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Blogmas day 24 - Winter walks on the beach

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Holy shit, It's Christmas tomorrow!, how has Blogmas gone so so quick?. It's no surprise that I freaking love the beach. Whether it's freezing cold (preferably because then  there's not as many people)  or boiling hot, the beach always has that lovely calming effect on me. I especially love it in the winter when you have to wrap up all snug and it's lovely and crisp and you can just take everything in more than the summer when there's 1000 + tourists.

I'm home for Christmas now, I did the journey from Cornwall to the East midlands a couple of days ago (8 hours, yawn). I admittedly miss my little town in Cornwall so much!, So calm and quiet, I'm not anxious or worried when walking around and I love that because I guess I've never had it.

These photo's where taken about a week ago when I had my friend come to stay and over the next few weeks they're going to be my 'Virtual' beach, for whenever I need to take 10. I hope they have the same affect for you, just imagine you're walking on a beautiful beach, crisp air, picking shells and take a few deep breaths.

What do you do when you need to take 5??.

Blogmas day 23- Light it up, Plymouth.

Friday, 23 December 2016

If there's one thing I love about Christmas it's the lights!. Although there's not a huge amount of lights in the small town I actually live in my closest city is Plymouth and when it comes to Christmas lights, they go all out and I love it!.

The actual shopping center has the most gorgeous decortions in, with thousands of fairy lights and huge center pieces which I am in love with. A lot of of the shops had decorations up but I didn't manage to get to many photos of them because it was pretty busy what wiith everyone Christmas shopping.

The towns decorations are beautiful, they have up a couple of fair rides which are Christmas themed and some lovely Christmas stalls. The lights on the tree where actually gorgeous, after I spent all day shopping it was nice to sit down and admire all the lights with a nice warm hot chocolate.

Aren't these lights just gorgeous?

Blogmas day 22 - Where have I shopped this Christmas.

Thursday, 22 December 2016

Man do I love online shopping. I mean who really likes Christmas shopping. Crowded shopping centres where everyone's pushing and shoving, screaming kids, no room in any cafes and not to forget almost everything being sold out. Me myself?, Well I'd rather sit at home with my cup of tea in my PJ's and shop online! (I'm a very social person, promise). So here's a list of where I've been shopping this Christmas.


Almost every year I find myself shopping on Superdrug and boots they almost always have offers on around Christmas on gift sets etc. I usually get any gift sets such as Lynx or Dove from here.

Not on the highstreet

I love, love, love this place for gifts. There's so many unique things on this shop. Whether you want a personalised hammer or chocolate Brussel sprouts (yes, they're a thing) you'll find it here!.


I love Boots. Usually if I'm after something I cant find on Superdrug I usually fid it on boots. hey also have a couple of offers on higher end brands which I don't think I've ever seen on Superdrug.


I only recently started shopping here and I love the convince of it. Everything is in one place. So if you want to get your Sister a too faced palette, your Mum a handbag, Dad a coffee machine, your little brother a skateboard and grandma a new jumper you can get it all in one place. I know, dream.

All of these shops have been my go to places for Christmas shopping, Where do you do your Christmas shopping?

Blogmas day 20 - Gold eyes and red lips tutorial.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Is there anything more festive than gold eyes and red lips? I don't think so. It's really easy to do and it suits so many people and it's not hugely difficult to do. I'm using drugstore products in this tutorial as they're super affordable and quite easy to get hold of.

Simply start of the base, I'm using the Rimmel wake me up foundation, I love this foundation for the finish, although I'll usually pop a matte powder over the top it's nice to have options, yanoe?. I'm also using my Seventeen 8 hour concealer which apart from the smell isn't to bad and I'm using my seventeen define and conquer kit to set my make up as the 'highlight' is legit just a translucent powder and I then use the bronzer from this to contour. For my brows I'm using my high define pencil to outline my brows and fill in any sparse areas.

