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I tried false lashes for the first time and here's what happened.

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

As someone who spends their life watching beauty tutorials, I lust over full, even lashes. It seems like on nearly every look the lashes are just the icing on the cake and bring everything together. However, as someone who wears specs 99% of the time I never thought I'd get away with wearing lashes and I've always just pictured them as 'squashes' behind my lenses however I found some great tips over at False Eyelashes* to help with making lashes 'wearable' with glasses. I was very kindly gifted some Lashes to try and I'm so excited to share them with you and try them out.

The lashes

Firstly I have the Eyelure 'naturals' n0 031. These lashes are perfect for everyday wear giving you a little extra 'fullness' along with a little extra length they're fluttery and subtle. The band on these lashes is quite thin which means it'll blend into your lash line nicely. I've worn these mainly for work just to give me that little extra length and they looked really natural and felt light. The adhesive lasts well and for saying I'd never even touched false lashes before I genuinely found them really easy to apply using the instructions on the box and there's also tutorials on the Eyelure website and Youtube channel if you need more help with them.

Secondly I have the texture lashes n0117 lashes. These lashes have a little bit more volume than the last ones. They're wispy and a little messy which I love and I think they're perfect for going out. The lashes are contact lens friendly, reusable and Handmade. These still look natural and I received a few compliments whilst wearing them. Admittedly they do feel slightly more heavy than the last pair as expected but they're still comfortable and easy to wear.

The application 

As someone who's new to the 'lash game' I haven't tried many adhesives. I like the fact that this has a precise brush which made application so easy, this glue also stays 'tacky' for a while which means you can adjust the lashes if needed. There's step by step guides on the packaging and the leaflet inside making application easy especially if you're an amateur newbie like myself. The glue is latex free with a lasting hold.

I'm usually quite heavy handed & generally clumsy so flimsy things like lashes are something I tend to hide from. However, I was sent a handy tool to help with the application. This tool is light, sleek and easy to use and is a must have for any false lash wearer.

Overall, I loved the look of the lashes and even my clumsy self managed to apply them in the end (even if it did take 10 minites). However, once I was used to applying them it was much easier, I definitely preferred the pre-glued lashes but I did find the revlon glue easier to use because of how precise it is. The lash tool was an absolute dream and it made the application so, so much easier. I feel like I wont be able to go a single day without lashes now!. You can find the Eylure lash range here. Thakyou so much to False Eyelashes for gifting these items.

January glossybox - unboxing

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Last month, I talked all about my first glossybox I was really happy with the service so I decided to keep my subscription running, this months box was really impressive and I am so thrilled with the samples I received so I thought I'd show this month's goodies.

Batiste dry shampoo -De-frizz

I love Batiste, I almost always have a can of their dry shampoo in my hair stash so this was just a bonus in my make up bag more than anything. This dry shampoo as always was really good quality but I honestly can't say it's reduced frizz a massive amount but my hair did look nicer after use.

Hask Kalahari melon oil deep conditioner

These hair masks claim to leave all hair types; Nourished, shiny and frizz free. I received the melon sample which helps to restore colour as well as deeply moisturise hair on even the most 'straw-like' strands. I'm going to give this a go tomorrow and I'm really excited to try it out.

Wilkinson sword beauty eyebrow shaper

I've seen these online but I've never actually come across them in person so when I saw these I was thrilled. They're really easy to use and they make hair removal quick and painless. There are 3 blades in a pack which should last a while and they're a bargain at only £4 

417 aromatic body butter 

I've never heard of this brand before Glossybox but I've done a little research on them and they sound like a really good brand. This body butter is rich in dead sea water and Shea butter which provides nutrition to the skin as well as improving skin texture. This cream nourishes and has calming properties and it also protects your skin from UV radiations and prevents ageing. You can get this in 4 fragrances; ocean, kiwi and mango and lavender.

Avant skincare hyaluronic acid face & eye night cream

I've been using this cream for at least a week now and I am so impressed with it. My skin looks the best it ever has. This cream alongside the nip & fab scrub from January's box has dramatically improved my acne, redness and tightness of my skin. The cream hydrates so well without giving your skin an oily appearance. The cream has a fresh scent and although it does hold a heavy price tag, I'd honestly be happy to save up and buy this for myself and I'd never usually pay that much for a night cream but this is a perfect fit for my skin.

Boots beauty haul

Thursday, 24 January 2019

I was doing my make-up a couple of days ago when I realised my foundation is at that cut it open and scoop it all out stage. Generally, I don't go without make-up on a daily basis so a bottle of foundation in my stash is a need. I did my standard browse on; Superdrug, Boots, Cult beauty etc and finally settled on Boots where I found a couple of good deals my full basket amazingly only cost £24 with next day delivery. So I thought I'd share with you my Completely un-needed /  Impulse purchases.

