buy an actual decent sponge to try but at the same time I didn't want to splash out on an actual beauty blender, I've read so many great things about the Real Techniques  blending sponge and I am obsessed. This blends make-up flawlessly and they're super affordable I'd 100% recommend it if you're on a budget.


Revolution Blush palette 


There are some items of make-up I find easy to apply and some that have taken me quite a lot of practice and one of those is contouring, the dreaded contouring, I find whenever I buy contouring 'duos' the shades are just never right for me, they're either bright orange or too cool and look muddy, there's just not a lot of in-between and the shades are just never right for my skin tone I find either way it seems to end up looking ridiculous. I decided I would get a contour kit, I've seen them around a lot and I always think I'm going to buy one and never actually end up doing it, I saw the Revolution one like dirt cheap and whacked it straight into my basket. I really like the variety of shades in this and I love the fact it has 2 baked blushes in there as well, the bronzers blend out as well which makes it even better. I couldn't find this exact one but I have linked a simular one below.




Have you tried any of these bits? What did you think?.

Where have I been and a few summer goals.

Sunday, 1 July 2018

It generally feels so refreshing to just sit down and write a post, I feel like I haven't written a post in ages. Which is pretty much true, my last post was published about a month ago now and I haven't had a chance since then to write another. I just wanted to check in and say 'Hi' essentially with this post and just like vent a little bit, so grab yourself a cuppa and come and join me (if you hate rambly posts you may want to click off now and come back next week). So without going on too much of a rant I have worked a hell of a lot these last few weeks, It generally feels like I've had 0 times to myself for weeks and it's been shit, like real shit. Obviously, there are perks to this like the money but it's not all it's cracked up to be because literally, everything else has just gone straight to the back of my mind; cleaning the flat, keeping on top of my self-care and of course my blog. So now that we're all caught up I want to talk about a couple of goals I have for summer.


Through the summer at work, I just want to do less I've worked really hard in the run-up to summer so I just want to enjoy the actual summer and just have some time for myself which hopefully will happen (fingers crossed).


At the moment blogging has taken a bit of a back seat and if the first goal doesn't happen then it's likely going to be a bit kind of here, there and everywhere in terms of publishing but my goals for blogging is to get back to one post a week (I'm going to try and bulk write posts whenever I get chance). I'd really like to work with a few brands through the summer and if you're a brand wanting to work with myself please do check out my work with me page for a little more information. I feel like I found the perfect balance when it came to blogging through the winter and I got my posts exactly how I wanted and my photography was exactly what I wanted and I just want that to carry through this year, or improve because I worked so hard through the winter to get to the point where I was generally happy with my content.


 So, in general, there are a couple goals I'd like to achieve through the summer, I definitely want to get out a bit more but that will only come with the first goal (seems a lot relies on that one). I definitely want to go shopping and have a couple of days out through this summer as I didn't really do that last year. By the end of the summer, I'd like to be kind of 'close' to doing my driving test, I don't think I'll be completely there but it's coming along really well already so I'd like to be close. 

Hopefully, everything will go as planned, I know a lot of my goals are very Mundane and just things that people do every day but for me, they're all a challenge because of my busy lifestyle, it's a lot of just doing less and slowing down a little which I already can't wait for and I also just am so happy to be back blogging, See you next week (hopefully!).

Revolution Soph x extra spice palette review and swatches

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Ever since the Soph x palette came into my collection it's been my most used palette, the shades are perfect for my skin tone and the shades blend perfectly. When I saw Soph was bringing out a new palette (The soph x extra spice) I was absolutely thrilled, I couldn't contain my excitement. I used my last day before payday funds to grab this and it arrived yesterday, I couldn't bluddy wait to do this review so I've sat down straight after work and grabbed the palette to try.


I was so excited to see what Soph did with this palette, Like the first palette it came in a sleeve with the shades on the back and they're very true to the shades in the palette which is always handy. The palette itself is rose gold and metallic (actually stunning) and it has 'Soph x' written on the front in baby pink, essentially the opposite of the last palette. The palette has a really sturdy clasp (which we all know I like because I'm terrible at just throwing things in my bag) and it feels really sturdy as well which is perfect for someone as clumsy as me. There's a nice big mirror in this palette just like the last one which makes it perfect for travelling because you could do your full face using that easily.


This palette is bluddy dreamy in terms of shades, Soph's gone a bit more 'out there' this time with the colours and this one is much more colourful and bright than the last palette. There are 18 shades 6 shimmers and 12 mattes which I think is a perfect balance. There are a few really good transition shades in here and I think this would work so well alongside the OG Soph x palette. There's a lot of potential with these shades; straight off I think you'd get some perfect green, purple, gold and bronze shades using this palette and there are for sure some sunset vibes going on here. Personally, I'm instantly drawn to the shades 'Everyday' and 'Infinity'.