Now for the eyes. I brought a palette In Plymouth a few days ago which you may have seen in Blogmas day 14 and I've fallen in love with it there's just so many shades for only £8 and this is the Make up revolution flawless 2 palette and that's what ill be using today. I'm going all out festive so nice and warm toned with a beautiful gold lid. So I'm firstly taking upper as my transition colour followed by triumph in my crease. I'm going with the stunning golden shade absolute over my lid followed by finish on my outer corners and faultless on my inner corners I'm also using pure to highlight my brow bone. I'm then finishing the whole look with my MUA Eye define liner which I am in love with and my Rimmel wake me up mascara

For my lips I'm simply using my Younique lip bon bon to moisturise my lips as they're always pretty dry this time of year and over the top of that I'm using my Kate 53 retro red lipstick and today there's a random spot on my lip making my lipstick look very badly applied, damn.

If you liked this look let me know down below :) xx

Blogmas day 18 - My favourite Christmas films.

Sunday, 18 December 2016

There's nothing I love more than making a really bad for me hot chocolate full of cream and marshmallows and jumping in bed too watch a Christmas film with some lit candles and Christmas Pj's. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas movies.


WHO ELSE LOVES ELF?. Like everyone right?. It's a film about an elf who sets out into the real world to find his real dad. Of course he's dressed as an elf and is causing lots of mischief. It's a family favourite.

Home alone

This is an absolute Christmas classic for me, I watch it every year without fail. It's essentially about a kid who gets 'forgotten' when everyone leaves on holiday for Christmas. He's home alone and although that may sound peaceful to start of with, that soon changes when he has some unexpected company turn up!.

Arthur Christmas

I absolutely love this film. It's full of laughs and it has such a sweet story line. It basically shows us all how 'Santa' delivers all of those presents in one night. I find myself watching this so much over Christmas.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

I watched this for the first time last year and I just fell in love with it. I absolutely love Disney films as it is. They just make this story come to life in my opinion. I love it and will for sure be watching it again this year.

Disney's Mickeys once upon a Christmas

Yes I know, I know. It doesn't get more childish than this but I actually love this one. I've watched it so many times over Christmas. It's a film made up of 3 stories. the first one is Donald duck stuck on Christmas where his children are learning the real meaning of Christmas. Second is a very goofy Christmas where Goofy is trying to reconnect with his son on Christmas but always ends up embarrassing him and third is my favourite with mickey and Minnie, they show the real meaning of Christmas by giving away their most treasured possessions to buy the other something nice for Christmas.

What are some of your favourite Christmas films?

Blogmas day 17 - My favourite winter lip products

Saturday, 17 December 2016

I just love winter for so many reasons; Christmas, pretty oversized sweaters and of course that classic deep red lip!. I love a red lip and I don't care what anyone says, there is a red for everybody, you just have too find your red!. I think a deep berry red / burgundy is mine. Here are my Favourite Winter lip products!.

Younique's lip Bon Bon in red velvet cake.

This one isn't a lipstick or shade as such but one thing I do know is around this time of year my lips get super, super dry!. Too prevent them from cracking I use my Younique lip Bon Bon. The shade is quite subtle and makes a very nice "I woke up like this"  look. This can be found for £20 on the Younique website.

Mua's Luxe velvet liquid lipstick in Dash.

I have a deep love for liquid lipsticks. I love the formula of them, I love the precision you get from the wand rather than a stick form, I love the finish.. seriously the list goes on and on. I picked this shade up a while ago and I've recently fallen in love with it again during the first few weeks of December. This one is a brown with red undertones and I think it suits a lot of different people. You can find this for only £3 online or in store at Superdrug

Rimmel's Kate 107

Ah!, my trusty Kate 107, how many people knew this one was going too come up?. I absolutely love this lipstick!. I could go on for hours about it!. It lasts really good for a drugstore lippy and it isn't overly drying. Also, did I mention?... this shade is too die for!, I'm also really in love with 53 Retro Red. You can find this in boots or Superdrug and I think I paid around £5 for this

Younique's stiff upper lip stain in sultry 

If you need a little more stay power, which we all do sometimes a stain will be your saviour. I find that when I'm going out too eat or for a drink I always reach for my stiff upper lip stains. This shade is perfect for the Winter, it isn't drying and it lasts really well!. This can be found on the younique website for £18. One thing I do know is, this is never budging from my hand.

What are your go to winter shades?

