Today, I wanted to share with you some of my holy grail products, those ones that get me through the days (that sounded slightly materialistic there). Let me know in the comments what your favourite products are?, What are you loving rn?.

The first product I'd like to share with you guys is The Dove essential nourishing lotion, for dry skin. this is AMAZING!, The product works wonders on my dry skin, there's  a lovely scent but it isn't strong enough to cause my skin to have a reaction. I've been using this for around 2 weeks and my skin feels so much healthier. I use this every day after I bath. Speaking of baths, My second product is also Dove, It is the Dove silk glow nourishing body wash, This gives me the softest skin after using both of these products together the silk glow has a lovely scent to it and gives my skin such a lovely healthy looking glow. I will definitely recommend these products, Dove is my absolute holy grail when it comes to skincare.

My next must have is the vaseline intense care hand cream, This has microdroplets of vaseline in. This product is perfect for me, I suffer from dry skin and this hydrates my skin so much, I also found that this strengthened my nails as well. I love the smell of this and it absorbs fast which is always a good thing especially if you're out and about or in a rush!.

Batiste dry shampoo, This is definitely one of those products I'd recommend to everyone. It is so useful, it instantly makes your hair look refreshed, It also gives lots of texture, This is very budget friendly. I think it's absolutely brilliant, I love the cherry scented one. This is something I find myself buying a lot it is amazing.

I mentioned in my last post that I'd been using the simple clean and clear products, I am absolutely loving these! they're really helping with my breakouts and the oil balancing moisturiser helps keep my skin hydrated. This is something that I'll definitely be rebuying and I'll definitely be buying more simple products in the future.
Makeup wise I am absolutely loving Nude eyeshadows at the moment I recently brought this new palette, It's called 'The nudes' from Maybelline new york, I love this palette, The shadows are lovely colours and they work lovely together. There're 13 looks in this palette which is amazing for the price. I still have a few combinations to try which I'm really looking forward to doing, The combinations I've tried so far are really nice. I'm also absolutely loving the collection lasting colour lipstick, My favourite shade is definitely taffeta bloom it is a gorgeous colour, It lasts a while and it has a good coverage. This is definitely something I'll be buying again!. The Rimmel Brow This Way styling gel is something I've been loving recently, This gives a natural look, I love the wand it's very easy to use. I'll definitely buy this again!.

Have you tried any of these products?, what did you think?

Charlie x