Application and pigment

From my first impressions, I am so bluddy happy with this palette. Firstly I'll chat about the mattes, so as I mentioned there are 12 mattes; Running late, Cheesecake, Cookie Dough, Vitamin C, Sweet n Sour, Twenty-one, Enchanted, Laked, Brownies, Chocolate orange, Mulled wine and reputation. The mattes blend out so lovely and they build up really nicely as well which is a bonus, the pigment on these is amazing like you don't need to dig your brush in there so you won't be wasting your shadows. For a drugstore palette, I'd say the pigment is really impressive and the shimmers (Everyday, Infinity, Dreams,  Romance, LA sun and Aurora) are on a whole new level they're actually so pigmented, They kind of remind me of higher end shadows and if you apply them with your fingertips they come out so bold which I absolutely love.


Row 1; Everyday, Running late, Infinity, Cheesecake, Cookie dough, Dream
Row 2; Vitamin C, Sweet n sour, Twenty-one, Romance, Enchanted, Lakes

Row 3; Brownies, Chocolate orange, Mulled wine, LA sun, Aurora, Reputation

Have you picked up this palette yet?

Naked 3 palette, is it worth the hype?

Friday, 1 June 2018

I've lusted over Naked palettes pretty much for as long as I've shown interest in make-up, everyone hypes them up and it seems like there's one in most girls collection. I get that I'm a little late to this bandwagon but I got my hands on the Naked 3 a few months ago and I've been using it since then and to be honest I've got some opinions I wanna share on it, so I thought I'd do a full in-depth review and on this and test to see if it's worth the hype.


The packaging itself is a rose gold tin, it almost reminds me of those pencil cases we used to have through primary school it has 'Naked 3' embossed across the top in gold and it's a complete reflection on the shades inside which 100% drew me to this palette (like a little magpie). The packaging itself is quite durable which is perfect for someone as clumsy as me, it shuts with a clasp which I always like because it gives me peace of mind that it won't come open if it's chucked in my bag.

When you open the palette up you have 12 dreamy 'pink nude' inspired shades; 3 mattes and 9 shimmers, you're quite limited with your matters so I'd definitely say this is a 'shimmer persons' palette. There's also a large mirror on this which is super handy for when you're travelling. The pan sizes are smaller than other high-end palettes I own but they're still a good size.

The palette also includes a double-sided brush which I am so thankful for as well as a slot to store it in, this brush is such a good quality for saying it's come out of an eyeshadow palette it's honestly replaced my current blending brush and I use it all the time. The flat side of this brush is really good for packing on your shimmers though I'd recommend using your fingers if you want the best from this palette which brings me on to the application.


I have mixed opinions with this palette in terms of the application. I'll start with the mattes which I absolutely love because all of them are lovely to apply, they're creamy and they're blendable, they can also be built up really nicely they're also really nice transition shades which makes everything a little bit easier.

In terms of the shimmers I have mixed reviews the darker shades apply perfectly on my lids but generally I'd advise you apply them with your fingertips if you want them to really stand out but the lighter shimmers, I don't think it's just me (perhaps it's just my light skin?) but they just do not apply as well as the darker shades 'Dust' in particular just seems like a different consistency to the rest of the shadows and it only really applies well when you use your fingertips which can be a little bit of a pain.

I've used the palette with both concealer and primer and it's applied well with both, you can also use the palette without it but I wouldn't generally do this because my eyelids can get quite oily which means it'd just be a mess within an hour or so but you would have to build it up a little bit more.


ahh the best part of the post, you get to see all the dreamy shades out of the pan, I used my finger to apply these to show the best pigment possible and I'm sure you'll be able to see what I mean about 'dust' in these photos.

Left to right: strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, Darkside, Darkheart

Shimmers - 

dust, burnout, buzz, trick, liar, factory, mugshot, Darkside, Darkheart

Mattes - 

strange, limit, nooner

So is it worth the hype?

Personally, I really like this palette and I would repurchase it, it does have a couple of small issues but that wouldn't put me off buying Urban Decay shadows again, it is quite pricey though so that's the only thing that would really put me off. The shade range is stunning and I really like how durable the packaging is, I would for sure recommend this.

Have you tried this palette?.

My current faves

Saturday, 26 May 2018

You guessed it!, the long-lost favourites posts are back, I feel like I haven't done favourites in so, so long. I haven't really tried anything new over the last few months and most have what I haven't tried just hasn't made this list (unfortunately) but there are a few bits that I've been loving recently so I wanted to share some bits with you all, Perhaps I'll go back to monthly faves, let me know what you prefer. I usually share my recent purchases over on my Instagram stories so be sure to follow me over there as well!.


