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Trying out younique!.

Monday, 25 April 2016

So I discovered Younique from a friend that I went to school with. She sent me a little link to have a look around on as well and Oh my gosh I want it all!. There's so many gorgeous products and it's very reasonably priced. All products I have seen are made with skin loving ingredients. Younique are Cruelty free which is something I'm very happy about. They also donate 30p per order to a charity for abused women which I thought was such a wonderful thing.

What did I buy?

Lip bon bon in Red velvet cake

One of the lip bon bons in red velvet cake. These contain fruit extracts and natural oils which condition your lips. Such as, Sunflower seed, opuntia flower, goji, pomegranate and peach kernel. They give you a little hint of colour with a gorgeous vanilla scent. These would look great with a natural look. They're priced around £18 and there's lovely colours to choose from. These are super hydrating and smell amazing.

The Lucrative lip gloss in Luscious

This is a gorgeous berry colour. The glosses are non sticky and it has a little mirror on the side so you can apply on the go which is very handy. These are priced around £12 and come in 10 shades. I love, love, love the wand on this. It's so soft and it distributes the product so evenly which I haven't had with a gloss before, It isn't sticky at all and its super lightweight. This gloss is amazing.

The mood struck mineral pigment in sexy.

This is such a lovely shade. It's a nude colour which is gorgeous. This is very bendable and easy to use. These are £10 and come in 34 shades. some shimmer, some matte. There's something for everyone!. I love how this has a twisty cap on it.. no lipstick handbag incidents waiting to happen there. The colour is just gorgeous its super hydrating and just smells amazing!.

If you're interested in any of these products you can check them out here :)

Dove derma spa summer revived review

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Before I say any of this I must say I'm not very much of a fake tan gal. I've never touched a bottle of the tan before so I don't have the most experience in this area of beauty but brace yourselves I'm branching out, reaching out of my comfort zone if you will - I'm just hoping that don't turn into a umpa lumpa.

I saw a bottle of the Dove summer glow in Boots. However, I was reluctant to try it. Although, being the out of the box person I am (occasionally) I decided why not lets give it a go - also this was on offer so that may or may not have persuaded me, I'm a sucker for a bargain. This stated on the bottle you could achieve a natural glow and going on the umpa lumpa reference up above, I clearly wasn't after the 'just skinny dipped in wotsits' colour.

I've never had a reaction to a Dove product before so this seems ideal for me. it also promises to leave your skin hydrated along with your sun kissed skin which sounds promising. I went for fair - medium as I'm like 2% milk (pale asf). It doesn't have a horribly bad biscuit scent but it is there slightly. It's around the £7 mark unless on offer which isn't too bad.

*Update* - After trying this product out I'd like to give a verdict (ORDER, ORDER!). This is a great product if you just want a slight sheen if you will but if you're after something a little more bronze like an actual sun kissed tan, I wouldn't recommend this for you. Personally I found this applied fairly streaky which was more likely to be my application as a first timer. This moisturises very well but it doesn't really tan you. I've heard better reviews about the original dove summer glow rather than this updated one.

Have you tried this before?, What did you think?

Unboxing April 2016 Birchbox.

Saturday, 16 April 2016

I recently signed up to Birchbox. Birchbox sends you 5 luxe products for £10 which is fab. I've seen a lot of people talk about how great the things inside the Birchbox are and I for one am very impressed with what you get for £10 so I was very excited to try it. First of all, I got to choose  the design on the front of my box as they teamed up with rifle paper co for this box, stunning. The presentation is gorgeous and I'm loving the floral theme. Inside there's a little booklet to tell you what you've got and how to use it, which is quite helpful and it includes some product recommendations. There're a couple of coupons inside for rifle paper & co. Which is great (We all know I love a bargain!).

The One and done shadow stick in empress me.

This is a brand from Birchbox. their first in-house brand!. It's an all one eyeshadow stick which you don't need primer with and you can just blend it in with your fingers. no need for multiple brushes. I used this today and I absolutely love it. This is RRP at £8 and I received a full-size product. The colour is gorgeous I love it.

The Cynthia Rowley beauty eyeliner in black.

This is a smudge proof eyeliner which omg I can not wait to try out. It's very creamy and gives a velvety smooth finish. This is RRP at £11 and is absolutely brilliant.

Benefit cosmetics air patrol BB eyelid primer.

THE BENEFIT GOODIE!. I was super excited for this one because there's so much hype around benefit but I'm yet to try their products. This is a primer that protects and corrects lids. You can wear this alone or under makeup. I have been after an eye primer for a while and if I get along with this I'll certainly repurchase. This is RRP at £21.50.

The beaver professional hydro nutritive repairing shampoo and conditioner.

