Frizzy hair is a pain in the backside.Which I struggle with on a daily basis. Like you spend all that time trying to make your hair look nice and bang, outta nowhere frizz everywhere, Ugh. There are some times where it can be a heck of a lot worse eg; one drop of water touches it (why must you hate me weather). So the other day like i do most days i thought to myself I have to find a way to stop this frizz.

The first thing I did to get some away is go for a trim. Now I usually hate having my haircut as it means all my length gets destroyed. But I was determined to get my hair looking healthy again. As soon as it was cut and my layers were trimmed I saw a immediate change in my frizziness. Turns out I had a lot of dead ends (nightmare). However, Now most of those are gone my hair is looking so much healthier and I'm insistent on keeping it healthy and frizz free. 

So, I've gone into my local boots and noticed the brand Frizz ease which I haven't used before. I picked up the Miraculous Recovery shampoo and conditioner, These are supposed to nourish and repair your dry damaged frizzy hair it contains an amino repair complex. The tubes are 250ml and there about £6 each which I think is quite affordable. I also picked up the 'smoothly does it, tame and shine spray' from V05 which is a brand that I absolutely LOVE. their products are so budget friendly yet such god quality. This is something you spray on dry hair before using heat appliances. It has a style tip of spraying it on your brush and brushing it through. It gives you a ultra glossy finish which sounds fab. 

Hopefully, all these products keep my hair feeling and looking nice and healthy and keeps my damn frizz away!. I'll do a review on them and let you know.