Spring inspired makeup

I absolutely love Spring it's one of the most lovely times of the year. Although right now looking out the window right now it's grey and it's gloomy so perhaps this Spring look can brighten my spirits. When I think of spring I always think of pink tonnes and glowy skin so I'm going to take that as my inspiration. This is generally my go-to 'daily' look throughout Spring.

I've started to do my eye makeup first in an attempt to stop fallout onto my foundation. I've used the Poundland makeup gallery brow quad on my eyebrows to start with then I used a lil concealer on my eyelids and I've set it in place with the Rimmel stay matte (not Cruelty-free).

For my eye-makeup I'm using a new addition to my collection; The Naked 3. This palette is absolutely ~stunning~ I mean I'm generally using it daily. The shadows are really creamy, super pigmented and the shades are to die for. I Won't go too much into this though because I'm thinking of doing an in-depth review (lemme know if you fancy it). Firstly, through the crease I'm using 'Limit' which is a nude pink as well as limit through my crease, I'm using the shade 'Nooner' which is a 'light' mauve shade, it looks so gorgeous through the crease; both shades are matte so they work really well through the crease. for my outer corners I'm going with factory this is a shimmery mauve similar to nooner but a little darker, I've gone with 'liar' on my lids with dust as my highlight. I'm absolutely in love with this palette and I'll for sure be using this for the rest of the spring as well as the summer.

For mascara, I'm going with the Maybelline big shot mascara, This one isn't cruelty-free but I'm waiting for it to run out ~ recommendations welcome ~ I'm just going to do a couple of coats of this and then I'm moving on to eyeliner, I'm using the Seventeen make your mark liquid liner and I'm just using this to draw a thin 'wing' (if there is such thing).

For my base makeup I'm using the body shop's matte clay foundation and I'm blending that out with my Primark Oval blending brush, I've then gone with my trusty Seventeen concealers which I've blended out with my ring finger, I've then used my body shop contour quad to bronze using my ted baker blush brush, contour using my real techniques contour brush and then I'm going to highlight using my elf blush brush and finally I'm going to set everything with my elf powder brush and my Rimmel stay matte powder.

For my lipstick, I've used Tanya Burr's lipgloss in Pink Fondant as I think a gloss looks much better than a matte when it comes to a nice glowy, spring look.

What's your go-to spring make-up?.

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My 5 product face

Sorry I've been a little quiet lately I've been a busy gal recently, I've finally got a lil time to myself so I'm sitting all comfy on my sofa with a lovely cup of tea and I'm going to do what I love; write. Personally, I love these types of posts, I'm always so fascinated about how on earth anyone could do a full face with a measly 5 products, somedays I use 3 different concealers alone, so I thought I'd challenge myself to use the bare minimum and honestly I hardly ever go out without a full face so I get the feeling that this could easily go wrong.


I always start my make-up with my eyebrows, mainly because I make a mess of them and I use my concealer/foundation to clear that up. First of all, I'll brush through my brows with the spoolie on my brush and I'm then using my Make-up revolution 'Soph x' palette (1). I'm using the shade Rosewood and I'm using my Ted Baker eyebrow brush to apply that (brushes don't count, right?). I'm then just using a touch of The Body Shop's matte clay foundation (2) with an angled brush and carving my brows. I'm also going to sweep a little bit of that on to my eyelids to act as a primer and I'm going to set that with the shade 'Pancakes'.

I'm going to sweep the shade iced coffee through my crease and blend that out with The body shop blending brush I'm then taking the shade 'mug cake' and I'm using  my real techniques detailing brush to put that in my outer corners and I'm dragging that into my crease and using my Body Shop brush again to just soften the edges of that. I'm going to use the brush I applied my foundation with to just apply a little more foundation onto my eyelids as a base for the shade 'Sparks fly'  which can I say is so bluddy gorgeous and I'm applying that with my ELF C brush.I'm going to finish up using fairy lights in my inner corner and on my brow bone.

Then I'm going to use my Maybelline colossal big shot mascara and I'm going to apply about 3 layers of that to give me a bit of a falsie effect as I'm going to skip on the winged liner and yes my eyes do feel completely naked without it.

Foundation & Concealer

Since I can't separate these (your gal can't live without her mascara) I'm having to do a lil 2 in 1 with my regular Body Shop foundation. I'm using the matte clay in 010 and I'm going to use my real techniques brush to buff that in and blend it down my neck because no one wants the orange mask, right?.

Usually at this point I'd use my contour quad but I'm completely out of options right now because I've used 4 products n I still need a lippy so I'm actually going to use the soph palette (gals If you're stuck for space on your next holiday switch out your regular makeup for this, generally it's been the backbone of this challenge). I'm taking the shade pug for contouring on my Real Techniques contour brush and I'm going to use that in an attempt to give me some actual cheekbones, I'm going to skip on blush... I hardly use it like that any way to be honest and I'm jumping straight too bronzer and this palette has the perfect shade which is cuppa tea and I'm going to use the same brush to take that over the temples of my forehead and over that contour, I did before.