Seventeen stay time 18-hour concealer 

This is one of those concealers that I always pick up if I get chance, I noticed Seventeen had a massive sale on and I absolutely love their make-up. This concealer; Blends well, Stays in place, is full coverage and most importantly lasts. I grabbed 3 of these whilst I still could, Saving myself roughly £10. I've heard that Seventeen may be discontinuing so I'm for sure making the most of this sale personally. There are huge savings to be taken advantage of (most products are roughly £2 max) so be sure to stock up if you get chance to. I've popped some of my top picks from the sale below for you.

Wild & Wild photo focus Foundation

I'm so fussy when it comes to buying foundations for me it has to;
✓ stay in place✓work with oily skin✓ Not irritate my skin
✓ Not go patchy
✓ Not oxidise too much.

I read a few reviews on this foundation and it seems to live up to my expectation from reviews. However, at £5.99 I'm not massively sure on what to expect from it but hopefully, its good things.

CYO overnight lip primer 

I'm going, to be honest here, I pure only brought this because you got a free lip gloss when you spent like £5 so here we are. I'm not sure I really need this or what difference it makes to a regular lip balm but I'm going to give it a go anyway and for £2, wasn't a massive loss if it's completely un-needed.

CYO Just wing it

Whilst doing my liner the other day I noticed that I've easily been using the same liner for like over a year and I'm not too bothered about the whole expiry thing personally but I did notice it drying up and looking a little grey. This was pretty much a grab the first thing you see type thing (at a reasonable price) and the CYO one caught my eye, I've always used cheaper eyeliners and they usually work really well so hopefully, this will do the same for me.

Collection Primed & ready HD Blur setting powder

As I was dipping into the shade 'penguin' from my Soph x palette to set my face the other day it dawned on me that I really ought to buy a new setting powder after all... That lil' pan is only going to last so long. As soon as I spotted this for a miniature £4 I shoved it straight in the basket. This does boast an 'Airbrushed, Blurred look' so I truly hope it lives up to that. I'm really excited to give it a go.

CYO lipgloss take a shine 'School Red'

I got this free as I spent £5 on CYO and it's actually a really pretty colour, I am really fussy when it comes to gloss though, I  hate stickiness and I like them to really last thought I've never actually found a gloss that gives both of those. From a swatch, this is bold in colour and it has a really satisfying shine to it, applies well,  I'm just hoping now it delivers on no stickiness.

Glossybox... Hype worthy or Bin worthy?.

Thursday, 17 January 2019

A few years ago I signed up for a Birchbox subscription (you can read some reviews here) and the majority of the products I received we're okay but there was only the odd few that really excited me and then turned out pretty expensive once I looked. I ended my subscription because I just didn't feel like the last few boxes I got were worth the money.. So why have I signed up for another subscription box?.

Well, I saw Glossybox hyped up when I actually had Birchbox but I naturally just expected the same kind of thing from them so I never actually bothered signing up for it plus I was pretty skint as well and couldn't exactly afford the extra going out a month even if it was only £10, I already have Apple music poaching my last £10 monthly. I recently signed up after getting a tad envious of my friend's boxes arriving monthly. I read good reviews both on their website and on blogs and decided to go for it. I also noticed you can earn credits through both referring friends and reviewing products and you can spend these on Feel Unique which I just think is such a nice gesture.

My first box

So my first box was actually the December box, I ordered just in time for that box and I'll receive my January box in a couple of weeks. First impressions are that the boxes are really insta worthy, nicely packaged (looks like a lot of care has gone into it which is so lovely). The products inside are decent sizes and there's a full-size Huda liquid lipstick which has immediately caught my eye.

Huda Beauty Liquid lipstick in Venus 

Huda has changed the game with this lipstick; It's unlike anything I've tried before. The lipstick doesn't budge at all, I apply this before a 10-hour shift and it's still going strong by the time I'm home with absolutely no touch ups what-so-ever. The shade is such a pretty nude and I'm applying it daily. I love how easy it is to apply, it doesn't have to be chucked in my bag because I know it's going to stay all day (that's a lot of trusts there) and it doesn't dry my lips out.

Mystic Black Novex Hair mask

I haven't tried this one yet (I'm going to give it a go tomorrow) it sounds really promising though. The mask doesn't include any; Parabens, Petrolatum, silicons or sulfates which is really good. It does, however, contain Baobab oil which is known for its moisturising properties. I'm really excited to use this and I really hope it lives up to its promises. The sample size is 100g so you get enough for a few uses as well.

Beauty pro Detoxifying bubbling cleansing mask with activated charcoal

Bluddy hell, that's a little bit of a gobful. I thought this was one of the 'cloud' masks (that's what I call em) that you see everyone using that foam up and upon your face... I was kind of wrong and right. It's a sheet version of that mask (How is that even a thing?). I like the idea of this pore clearing mask but I couldn't stand the feeling of it, It didn't fit my face so I squeezed the liquid out of it and massaged this into my skin and it just tingled so much, Like my skin looks great but I wouldn't go for it again purely because of that tingling.

