Before I say any of this I must say I'm not very much of a fake tan gal. I've never touched a bottle of the tan before so I don't have the most experience in this area of beauty but brace yourselves I'm branching out, reaching out of my comfort zone if you will - I'm just hoping that don't turn into a umpa lumpa.

I saw a bottle of the Dove summer glow in Boots. However, I was reluctant to try it. Although, being the out of the box person I am (occasionally) I decided why not lets give it a go - also this was on offer so that may or may not have persuaded me, I'm a sucker for a bargain. This stated on the bottle you could achieve a natural glow and going on the umpa lumpa reference up above, I clearly wasn't after the 'just skinny dipped in wotsits' colour.

I've never had a reaction to a Dove product before so this seems ideal for me. it also promises to leave your skin hydrated along with your sun kissed skin which sounds promising. I went for fair - medium as I'm like 2% milk (pale asf). It doesn't have a horribly bad biscuit scent but it is there slightly. It's around the £7 mark unless on offer which isn't too bad.

*Update* - After trying this product out I'd like to give a verdict (ORDER, ORDER!). This is a great product if you just want a slight sheen if you will but if you're after something a little more bronze like an actual sun kissed tan, I wouldn't recommend this for you. Personally I found this applied fairly streaky which was more likely to be my application as a first timer. This moisturises very well but it doesn't really tan you. I've heard better reviews about the original dove summer glow rather than this updated one.

Have you tried this before?, What did you think?