Then I'm going to use my ELF powder brush along with the Rimmel stay matte powder to set everything in place because your gal does not need badly creased makeup within an hour. Next, I want to take advantage of my newly found cheekbones so I'm using the shade fairy lights to highlight those as well as my cupid's bow and nose. 

Lastly, I'm going to apply a lippy, I think the MUA luxe matte liquid lipstick in harmony will work really well with this look. I've also swept a tiny bit more of fairy lights onto my cupids bow, you can never have enough highlight, Right?.

Overall I'd say I did pretty well with this one (I don't wanna toot my own trumpet or anything), I was half expecting to have to rename this post "my 20 product face". However, I stuck with it and I'm pretty impressed with the results and next time I travel, who knows I might only take 5 products... maybe 6 at a push.

Have you ever tried this challenge?.

The spring make-up edit

I think Spring might be one of my favourite times of the year, I mean it's not quite summer but it's still lovely outside and after the winter we've had in the UK it's just nice to finally see some sun and get some fresh air without coming home looking like you've fallen in the river. I thought I'd have a little sort through my makeup collection and fish out all my 'fresh-faced' makeup ready for Spring.


I feel like highlighters are one of my must have's during the warmer months and whether you prefer to go all out and blind those who walk past you or keep it subtle and have a more natural glow I've picked out a couple that I love. The Makeup revolution Rose Gold ingot highlighter is a new addition to my collection but I absolutely love it I've used it a couple of times and it's definitely one of those where you wanna scratch the top off for the best pigment but it's quite subtle if you don't do that so you have the option. The colour is gorgeous it's rose gold and it looks gorgeous on.The packaging is simple but gorgeous the pan is pretty big making it really good value for money (£4) and the highlight is shaped like a bar of gold with 'Bank of revolution' imprinted into the highlight, which I just think is adorable. 

The second highlight has a little mix of both blinding and subtle highlights it's the Technic strobe kit, I've found that the cream highlighters are the most bright and pigmented there's a pink toned cream as well as a yellow, The powders are a little less bold and there's a peach toned highlight as well as a lilac shade this little kit was only £2.50 which is such a bargain and it's really good quality for the price, you can read a full review on this here.

Last but not least I picked out a pan from the body shop called 'Indiana Rose Quartz' this is quite a natural subtle highlight and I really like it for those days where I'm after just a 'fresh face' or if I'm in a rush. I got this in the contouring kit but I can't seem to find that anywhere but you can get it individually for £5, the pan has lasted so well which is such a bargain.


For spring I think a peach or pink shade is perfect, I love shades which perk up my complexion personally so to start with I've picked out the MUA Luxe liquid lipstick in Halcyon I used to be absolutely obsessed with MUA when I first started using liquid lipsticks, they were pretty much the only brand I owned so when I spotted this one in Superdrug I grabbed it straight the way, the shade is a brownish red but as with the majority of the lipsticks the shade is a little darker in the tube because of the frosted glass. This applies well but it does dry quickly so you have to be quite quick with your application.

Another lippy I love for spring is the Sleek matte me in shabby chic, I know I bang on about this one quite a bit but it really is the perfect shade. It's pink with purple undertones, it works really well with both glam and natural makeup and it's just my perfect shade and a bonus is that it goes well with quite a few make-up looks that I've done. Another one of my Sleek faves is the matte me in shabby chic, this is more of a peachy pink and it's fab for more bronzey makeup, these lippies are so comfortable to wear and they apply so well which I love.

The next one isn't actually a matte lipstick (whatttttt?) I know right, shocker. I decided I needed more than your standard liquid lipstick in my collection if I actually want to experiment a little more with my makeup so the Tanya Burr lipgloss in Pink Fondant is my next pick. Update: I'm still not a fan of your bob standard gloss but I surprisingly like this one. The colour is pretty and I do like the fact that it gives your lips a nice shine this does wear off quite easily (as with most glosses) but It's worth the top up, it also moisturises your lips nicely which I like.

Eyeshadow palettes

Now I couldn't chat about makeup without whipping out the eyeshadow palettes. I'm not hugely great at eyeshadows but I am learning and I do find high-end palettes easier to work with purely as I find them easier to blend, they're much more creamy in my opinion and they're just so easy to work with which is why my first pick is the Too Faced Sweet peach palette. Don't worry, I won't go on too long because I know I've waffled on about this so much but in short, it's pigmented, blendable and smells of peaches; you can read more about this here.

