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My favourites blogs at the moment.

Thursday, 14 April 2016
I absolutely love reading blogs. As well as writing on mine reading other peoples blogs is my favourite things to do. Bloglovin' is one of my favourite apps for this!. Here's a round up of some of my favourite blogs.(In no order). All these blogs are just really nice to read, They're all chatty and bubbly. I also love all the layouts for the blogs they all look gorgeous! They're well worth a read.

Toasty Writes..

I absolutely love this blog. It's written by a girl called Beth and It's just lovely. She writes about cruelty free beauty and life. There's an interesting post to read.

Sophie Anne Hamilton

This is a blog that I absolutely love reading. She blogs about beauty, life, mental health and there's a few tips on there too.. I feel as though this blog is relatable for me especially as I can relate to the posts on anxiety. They really inspire me to not let my anxiety get on top of me and define me.

Just that Lucy

This is a blog that I've only recently discovered and I'm loving it. Lucy blogs about beauty and healthy food. There's a lot of lovely posts on here to read!


I believe I found this blog through toasty writes and I am loving it. I found this blog about a week ago and I am in love with it, This blog is focused on Beauty, Art, Lifestyle, crafts and lots of creative things and she has the CUTEST CAT.

2 comments on "My favourites blogs at the moment."
  1. Thanks for sharing the blog links! Gonna check them out right away :)

    xx Mena

    1. I absolutely love them all. They're all worth a read :) xx


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