Recently I've heard a lot about the Bourjois  healthy mix foundation. I recently bought and reviewed this as a change from my Rimmel Match Perfection foundation. I am quite drawn to Rimmel foundations just because they were what I started using and also with my skin being quite sensitive I know they work for me. However, I am beginning to try new products and push myself out of my comfort zone a little. 

A little insight on the products.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation.

The Bourjois healthy mix foundation includes fruit therapy. This is made up of apple, melon and apricot extracts. The apple is for youth, the melon for hydration and the apricot for radiance. The product states 16-hour hydration. However, Doesn't mention how long the product will last. This also contains crystalline pigments to even skin tone, it states it is easy to blend. There isn't many shade variations I noticed, I brought the lightest but it's a little too terracotta for me.

Rimmel Match Foundation (left)
Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (right)

Rimmel Match perfection foundation.

The Rimmel match perfection foundation has s 24-hour moisture, which sounds like a bold statement, it also has pore blurring technology which sounds really promising in terms of coverage too me. The product also promises SPF 20 which is always handy and invisible coverage creating a picture perfect look which sounds really great. They have a good range of shades and this was only £7.99 which makes it the cheapest out of the two.

Both of these foundations sound great, they both have many properties. They're both great on a budget as they're both no more than £10. So which is the better foundation of the two? you ask. Well, Here I'm going to rate both of the products /5 in different areas resulting in an overall score out of 10. I applied both of the foundations with my fingertips and didn't use any powders/ primers purely so I can see how the foundation acts on its own. I'm going to rate this based on my own skin type which is a combination of oily and dry my skin is also quite easily irritated, my preferences in foundation are ; full coverage, matte and long lasting.


Both products have a pump which I feel means minimal waste so you can get exactly what you pay for they both have glass bottles as well. 

Match perfection- glass bottle, the lid isn't very practical as lid slips off easily in comparison to the the healthy mix so I wouldn’t advise leaving it in your handbag.. Especially if it is white (eek).  The packaging is quite pretty and I do like it.

Bourjois - glass bottle, more secure lid so it wouldn't slip off to easy. Slightly slimmer than the match perfection foundation but still 3oml. I like the packaging on this and the face it has all the little fruits on, it makes me think it's going to do my skin some good.

Overall I believe because of the ability to carry it around if needed and not have to worry about it going everywhere I'm more likely to chuck the bourjois one in my bag in a hurry. However due to them being essentially identical I'd say it's a draw.

General wear 

Match perfection- SPF 20. Although I don’t believe the hydration Is 24 hours as stated id say more 4-5 hours until i felt my skin was a bit on the dry side. It claims too "Hide pores and very small blemishes" which I do feel it does, it's a very good coverage for a drugstore foundation. The main issue I have with it is that it Clings to my dry areas and slips of the oily areas within a few hours. However, I think with a primer and a decent setting powder you could get more wear out of this. 4/5 

Bourjois- This states hydration for 16 hours which admittedly is more realistic than what the
match perfection had stated although I don't feel like it hydrates for that long, perhaps 5/6
hours. However, this is for fairly dry skin. Although it doesn't cling to my dry areas as much
as the rimmel one after a couple of hours I do start to notice my dry areas quite a lot, this isn't
a matte foundation so it does accentuate my oily areas a but more than I'd like. The coverage isn't that great compared to the match perfection but this does smell a heck of a lot nicer (must be those fruits). 3/5

with minimal touch ups.  

Overall I'd say the Rimmel match perfection Is the best In terms of general wear.

So which foundation is the best?
The Rimmel match perfection scored 8 out of 10 
Whereas the Bourjouis  Healthy mix foundation scored 6 out of 10

Although the Rimmel match perfection is the highest scored out of the two, They're both good foundations depending on your personal preferences and skin type and although the score for the Bourjois is lower I think it'd make a good foundation if you don't have combination/oily skin like myself.  I think they both have great properties.

Have you tried these foundations?, what did you think?