Sometimes in the summer you just don't want to be faffing around with a complete eye look and there's been a couple of occasions where I'll just use whatever bronzer I'm using that day to just give me something which I highly recommend, bonus points for sweeping a highlight on the middle of your lid, inner corner and brow bone to catch the light.

What make up are you hunting out for spring?

SEO for bloggers - 5 tips you need to know

Digital Marketing experts, Bigfoot Digital, have teamed up with Charlie’s Wonderland to give you some top tips on how to grow your blog.

Your blog is your pride and joy. You’ve created your layout, posted your first blog post and you’re actually quite proud of what you’ve achieved. However, we all know that being a successful blogger isn’t as simple as writing the odd post here and there. So, what next

At Bigfoot Digital, we blog a lot. An awful lot. Thankfully, we know how to best optimise our blog posts for SEO to get the most out of them. We make sure the content we’re producing is based around the topics people want to know about, and ones that are helpful to our audience. It’s the way to go to get your content noticed and shared. In terms of SEO for bloggersyou need to prove to search engines why your site should be placed above others for popular search terms. 

You want to people to read your posts, and it’d be amazing if your blog got noticed by other people. That’s why many of us write our content! But how can you grow your blog from a blank canvas to a regularly active website? We’re here to give our top tips on easy ways to grow your blog. All you need is a little dedication.

1. Keep it looking and sounding professional.
The worst thing about visiting someone’s website is quickly noticing that it doesn’t look too great. It will instantly turn off your readers and they may even refuse to read your contentbecause of it! It’s worth investing some time into making things look good and more importantly, making sure everything links up correctly. You also need to make sure your content is top quality and is tailored to your audience. These are the people that matter and are the ones who are going to take in the information you give them. User experience should be top of your priority list when it comes to keeping on top of your blog. 

2. Get a Social Media presence and share your content.
When you start sharing your content, it can feel a little daunting. The fact that people you don’t know are reading your content can be a scary thought! However, the best way to overcome this is by getting your content out there straight away and sharing across social media channels. It’s worth setting up new profiles for your blog and building your community around it. You develop the right audience and bring in new readers daily. You’ll be surprised at the growth you see in such a short space of time if you keep at it. 

3. Keywords and SEO techniques.
Now to the more technical stuffIf you want your blog to become more searchable (and findable!) online, you need to get up to speed with how SEO works. Doing some keyword research to find out what your readers are looking for can be a great way to see what the online search volume is for a particular subject, and if it is worth writing about on your blog. Other SEO techniques for blogging that can be useful include a whole host of things:
• Titles – getting keywords in your titles can give you a boost. It will help Google to understand what your post is about and what to show in search results.
• Images and alt text - use great quality images in your posts whether these are simply stock images or images you have taken yourself. Getting your keyword in the alt text of your image will ensure they’re optimised for best results.
• Link building  building links from other trusted sites to yours is a great way to build up the trust of your site. When linking to other sites, make sure you only link to those with a good domain authority. You can check the authority of a websites by using an online checker, such Moz.

4. Create a schedule.
If you’re not posting regularly on your blog, you’ll not be building your following or engaging your readers. Google likes to see updated site content, so having a schedule of whenand what you post will make things more organised and will even push you to meet your content deadlines. Make sure youresearch possible blog titles to entice your readers and to make what they read more interesting to them.

5. Tag and categorise appropriately.
The options to tag and categorise your blog posts aren’t just there to make your post look pretty. They’re there to help your post get found by the right people! Think of it as a book. Your categories are the chapters of your blog and your tags are more like an index page. This makes things more specific and a lot easier for readers to find what they’re looking for. 

When you write a blog post in future, make sure you keep our top tips in mind to make your posts count. It doesn’t take a genius to build a successful blog. It just takes a little determination and a passion for what you do. 
What are your top tips for growing your blog, and what has worked best for you?
Bigfoot Digital are an award-winning Digital Marketing Agency, specialising in everything from SEO to Social Media Marketing.

Botox, Whats the deal?*

I'll be the first to admit that when I think of Botox, I think of the old saying, If the wind changes, your face will stay like that.’ I think that's because there's so much stigma surrounding the procedure which usually leaves us all thinking about the 'frozen face' look. I want to understand more about this procedure, and actually, understand what the deal is with BotoxTrust me, it's a lot more than just an injection. I've teamed up with Courthouse Clinics and I'm going to find out what the deal is with Botox. I'm not, of course, suggesting we all go and get plastic surgery, but I wanted to post this for anyone considering the procedure who might want to know more, whether you're really against procedures or you're in the process of having one done to you!


What is Botox and how does it work?Is it safe & does it hurt? The overall effect

Botox is an anti-ageing injection that is used to smooth out wrinkles. It's an inexpensive procedure and is very commonly used - it can even be completed as quickly as your lunch hour! Botox is clinically proven and it works by weakening the muscles which gather your skin into folds. It does this temporarily and makes the skin creaseproof in that area. Once the Botox is injected, it will attach itself to the target muscle to give you this effect. Usually, the Botox wears off in roughly 4 months and then your skin will return to its previous state. 

