SEO for bloggers - 5 tips you need to know

Digital Marketing experts, Bigfoot Digital, have teamed up with Charlie’s Wonderland to give you some top tips on how to grow your blog for SEO!

Your blog is your pride and joy. You’ve created your layout, posted your first blog post and you’re actually quite proud of what you’ve achieved. However, we all know that being a successful blogger isn’t as simple as writing the odd post here and there. So, what next

At Bigfoot Digital, we blog a lot. An awful lot. Thankfully, we know how to best optimise our blog posts for SEO to get the most out of them. We make sure the content we’re producing is based around the topics people want to know about, and ones that are helpful to our audience. It’s the way to go to get your content noticed and shared. In terms of SEO for bloggersyou need to prove to search engines why your site should be placed above others for popular search terms. 

You want to people to read your posts, and it’d be amazing if your blog got noticed by other people. That’s why many of us write our content! But how can you grow your blog from a blank canvas to a regularly active website? We’re here to give our top tips on easy ways to grow your blog. All you need is a little dedication.

1. Keep it looking and sounding professional.
The worst thing about visiting someone’s website is quickly noticing that it doesn’t look too great. It will instantly turn off your readers and they may even refuse to read your contentbecause of it! It’s worth investing some time into making things look good and more importantly, making sure everything links up correctly. You also need to make sure your content is top quality and is tailored to your audience. These are the people that matter and are the ones who are going to take in the information you give them. User experience should be top of your priority list when it comes to keeping on top of your blog. 

2. Get a Social Media presence and share your content.
When you start sharing your content, it can feel a little daunting. The fact that people you don’t know are reading your content can be a scary thought! However, the best way to overcome this is by getting your content out there straight away and sharing across social media channels. It’s worth setting up new profiles for your blog and building your community around it. You develop the right audience and bring in new readers daily. You’ll be surprised at the growth you see in such a short space of time if you keep at it. 

3. Keywords and SEO techniques.
Now to the more technical stuffIf you want your blog to become more searchable (and findable!) online, you need to get up to speed with how SEO works. Doing some keyword research to find out what your readers are looking for can be a great way to see what the online search volume is for a particular subject, and if it is worth writing about on your blog. Other SEO techniques for blogging that can be useful include a whole host of things:
• Titles – getting keywords in your titles can give you a boost. It will help Google to understand what your post is about and what to show in search results.
• Images and alt text - use great quality images in your posts whether these are simply stock images or images you have taken yourself. Getting your keyword in the alt text of your image will ensure they’re optimised for best results.
• Link building  building links from other trusted sites to yours is a great way to build up the trust of your site. When linking to other sites, make sure you only link to those with a good domain authority. You can check the authority of a websites by using an online checker, such Moz.

4. Create a schedule.
If you’re not posting regularly on your blog, you’ll not be building your following or engaging your readers. Google likes to see updated site content, so having a schedule of whenand what you post will make things more organised and will even push you to meet your content deadlines. Make sure youresearch possible blog titles to entice your readers and to make what they read more interesting to them.

5. Tag and categorise appropriately.
The options to tag and categorise your blog posts aren’t just there to make your post look pretty. They’re there to help your post get found by the right people! Think of it as a book. Your categories are the chapters of your blog and your tags are more like an index page. This makes things more specific and a lot easier for readers to find what they’re looking for. 

When you write a blog post in future, make sure you keep our top tips in mind to make your posts count. It doesn’t take a genius to build a successful blog. It just takes a little determination and a passion for what you do. 
What are your top tips for growing your blog, and what has worked best for you?
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Botox, Whats the deal?*

I'll be the first to admit that when I think of Botox, I think of the old saying, If the wind changes, your face will stay like that.’ I think that's because there's so much stigma surrounding the procedure which usually leaves us all thinking about the 'frozen face' look. I want to understand more about this procedure, and actually, understand what the deal is with BotoxTrust me, it's a lot more than just an injection. I've teamed up with Courthouse Clinics and I'm going to find out what the deal is with Botox. I'm not, of course, suggesting we all go and get plastic surgery, but I wanted to post this for anyone considering the procedure who might want to know more, whether you're really against procedures or you're in the process of having one done to you!

What is Botox and how does it work?Is it safe & does it hurt? The overall effect

Botox is an anti-ageing injection that is used to smooth out wrinkles. It's an inexpensive procedure and is very commonly used - it can even be completed as quickly as your lunch hour! Botox is clinically proven and it works by weakening the muscles which gather your skin into folds. It does this temporarily and makes the skin creaseproof in that area. Once the Botox is injected, it will attach itself to the target muscle to give you this effect. Usually, the Botox wears off in roughly 4 months and then your skin will return to its previous state. 

