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My lip care routine

Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Lip care is something I tend to keep quite simple. It is definitely something I need to broaden. However, these are the products I tend to use daily. 

The best product I use for my lips is an oldie but a goodie - the Nivea essential care lip balm. In my opinion, this is great, It's very moisturising and it makes my lips lovely and soft. I use this every morning before applying lip products. It's great to just pop in your handbag.

I also use Vaseline lip therapy, These are brilliant, They're so hydrating. They come in lovely little tins and there are a couple different scented ones, I tend to use the rosy lips and original, The original is my favourite I've not long bought a new tin of this, whereas the rosy lips has a lovely tint and a beautiful smell to it. I'll use the original at night mainly and either the Nivea balm in the morning or every now and again I'll use the rosy lips Vaseline.

I do have quite dry lips and I really would like to try some new products so If anyone can recommend some for me in the comments that'd be fantastic.
4 comments on "My lip care routine "
  1. This time of year my lips need all the help they can get! I've never heard of the vaseline ones but they sound lovely! I personally use the Sugar Lip Treatment!

    Shannon Sage

    1. mine too they get very dry, The Vaseline is brilliant! only about a pound from Superdrug as well so its great value! and I'll take a look into the sugar lip treatment it sounds good.


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