Blogmas day 16 - My favourite christmas recipies

Friday, 16 December 2016

Everyone knows I absolutely love baking any excuse to make a cake or a batch of cookies. I've been baking a lot over the Christmas period and I wanted to share with you a few of my favourite recipes.

Christmassy Cupcakes

I think cupcakes are super simple and quick to make. These are some that I came up with by putting a twist on Tanya burr's vanilla cupcakes. I really like these for Christmas and I'll definitely make them again. You can find this post and recipe HERE.


A traditional Christmas favourite. This year I used a recipe from BBC food and really liked it. It was cheap to make and very tasty, I'll no doubt be using this recipe again. I Also found a Christmas wreath recipe which would require a little more skill but I think it'd make a great gift.

Rudolph Shortbread

Does it get any cuter than these Rudolph Shortbread?. They look super easy to make and I'm definitely going to be giving them a shot over Christmas.. They'd also be adorable stocking fillers.

Letters to Santa

If you have kids I think this would be a great way to get them into the festive spirit. They're fairly easy and cheap to make and they look really lovely when they're finished. you can find the recipe HERE

What are some of your favourite recipes?

Bloogmas day 15 - The nicest gingerbread ever!

Thursday, 15 December 2016

I LOOOOVE me some gingerbread. I love decorating them, I love how homely they make your house smell and I just love this recipe for them. This recipe is in no way associated with me and you can find this recipe on the BBC website here.

I Haven't cooked gingerbread much before but I found this recipe really easy to follow although my blender did cave in on me and decided to start smoking which meant I had too knead for way longer than I was supposed too, I don't think this affected the recipe in the slightest.

 I absolutely love cutting shapes from dough. Call me childish but I love it. I got these cutters from a little market in town for about £2.50 for 3 they're super easy to use and clean and they're very sturdy.

One thing I didn't realise was I didn't have a thin enough piper, So I have some pretty evil looking gingerbread thanks to my only writing icing which was red.

Don't they just look adorable and they taste as good as they look!

Blogmas day 14- Christmas stalls in Plymouth, my day in photos.

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

One thing I love at this time at this time of year is Christmas shopping. I live almost 300 miles away from my family so when my best friend Courtney decided to come on holiday, we just knew there was one thing we had to do SHOP 'TILL WE DROP. Plymouth has so many stalls around this time of year and I was going to vlog this but I only really have my iPhone 5s camera which obviously isn't the greatest quality and my Cannon doesn't record videos so I decided I'd bring you a Christmas 'my day In photos. plus sorry abut the quality of some of the photo's It was raining and I was walking around whilst taking them.

The look I went for was my Rimmel wake me up foundation, my seventeen define and conquer kit to set my make up with the highlight and I also used this to contour. I used my make up revolution Iconic 3 palette and my Rimmel wake me up mascara. My lip colour is the Bourjois velvet liquid lipstick in the nudest with natural hair.

The stalls are adorable little huts selling items such as jewellery, clothing, plants and my personal favourite crepes and food. The people on the stalls were super friendly also how cute are the little reindeers made from hay?. I found an adorable little plant hut and the cutest little wooden reindeers ever.. I wish I picked myself one up now, sigh.

I did however pick myself up a new palette and the cutest little cactus I ever did see. I also picked my boyfriend up some Christmas presents but I wont show them on here because he'll be for sure reading this and peaking.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I've been loving reading all the comments recently, they always put a smile on my face. Have you been to your local Christmas market?, what did you find?xx

Blogmas daiy 13 -6 of My favourite Christmas songs.

Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Does it  get any more festive than Christmas songs on full blast?. I absolutely love Christmas songs!. Here's my top Christmas tunes!. I'm also loving Zoella's Christmas Playlist.

Fairytail of New York

This one is without a doubt my favourite Christmas song. It always pops up in my Spotify around this time of year when I'm baking or doing housework. I really like the backing tune and the comedy of the song.

Rocking around the Christmas tree

This one's just fab. I love dancing around like a loon to this. Whether it be at a Christmas disco or just at home. This one always make me really cheery and puts me in that festive mood!.

  Al I want for Christmas is you

I know a lot of people don't like this song They think it's over rated and over played but it's such a guilty pleasure and I absolutely love it!.