The actual procedure itself is broken up into a couple of steps. Firstly, you'd have your consultation where your doctor will discuss Botox with you, as well as talk about what you're aiming for with your treatment. After that will be your treatment, where your doctor will prep your skin with a cleanser and then administer the Botox using a small needle into the target muscle. This will then prevent the muscle from contracting and leave you with 'crease proof' skin which looks smoother and firmer.

Botox is one of the most commonly used cosmetic procedures, so long as you're using a trained doctor and are using it in recommended amounts it's perfectly safe. People, of course, have different pain thresholds but most people would describe Botox as slightly uncomfortable. As with most cosmetic procedures, there's likely to be some pain, though it is possible to numb your face beforehand with a numbing cream if you are worried about pain. 

Overall, I've learnt a lot about the procedure. Before researching, I just had the frozen face in mind! However, the results of Botox with this clinic are just so natural and it really does give a nice smooth finish. There are of course some instances where you shouldn't really have Botox doneIf you’re taking muscle relaxants, or are pregnant or breastfeeding, you really should steer clear of the treatment. It’s important to do your research first to determine if the Botox procedure is something for you.

Courthouse Clinics really understand the Botox London* way! As well as their London location, they have clinics across the length of the UK, including Birmingham, Sheffield and Southampton to name a few. Their trained Doctors want you to feel your very best, so have many different treatments to choose from at their clinics, including Laser Hair Removal, anti-ageing. injections and Dermal Fillers. Their team is super friendly if you’d like to get in touch, and they also have a live chat on their website which I have found really useful. Sometimes, people feel more comfortable having a chat about procedures like this over the internet than over the phone, so you’ll always feel at ease!

P.S pro or fail? - Primark's oval blending brush tested.

 Although I've seen these types of brushes on literally every blog & Youtube channel ever I can't say I've ever tried one myself, I saw this on the off chance when I was mooching around in Primark and I thought I'd give it a go and see what the fuss was about.

First Impressions

On first impressions, this looks exactly like the ones I've seen for £30+ so we're off to a good start. It was on sale for £2 but the usual RRP is £4 so I'm really not expecting a lot from this brush at all but I might be surprised. The packaging is really simple just a clear tube with a little silver card to line it but it's a bit of a pain to get out of the packaging (most likely me just being clumsy) I actually ended up cutting my finger on the plastic whilst opening this so just go carefully. This is quite insta worthy purely because of how simple it is it would go with most backdrops (bar black). So after slicing myself open, I can say the brush does feel really soft although it doesn't look to easy to use, it's quite awkward to hold as well which is making me a little weary but we'll see how it goes.

Primark quality hasn't exactly got the best reputation which I'm sure we're all aware of although I do have some bits from there that have surprised me, This however not so much on first impressions, this feels like the flimsiest brush I've ever held. Almost like when you grab those like 20p toothbrushes from Tesco when you're travelling and they snap during the first use? yeah, that flimsy. So we're not off to a good start on the plus side though I mentioned before the bristles were quite soft but they haven't moulted or anything like that which is what I expected but we'll see on that one.


I'm quite terrified to blend my foundation with this, I'm either expecting to end up really streaky or have it snap whilst I'm using it. I'm using The Body Shop's matte clay foundation and I'm just going to start blending in circles as I would with my usual buffing brush. so the first thing I've noticed is that my foundation is being pulled off in places which I am not a fan off at all, I've decided to just add another thin layer of foundation and buff that over the top which has worked well. I am liking how much this brush covers whilst I'm blending because of the size and shape, though it is a little awkward to get into the little places without like wrecking your eye make up. I can definitely feel the flimsiness I'm not too sure if all of these types of brushes are like this but it is feeling like it's going to snap if I'm not too careful. I do like the finish this has given though It's blended out my matte foundation to quite a natural yet still full coverage finish and it really looks great (If I do say so myself). I also found this really handy for softening my contour and I'd be quite happy to apply contour with this brush as well just perhaps a smaller sized one. 


So overall is it a P.S pro or a P.S fail?.
I'm going to say it's a P.S Fail, although this did well compared to my expectations and I really wasn't expecting much for £2 the only major pro of this brush I have this that gave me a nice finish eventually and it's affordable. However on the flipside, there was just so much that I didn't like about this brush, mainly how awkward it was to hold and how flimsy it was as well, I also didn't like that it pulled off my foundation and I ended up having to add more layers just to get an even finish. I've found this bruhreallyy hard to clean out, it seems like I had to just keep rinsing and rinsing. I'm sure I'll be trying these brushes again but I'll most likely be going for a different brand to get the best finish possible but it's a good place to start if you're unsure on this type of brush and don't want to fork out over £10 to try one.