I haven't heard of this brand before. They're shampoos and conditioners which contain ingredients such as avocado and aloe vera to cleanse and hydrate your damaged hair, They sound great and I'm excited to try these. They're RRP at £11.50 Which is quite affordable for the quality.

The Kueshi foot care cream

This is a foot cream with almond oil and royal jelly in. I've been after something like this as I tend to sort of neglect my feet when it comes to moisturiser and general skincare (note to self - stop doing that) so this is great. This is RRP at £12 and if I get along with it I'll most certainly repurchase.

Do you use a subscription box?.

Spring picks 2016.

Friday, 8 April 2016

So spring is here and the weather's finally picking up. Well, sort of, not really. Anyway, I love spring everything starts blooming again, we get blossoms and it's beautiful. Here are some spring beauty and skincare picks for you!. 

This spring I've gone with pink tones, with shimmery pallets and blush etc, I most relate pink with spring because of all the cherry blossoms and all of the flowers that bloom. I think pinks (especially nude pinks) match up nicely with a lot of this years spring fashion picks.

The Maybelline super stay 24 hr colour lipstick in Non-stop pink.

A dual end lipstick with long-lasting power. I chose this in a gorgeous pinky shade ready for the spring although this does kind of make my lips tingle and I'm not hugely keen on that so perhaps I wont be using it much. Although it matches up to the palette I brought gorgeously.
Find it here; 

The makeup revolution pallette in Iconic 3 

OH MY GOSH This palette is gorgeous. I love my shimmer/ glitter shadows as you may know, These colours are just adorable for spring. There are a lot of  neutral glitter shades and some matte and pearls. They last a few hours they blend well and the pigment isn't too bad for £4 either.

The Rimmel lasting finish mono blush in Live pink

A gorgeous pink shimmer blush, I was afraid of this being a bit bright but there isn't much pigment in this It's more on the sheer side so there was no need to worry about that one, It gives a nice glow!.

The Rimmel kate contour palette

I'm an absolute lover of the kate range from Rimmel. The lipsticks are heaven!.
This is One I haven't tried yet, It's a new palette with gorgeous shimmer shades. Although I've seen people really hype over this it isn't my fave. I prefer a matte contour shade and this lacks in pigment, I just looked like I chucked shimmer everywhere.

The MUA velvet Liquid lipstick - Dash

I find with these you should always check the colour whilst you're in the shop as they're usually a different colour on the outside due to the frosted effect. I checked this one and it's a darker colour than expected. However, it is a lovely shade which would work  really well with the rest of my spring collection. It has amazing stay power, usually lasts me 4/5 hours with no top ups.

The MUA lip liner

This is a gorgeous pink which goes well with my superstar lipstick. The great  Thing with Mua is the liners are only £1 and most of the other products are around £3-£4 so it's very affordable, the quality is also quite good for saying you're paying such a small amount. I love it.

The Nivea lip balm in raspberry rose.

This is quite a reoccurring favourite of mine because of how good it is. It really moisturises my lips well and it smells like sweets which is always a bonus and a nice little pick me up.

My March Favourites

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

I know it's a little late but I've only just got around to my March favourites. whoops. anyway. March. Already?. 2016 WHERE ARE YOU GOING?. These past few months are going so quick it's unreal. Never the less, here are my march favourites.


This scrub is the best. It leaves my skin feeling so smooth and clean. It smells amazing (as does everything from the body shop) and I just love it. Before this i tried the raspberry scrub which was limited edition


This stuff has been amazing. I generally have quite dry frizzy hair. However, this has helped out quite a bit with the frizz. It's making my hair look and feel more moisturised and smooth and I love it!.


I'm loving these liquid lipsticks. They last all day, they dry matte and they have some gorgeous colours, they've also just brought out some for spring which I can't wait to have a look at. I brought them in zest and vivacity to try them out and I just love them.


As I've recently bleached the ends of my hair for an ombre using the Loreal preference ombre kit my hair is very dry, I brought this conditioner in a travel size on a whim to try to put a bit of moisture back into my hair and oh my gosh this is fantastic. I think I may buy a full bottle of this along with the shampoo. I've heard a lot of people hype over Aussie and I really understand why they really are fantastic,


I know this isn't something I'd usually put in favourites but what the heck. I LOVE IT, This is a series about a man who's a blood splatter analysis. Although he has a kind of fascination of blood, He kills people that he thinks deserves it. I don't want to give too much of it away but it's really interesting and there's a lot of plot twists which make it quite exciting.  I'd really recommend this if anyone stuck for something to watch on Netflix. I'm on series 2 and I'm absolutely loving it. 

What are your favourites from March?

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