I wish it could be Christmas

EVERYDAYYYYYYY. Seriously though, how catchy is this song. Whenever I hear it once I have to listen to it again and again. Actually, now I've wrote it I may as well play it...

Merry Christmas everyone

Does It get better than this one. It's super cheery and never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit. I listen to it ever year.

It's cold outside

I love this one, it just has such a classic Christmas feel to it, this is the one I always pick first I especially like Michael Buble and Idina Menzel's version.

I'll be home

I recently discovered Meghan Trainor's version if this and I love, love, love it!. She has such an amazing voice and she really brings this song to life.

What's your favourite Christmas song?

Blogmas day 12 - 5 of My favourite Christmas foods

Monday, 12 December 2016

One of my favourite things about Christmas is the food. Yes, literally. I love food usually but Christmas just up's the game.

#1 'Pigs in blankets'

If you don't know what these are they're a sausage wrapped in bacon. Yup, heaven. Why are these not an all year round thing?. They're literally my favourite part of the Christmas dinner (don't judge).

#2 Celebrations

There's been a lot of fuss over these getting smaller and smaller but every year I still buy them. They're heavenly. Don't get me wrong there's some flavours that make me want to vomit yes snickers I'm looking at you but I love the majority of them. I've also ate a whole tin already whoops.

#3 Mince pies

I love mince pies. I've literally been eating these since November.  I found a bakery near my house which sells the best ones I have EVER tasted and what's better they're incredible value for money 6 for £1.50. Although they're super sugary so perhaps I should cut down how many I'm eating, or not.

#4 All things gingerbread

Little houses, ginger bread men and any other shapes. Who else just loves ginger bread?. It makes your house smell so so amazing. If you're a fan keep your eyes out over Blogmas as I'll be showing you how to home bake it!.

#5 Thornton's chocolate snowmen

I can't get me enough of these chocolate lollies from heaven. They 100% remind me of opening my presents at my grandma and granddads with all my family on boxing day and finding these along with lots of other goodies at the bottom.

What are some of your favourite Christmas foods?

Blogmas day 11 - Top 20 gifts under £20 for her.

Sunday, 11 December 2016

There's no doubting that Christmas is expensive. Long lists of £500 worth of presents but as much as you'd like to spoil your loved ones rotten you just can't afford too. So here are my top 20 gifts for under £20 that'll impress without breaking the bank. None of the mages used here are my own and I have linked the sources underneath.

#20 The bigger the better nail art set - £19.99

Image source -

If she enjoys doing her own nails and getting creative this will be perfect!. The designs are inspired by fashion designers and she'll love showing off her insta worthy nails!. The set includes 3 stamps and 1 stamping nail polish. You can find this gift here.

#19 'The adventures of' personalised memory book - £19

Image source -

This one is absolutely perfect for a sentimental gift. These guys personalise your book with your chosen names at the front and then you can fill it with all sorts of memories of the two of you together. This is perfect for a partnier,friend or family member, they'll treasure it forever. You can find this gift here.

#18 Personalised make up bag  £16

Image source -

If she loves make up, this one is perfect for her. It looks lovely with  personalised gold lettering over black and white stripes. You can find this here.

#17 Scratch the world off with a coin - £17.95

Image source -

One for the travel lovers. A gorgeous print of a map which allows you to scratch off bits of the print to reveal a up to date map underneath that looks perfect for framing. Perfect for someone whoo's buket list is to check off where they've travleed to and reveal the whole map underneath!. You can find this here. 

#16 Liz earl cleanse and polish gift set -£15.50

Image source-

I have heard and read such amazing things about this product and I can not wait to try it myself!. It's ideal for all skin types, it also comes with a muslin cloth and a cleansing guide for beginners. Also how cute is this packaging?.You can find this here.

#15  Clarins lip make up collection - £18

Image source -

One for the make up lovers!. This beautiful make up bag includes some mini lip products including; Joli Rouge, Soft Berry, Joli Rouge Brilliant, Raspberry, Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, Rosewood Shimmer, Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector and 01 Rose shimmer. Something for everyone!. You can find this here.