Nip & Fab glycolic scrub fix

This is something I was really excited about getting in the box, I've always wanted to try Nip & fab so this was perfect. The scrub promises to refine, brighten and renew skin as well as reduce acne from the first use, I can't wait to give this a go.

Trifle cosmetics Praline Palette

This little palette is so cute, there are 6 shimmer shades that you can use either wet or dry, I've used this dry so far and the pigments really good, there's only 1 shade I wouldn't necessarily use which is the deep purple but I know a lot of people would use this shade. This palette is cruelty-free, vegan gluten-free, hypoallergenic and doesn't contain parabens or phthalates. 

Hype worthy or bin worthy?

Overall I'm thoroughly impressed with my first glossy box, I have my next subscription on the way and that should arrive Friday. I'm more than happy to keep my subscription going and would thoroughly recommend. Its a really good way to find new brands you love or switch up your make-up collection which is what I'm after doing. 

You can sign up for a subscription & get 20% off when you use my referral link.*

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Embracing my short nails

Thursday, 10 January 2019

I'm a self-confessed 'nail picker' I've never been one to bite my nails but I just constantly pick them. I've always lusted over long pretty nails and obviously, it's never really happened for me, no matter how much Sally Hanson I apply. I did have acrylics for a good 6 months but even in that short time my nails grew weak and were quite 'thin' underneath from me re-glueing them when they were flying off at work (I work in a shop so things like delivery will ping them off and snap them). I am going to try and grow my nails out a bit maybe using a habit tracker but for now (so far I've gone about 5 days & I'm pretty proud) I'm embracing my short nails. I was recently sent the Butter London patent-gel top and tails set and I am so, so thrilled with it.

This set is a healthy alternative to a gel manicure which is perfect for getting salon-worthy nails at home, damage free. The set contains a Butter London Patent gel flawless top coat as well as a flawless base coat they both protect your nails from chips and nicks (one thing that drives me mad is having completely chipped nails one day after painting them). This set is also formulated to take care of your nails and strengthen your nails, It includes Vitamins E, A, C & B5. The set is perfect for those of you who are impatient because the polishes dry quickly for a long-lasting gel-like manicure.

Every mani' needs a splash of colour, the Butter London Patent shine x10 nail lacquers are exactly what you need for this. These polishes have a 10-day fade resistant wear using shock resistant polymer technology. It also has a curved brush applicator which makes application easier and quicker than your standard nail polish. The finish to these polishes is gel-like with just natural, light rather than you having to use a lamp. The polishes include bamboo extract to protect, smooth and strengthen nails, they're vegan and gluten free and they don't include any; formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, DBP, Toluene, Camphor, Ethyl Tosylamide, Xylene, or TPHP to any of their product formulas.

I'm really impressed with the set and my nail polishes are lasting so much longer when using the base and top coat and I thoroughly recommend it. I used the set along with a couple of Avon nail polishes and I'm so happy with the results!.

Have you tried anything from the Butter London?.

Everything you need to know about the Urban Decay Backtalk Palette

Thursday, 3 January 2019

Guess what ya gal got for Christmas? A palette she didn't even know dropped (some beauty blogger). My boyfriend picked out the Urban Decay backtalk palette and I'm genuinely quite proud of him for it. As I said I didn't realise this dropped, I didn't really see much hype about this one, to be honest, but I've done my research and it says it came out in March I think so I'm surprised I haven't seen much about it. I thought I'd share my thoughts with you here.


As usual with Urban Decay the packaging is stunning. It's travel-friendly, the palette itself is the standard naked size, but that's thinner than most of my other palettes and having the blush and eyeshadows stacked in one place you can cut down your makeup bag when needed. The palette also has a detachable mirror which is perfect for travel as well (I generally didn't know this happened and freaked thinking I broke the palette). The palette itself is joined with a sturdy magnetic clasp and that's also how the mirror attaches. The palette itself has 4 pans of blush and 7 pans of eyeshadows.


As I mentioned, there are 7 pans of shadow. Every Urban Decay palette I've owned have always been the highest quality so I expected a lot from this palette. The shades are nudes and you could create day and night looks with this easily. The shadows are really good quality the same pigment, creaminess and colour pay off as I was expecting based on my other Urban Decay palettes, I will say the eyeshadows are better than the highlights for sure though.

Blushers & Highlights

I have mixed feelings about this side of the palette.I love the blushers but I feel like I was expecting it to just pop a little more, They're not sheer but they're just not as pigmented as I expected from Urban Decay. However, saying this I don't really use blushers and it's really easy to over-do it on them but I feel like they've played it safe here because you can always build it up, so thinking of it like that I do like them. There are 4 shades; a medium pink nude, a light pink shimmer, a peachy pink shimmer and a mauve. I generally think this palette is really versatile for skin tones which I love.

I'm generally so happy with this palette, It's definitely one of my new favourites in my collection.

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