I've always struggled with my skin so when I find a product that works for me I stick with it. The first thing I'm absolutely loving is the Botanics hydration burst day lotion, this contains SPF and is specially formulated for sensitive and dehydrated skin. This moisturiser also has 'the power of plants' inside which is 'Clary Sage'. The clary sage is ego-logically sourced to get the specific moisturising part of the plants (in the leaves) as well as that it has a self-activating ability to store water and keep itself hydrated making it perfect for dehydrated skin. I love the fact that this has a pump on it because I feel like you can get the most of the product out of the tube. The tube is also a really good size for travelling without skimping on product.

I've also been loving the Boots simply sensitive cleansing jelly ball scrub, usually I stay away from scrubs because of my sensitive skin 99% of the ones I've tried have broken me out or irritated my skin. The scrub is fragrance-free which is perfect for us sensitive skin beauties and as well as this it contains aloe vera to soothe the skin. I wasn't expecting much from this because it was quite cheap (which is always a bad assumption to make) but it really has exceeded my expectations, my skin always feels so fresh and clean after using this and I'd 100% recommend it.

The Soap and Glory sugar crush body buttercream has also become a new found favourite of mine. I absolutely love soap and glory and all of their products are just so dreamy. I found this range from a Christmas gift which included the sugar crush shower cream and I absolutely loved the scent of it, it's so fresh and uplifting which was perfect to wake me up during my morning shower and when I spotted the body butter version I had to get it. The thing I like about this is that it isn't a 'tough' butter it's more light which makes it non-greasy and really quick to apply I also love the fact that it's really hydrating, I actually prefer this compared to the Righteous Butter.

Make-up & Haircare

There aren't too many faves in the make-up department recently because I haven't come across many 'new' products although I do have a cheeky wishlist waiting for me on beauty bay which I 100% cannot afford at all but will buy anyway. The first thing is the Naked 3 palette, my boyfriend got me this for my birthday and honestly I've worn it most days since getting it, no doubt there will be a review on this very soon but in a nutshell; the pigment is great, the shades are gorgeous and the shadows are so easy to work with.

Secondly is the Make-up revolution rose gold ingot highlighter, I've been slowly building up a highlight collection over the last few months and I'm so happy with what I've got so far (hands up if you want a post). This highlighter tho is the prettiest thing you've ever seen it's shaped like a 'gold bar' although mine has started to fade where I've used it tonnes, it's still so pretty though. This is the perfect rose gold shade and it looks bluddy gorgeous on the skin, it applies nicely and as it lasts really well (what more can you want?).

In terms of hair care, I've been absolutely loving the OGX Brazillian keratin therapy shampoo and conditioner. I absolutely love these, since using them my hair has never felt healthier, it's much stronger too. I didn't realise this bottle said ever straight however, it's made my naturally frizzy hair so manageable so I'll most likely repurchase this. It is a little pricier than my usual shampoo and conditioner but honestly, it's 100% worth the extra money so I'd definitely recommend it.

What are your faves currently?

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This post contains affiliate links, cause your gal needs to pay her bills, you won't be charged any extra it just means I get a couple of pennies (quite literally) from the purchase.

My realistic spring morning routine

Thursday, 17 May 2018

After roughly 3 days of sunshine  (of which I worked all 3), I'm declaring it officially Spring / Summer. I have quite a busy schedule through the nicer months with work so I tend to keep my morning routine a little bit shorter as I usually get about an hour before I run out the door whilst leaving my keys and anything else important inside the flat. I thought I'd share with you my realistic morning routine which involves a hella lot of rushing.

10:30 am 
I usually wake up around half ten, one thing you may have worked out by now is that I'm absolutely not a morning person, I stay awake quite late catching up with my blog and bits and bobs that I haven't had chance to get done throughout the week so a 7am start is like a horror movie to me. Usually, I'll lie on my phone (hella unproductive) for about 10-20 minutes before even moving out of bed.

My shifts usually start around 12 so this is the point where I look at the time and realise I need to get my arse out of bed if I want to turn up even remotely on time. At this point, my boyfriends reminding me that I have work in an hour and I haven't really moved from my double chin scrolling through Instagram I've grabbed myself a cup of tea (if I don't get this I'm basically a Zombie) and I've sat down at my dresser to start my skincare routine; Cleanser, Toner, Moisturiser and I move on to my makeup.

I start actually waking up a bit around now and start to get my arse in gear, I'm starting to rush and slap on my makeup real quick and end up looking a little bit like a 5-year-old who's followed a smokey eye tutorial on YouTube. By this time it's like half 11 and I'm not even dressed (Good job Charlie).

I've decided to actually get dressed considering I need to leave in 15 minutes. My standard outfit is usually just a pair of ripped jeans, a T-shirt, denim jacket and my Nikes'. It's now quarter too and I've brushed my teeth ready to leave, I've grabbed my bag, plugged in my headphones and ran out the door for work!.

how does your morning routine usually plan out?.

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