Have you tried these brushes?.

A guide to your perfect brow product

our generation is obsessed with brows Id almost go as far as to say it's close to "if your brows aren't fleek you can't sit with us". With our brow obsession comes lots of brow products, like a hella lot of different brow products, I thought today I'd br-br-break it down for you and help you find the best product for upping your brow game. So how many different types of products are there for your brows exactly?, Roughly 5 so which exactly is perfect for you?.

Brow powder

I go too, perfect for filling in sparse areas. As I have quite full brows I don't really need to shape them etc I just need to run a little powder through my brows to make them look a little more groomed. The powder I'm currently using is the makeup gallery brow quad. This has a couple of different shades in it which is so handy, but my all time favourite is the seventeen all about the brows kit. I wouldn't go for a brow powder if you have quite sparse brows personally because the pigment isn't too strong also they can tend to wear off quite easily so If you're after something more 'set' I'd recommend a gel or pomade.

Brow Gel

Brow gel is so handy for giving you a natural finish on your brows, they usually come with a spoolie which means the product is evenly dispersed although if you aren't too careful it can look a little 'blocky' and too much. Personally, I prefer a powder to a gel because I just prefer the finish of a powder and I feel you get more control by using a slanted brush. It's quite pigmented which is great and it also lasts so well, it almost 'locks' everything in, I do like the fact that you can set other products in with a clear brow gel.

Brow Pomade

Brow pomade is a Gel- mousse formula, I haven't tried it personally but it is hyped about quite a lot, going on reviews pomades are usually smudged free (so perfect for holidays) and I do spot them a lot in youtube & blog tutorials the most hyped is the Anastasia brow pomade. Usually, you apply this with a slanted brush (the same as powder) which means you have plenty of control with the product. However, the pomades are usually very pigmented so you will want a decent brush otherwise you may have some trouble with them and going by reviews you definitely want a spoolie to soften the 'beginning' of your brows especially if you're after the perfect fade.

Brow Crayons

I don't do too well with crayons but some people really love them. personally, I think some crayons can be quite waxy and they can look overbearing if you're not careful. Pencils are really easy to control which is handy for beginners, it was actually the first brow product I had in my makeup bag, If you did want to try a crayon I've heard good things about the Anastasia Brow definer (I swear she's killing it at this whole brow thing) I'm actually considering giving this one a go.

Brow Tint

A permanent tint to keep your brows looking fuller and defined for longer the perk of this is you don't have to actually do anything with your brows, they're done already so it'll cut the time of your make up routine and also you can do it yourself at home but do remember like it's permanent and it may be cheaper to do it yourself but if you aren't confident with it I would recommend getting it done by a professional, Benefit has a brow parlour as well as superdrug they're not too expensive either and I'm sure it beats having brow here, there n everywhere.

My Brows

Overall I prefer a powder for my eyebrows, I find it really easy to use and I think it gives you such a nice finish, it's easy to build and it's really easy to fade the beginning of your brow with a powder. I like the fact that a powder is easy to clear up if it goes wrong although I am considering swapping to a pomade after reading about the Anastasia one because it just sounds unbelievable as well as completely foolproof (which your gal needs).

What's your favourite bow product?.

Testing out The body shop's Matte Clay foundation

I've had a few beauty bits and bobs from the body shop in the past; some I love, some not so much. I saw this foundation a couple of months ago and I was somewhat sceptical to buy it, I hadn't heard good things and I suppose I was expecting it to be a very light coverage coming from the body shop. Recently my local rep was giving 40% off and I decided to just go for it, it was only about £8 making it cheaper than my usual foundation and a fraction of my all time favourite (Younique's liquid foundation) but was it worth it?.


In all honesty, this is the thing I was most worried about, I've tried a couple of foundations from the body shop and the coverage has always been 'Buildable' aka hella light. I used a litl3e bit more than I usually would just in case and blended it out with my Real techniques buffing brush and I was very surprised to see full coverage as promised. 


This comes in a tube with a really precise 'nozzle' (I guess you'd call it), It's very easy to apply because of that, it also isn't 'runny' like other foundations I've tried which makes it really easy to blend. I squeeze the tube straight on to my face and generally use about 4 'lines' of the foundation. I like the fact that the nozzle is precisely because it doesn't let too much product out so no more of the 'Just scoop it back in the tube' nonsense although if you do squeeze to much out good luck because this nozzle is tiny. The foundation blends quite well although I did find myself 'patting' it in around my eyes as if you would a concealer but personally I do this with most of my foundations to get more coverage around my eyes anyway.