The actual procedure itself is broken up into a couple of steps. Firstly, you'd have your consultation where your doctor will discuss Botox with you, as well as talk about what you're aiming for with your treatment. After that will be your treatment, where your doctor will prep your skin with a cleanser and then administer the Botox using a small needle into the target muscle. This will then prevent the muscle from contracting and leave you with 'crease proof' skin which looks smoother and firmer.


Botox is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures, so long as you're using a trained doctor and are using it in recommended amounts it's perfectly safe. People, of course, have different pain thresholds but most people would describe Botox as slightly uncomfortable. As with most cosmetic procedures, there's likely to be some pain, though it is possible to numb your face beforehand with a numbing cream if you are worried about pain. 

Overall, I've learnt a lot about the procedure. Before researching, I just had the frozen face in mind! However, the results of Botox with this clinic are just so natural and it really does give a nice smooth finish. There are of course some instances where you shouldn't really have Botox doneIf you’re taking muscle relaxants, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you really should steer clear of the treatment. It’s important to do your research first to determine if the Botox procedure is something for you.

Courthouse Clinics really understand the Botox London* way! As well as their London location, they have clinics across the length of the UK, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Southampton to name a few. Their trained Doctors want you to feel your very best, so have many different treatments to choose from at their clinics, including Laser Hair Removal, anti-ageing. injections and Dermal Fillers. Their team is super friendly if you’d like to get in touch, and they also have a live chat on their website which I have found really useful. Sometimes, people feel more comfortable having a chat about procedures like this over the internet than over the phone, so you’ll always feel at ease!

P.S pro or fail? - Primark's oval blending brush tested.

 Although I've seen these types of brushes on literally every blog & Youtube channel ever I can't say I've ever tried one myself, I saw this on the off chance when I was mooching around in Primark and I thought I'd give it a go and see what the fuss was about.

First Impressions

On first impressions, this looks exactly like the ones I've seen for £30+ so we're off to a good start. It was on sale for £2 but the usual RRP is £4 so I'm really not expecting a lot from this brush at all but I might be surprised. The packaging is really simple just a clear tube with a little silver card to line it but it's a bit of a pain to get out of the packaging (most likely me just being clumsy) I actually ended up cutting my finger on the plastic whilst opening this so just go carefully. This is quite insta worthy purely because of how simple it is it would go with most backdrops (bar black). So after slicing myself open, I can say the brush does feel really soft although it doesn't look to easy to use, it's quite awkward to hold as well which is making me a little weary but we'll see how it goes.

Primark quality hasn't exactly got the best reputation which I'm sure we're all aware of although I do have some bits from there that have surprised me, This however not so much on first impressions, this feels like the flimsiest brush I've ever held. Almost like when you grab those like 20p toothbrushes from Tesco when you're travelling and they snap during the first use? yeah, that flimsy. So we're not off to a good start on the plus side though I mentioned before the bristles were quite soft but they haven't moulted or anything like that which is what I expected but we'll see on that one.


I'm quite terrified to blend my foundation with this, I'm either expecting to end up really streaky or have it snap whilst I'm using it. I'm using The Body Shop's matte clay foundation and I'm just going to start blending in circles as I would with my usual buffing brush. so the first thing I've noticed is that my foundation is being pulled off in places which I am not a fan off at all, I've decided to just add another thin layer of foundation and buff that over the top which has worked well. I am liking how much this brush covers whilst I'm blending because of the size and shape, though it is a little awkward to get into the little places without like wrecking your eye make up. I can definitely feel the flimsiness I'm not too sure if all of these types of brushes are like this but it is feeling like it's going to snap if I'm not too careful. I do like the finish this has given though It's blended out my matte foundation to quite a natural yet still full coverage finish and it really looks great (If I do say so myself). I also found this really handy for softening my contour and I'd be quite happy to apply contour with this brush as well just perhaps a smaller sized one. 


So overall is it a P.S pro or a P.S fail?.
I'm going to say it's a P.S Fail, although this did well compared to my expectations and I really wasn't expecting much for £2 the only major pro of this brush I have this that gave me a nice finish eventually and it's affordable. However on the flipside, there was just so much that I didn't like about this brush, mainly how awkward it was to hold and how flimsy it was as well, I also didn't like that it pulled off my foundation and I ended up having to add more layers just to get an even finish. I've found this bruhreallyy hard to clean out, it seems like I had to just keep rinsing and rinsing. I'm sure I'll be trying these brushes again but I'll most likely be going for a different brand to get the best finish possible but it's a good place to start if you're unsure on this type of brush and don't want to fork out over £10 to try one.

Have you tried these brushes?.