#14 John Lewis petal heart frame - £8

Photo source -

I think this is super cute. I really like the design of this frame and I think if you popped a phot of you and the person receiving the gift in this frame it'd look gorgeous. You can find this here.

#13 Ted Baker glass water bottle - £20

Image source -

Is she always on the go?. Let her drink in style with this beautiful Ted Baker travel glass. I love the fact that this says 'drink me' Kind of like an Alice and wonderland type thing. You can use this for hot or cold drinks and I think it looks super cute as well. You can find this here .

#12 Lola's Cupcakes Glass baking jar with chocolate cupcake mix - £10.

One for the baking fans. An adorable mason jar which has a chocolate cupcake mixture inside!. You can reuse the jar for any cookies etc you bake. On the front of the jar it says "Cake makes life a little sweeter". This is just my favourite you can find this here

#11 Lounge & Sleep Brown reindeer slipper boots - £14

Image source-

These are the most adorable slippers I have ever seen!. I need them. They have a fleece lining so they'll be very cosy and warm In the colder months. You can find this here.

#10 New Look Leopard Hot Water Bottle and Fluffy Sock Gift Set - £12.99

Image source -

It's getting super cold out there so treat her to some warm fluffy socks and a hot water bottle!. I've seen a couple of these around but these are by far my favourite. They're nice and simple so you cant go wrong either!, You can find this here.

#9 'I will survive' artificial plant £9.99

Image Source -

If your gift recipient is anything like me. Plants go to their house to die I don't exactly know how to take care of them and make them live longer etc. This gift would be a perfect 'gift with a bit of humour along with it. Also it looks absolutely gorgeous and will survive for forever!. You can find this here.

#8 Snow fairy - £12.95

Image source-

I just had to get Snow fairy in here. The sweet shower gel is just Christmas in a bottle. I haven't met one person that doesn't like this. Lush is cruelty free, natural and I love the place you can find this here.

#7 Sweetest thing tin - £13.50

Image source -

I really do like these tins from Lush. They're excellent value, the packaging is gorgeous and they include lots of my favourite Lush goodies. This one in particular includes Pink fun which is a multi purpouse bar for shampoo, soap and more. There's also the comforter shower gel which can I say smells absoltuley amazing and the think pink bath bomb which is super girly and lovely, I'mhoping for one of these myself!. you can find this here.

#6 Zoella spa in a jar £10

Image source -
If your gift reciptent is a Zoella fan like me this one's perfect for them. Includes a shower glaze and a bodycream in a ginger bread fragrance to keep you in that festive spirit a little longer and it's in the cutest little jar. You can find this here.

#5 Makeup Revolution HD Pro Eye Shadow & Brush Set £20

Image source-

I love make up revolution!, When I saw these sets out for Christmas I just knew I had to have one!. That's why I had to include it in this gift guide. The palette is neutral shades and there's 24 shades in this, you also get a round, flat / oval and a eyebrow brush along with it. Great value for money!. You can find this here.

#4 Burt's Bees Endless Shine Lip Trio Set

Image source -'s-bees-endless-shine-lip-trio-set/p2907539#media-overlay_show

Give them the gift of silky smooth lips. It's approaching the colder time where you need a little more softness with your colour. Although these are a slightly sheerer colour they will keep your lips for cracking  plus the colours are absolutely adorable you can find this here.

 #3 Happy plugs earbud headphones -£20

Image source-

These are heaven, they're just absolutely gorgeous. I am wishing for a pair of these in rose gold. They also have champagne, space grey and marble although that's currently out of stock you can find these here.

#2 Piccadilly sweet parade prosecco bonbons £5

Image source-
We all know a girl that's completely and utterly obsessed with prosecco. Give her a gift that she'll love!. These bon bon's are alcohol free so she doesn't have to feel guilty when eating these before dinner either they come in a cute little jar and look absolutely amazing you can find this here

#1 prints in frames- £4

I love prints especially when they're super motivational. I found a lovely shop on Etsy called 'Dorkface shop' and there's plenty of prints and cute stickers on here. My favourite print is this copper one which is £4 and would look beautiful framed you can find this here.

Do you know any gifts under £20 perfect for her?

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