The first thing you're gonna notice when you squeeze this out the tub is it wreaks of tea tree which I freaking love It just has such a clean fresh smell to it and I really like that, Plus tea tree is very good for your skin (especially if you have quite a few blemishes like me). It also includes Morrocan 'lava clay' god doesn't that sound lovely?. I personally have oily/sensitive skin and this works so well on it, I don't have to prime when I use this foundation and it still lasts all day which is so great. 


There are 10 shades fo this foundation and there are some quite good matches in there for different skin tones, personally, I went for 010 because your gals pale as but I think I could have gotten away with one up because this is very pale (even for a Wednesday Addams look alike). I would advise going to the store for this because the shades are generally lighter than they look on the tube (I just use a lot of bronzers to balance my paleness out). There's also a couple of darker shades that would suit darker skin tones which is nice to see because usually, the darker foundations in some ranges can come up too light or dark for some people but these shades generally look like a good match.


Whenever I write a review I want to start writing a 'cons' section, I don't want to bash products but I want to give a more balanced review and if I do find anything off I do want to mention then I can do it here. There's not much about this foundation I dislike, if I had to pick something I'd say it can come up a bit light in terms of shades so I'll for sure go one darker next time but that's mainly my fault rather than the product itself as I didn't look into swatches.

How to create the perfect winged liner

I've been asked a couple times how I apply my eyeliner and if I can do a tutorial on it. For me, plenty of practice and a hella load of patience has helped me tonnes. I wanted to share with you my top tips for creating the perfect winged liner. To start off with you wanna find the right liner for you now I don't know the 'official' names of liners so you'll have to bear with me but I will pop in a lil photo so that you know what I'm talking about.

The OG liner.

Lets start with what I'd call the 'OG' of liners which I would call the 'liquid' liner this has a little brush crewed into a pot of liquid liner and you can pick them up from literally anywhere cheap as chips; they were most likely the first eyeliner in your makeup bag and in my opinion, they're the worst. They're hard to use and your brush is likely to be too stiff or too soft and that makes it hella hard to apply the liner, Some people do get along with these though so do check them out and see what you think because you can get them so cheap it wouldn't really make much of a difference to your purse if you hate it.

Mousse and gel

I have never used any of these so I can't share my opinion on them but going by reviews gel is quite long lasting and has a more dramatic effect this one's a little cheaper than mousse liner; you apply this with an angled brush, from tutorials it looks like it takes a lot of concentration and you need to be quite precise. I can't say I would personally choose a mouse liner as to me it just sounds as if it would crumble as you apply it but you can't knock it 'till you've tried it, it has the same concept as gel liner so you'd apply it with a brush, I'd say these two types are for the steady-handed

Pencils & Felts

I started off doing a wing with a pencil liner but they're very faint as they're only really used for waterlines but I found them easy because they're easiest to hold and you don't have to be really steady with them, finding felt liners has honestly changed my eyeliner game. For me a felt is my 'go to' there's much more control with it which makes it easier to apply in my opinion, They're also quite pigmented which I like and when it runs out you can take the nib out and switch it around to save yourself some money.

The hacks :
Keep your eye open: Some people tend to shut and even pull on their eyes whilst they do their eyeliner, don't do this. Dragging your eye out can cause wrinkles & shutting them gives you lest precision, by keeping them open you can see what you're doing which makes you less likely to mess up.
Use tape: If you really can't hack it use some tape, it's a really easy way to get a sharp but foolproof wing and after a while of using it you'll most likely get used to how you're drawing the wing and be able to draw it without it.
Small strokes: This is the easiest way to apply your liner precisely, I know in tutorials they make it look oh, so easy sweeping the liner across their lids but these people have had a lot of practice. If you're just starting off with liner apply it using small strokes across your lid and then join it up to the end of your wing.

How to create the perfect wing :

  1. Place the pen from the corner of your eye towards the end of your brow (with the lid on), This is where your wing is going to go, using that guide draw a small straight line.
  2. Keep as close to your eye as you can and using small strokes draw a line from the inner corner of your eye outwards.
  3. Using your pen take the tip of your first line and join it up to the line across your lid.
  4. smooth over the whole wing and fill in any gaps or sparse areas.
  5. Take some concealer on a small (preferably angled if you have it) brush and clean up the edges.

Do you have any eyeliner tips?, What type of eyeliner do you prefer to use?.