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My May favourites.

Monday, 30 May 2016

I swear every time I write these posts I just realise how quick this year is going. Never the less June's approaching and here are all the products I've been loving through May.
May Favourites

The touch mineral foundation by younique

As you ladies may know I am a younique rep. Although as a disclamer any products mentioned on this blog by younique are my complete honest opinion. So anyway the foundation, I brought this as I wanted to see what the hype was about. I really like it actually, It sits in place, actually matches my pale skin tone (yayy). It has a powder finish which I love personally. A little goes a long way and it's buildable which is fab.

You can find this here -

The Ritual of Dao Mindful Body Scrub

This was a sample I received in my Birchbox, I am loving it. it's a body scrub with bamboo particles to scrub and a white lotus extract to calm the skins surface. I find it really relaxes me and puts me in a good mood. It's around the £20 mark which may seem a little expensive for a scrub but it's really worth it  and it lasts a while. I haven't even finished sample yet. I also love the full size packaging.

you can find this here-

The Claudine sensitive moisturiser

This is another sample I received that I love, It's so hydrating yet gentle on my sensitive skin. This again is around the £20 mark which may seem a little expensive but it is great. Really worth the money. Only thing I will say is I think I'd like a oil control one as I do  have combination skin. But if you just have dry sensitive skin then this would be great for you.
you can find this here-

The kate 107 lasting finish lipstick

Ahh, my trusty kate 107 lippy. I'm pretty sure I've had this in past favourites, I fricking love it. It's such a perfect berry colour, it dries matte and stays in place. What more could a girl want.. besides the whole collection (and the nude ones). Yes I want them all. They are just all such stunning colours!.

you can find this here-

Thankyou so much for reading. Have you ever tried these products?, What are your monthly favourites for May?xx

What's in my make up bag?

Thursday, 26 May 2016

Okay, so I did a post a couple months ago which was "what's in my bag" and people really enjoyed reading that so I'm going to do a make up case version. Personally I love these types of posts, I like to be nosey haha, so lets get into this!.


So first of all I have a sample of the Benefit air patrol primer. Although I haven't used this before It has spf and shea extract which sounds very skin loving, I swatched this on my hand to see the colour and its a nudey colour it was very smoothing so I think I'll have to give this a try soon!. 


I absolutely love collection!, they're a drug store brand and their products are just fab!.
so the first one I want to speak about is the Collection lasting perfection concealer, I heard of this through Zoella who is a beauty blogger, if you haven't heard of her I really recommend you check out her channel she is brill!. Anyway, this concealer has a very high coverage I got mine in 'fair' and I use it religiously, it is just absolutely amazing!. Another thing from collection is my  contour kit "highlight and sculpt" although this is a tad on the orangey side it is a good first contour kit. However, personally I wouldn't use this again.

                                                     Cynthia Rowley

I have an eyeliner from this brand in black, I haven't personally used it. However from a swatch it seems non waxy, non scratchy and a gorgeous colour. The only thing I'd say about this is that it rubbed off quite easy and smudged quite easily too.


I received this in a Birchbox, Its a creamy eyeshadow pencil in a brassy/coppery colour, This shade is called Empress me. These crayons are super easy to use and actually stay in place for a while. They're very affordable and well worth the money!.


I LOVE THIS BRAND. This is a drugstore brand their products are so so affordable, Most of there products are priced around £3. However, don't let that put you off. they have some holy grail products!. So my fave product by MUA are the velvet lip lacquers. These are just amazing, the only thing id say about these is moisturise your lips first as they can be drying. They dry matte and actually stay put for a while. There's some really stunning colours, I have mine in vivacity, zest and Dash. The next products I have from MUA are the 'eyeshadows' I can't find any specific names for these other than the colours which are, chamoisee, golden, onyx and bronze, all shimmery shadows which I did a full post on here. There's also the MUA make your mark liquid liner which is great, lasted all day and very precise, great for on a budget. Last but not least is the intense colour lipliner In pink me up!. a candy pink liner this was only a pound and with this one I think you get what you pays for it rubs off straight the way and I wouldn't buy this again.


Maybelline isn't a brand I use much. saying that I do want to try out some more of their products as the ones I have tried so far are amazing!. So the first product of Maybelline is the nudes palette. I LOVE THIS PALETTE. amazing shades, some shimmers some mattes, they all work so well together and there is also a little how to on the back which gives you tips on applying. DREAM.
The next product is the Super stay 24 hour colour. I must admit that although I love this colour the product itself really isn't my thing. there's two sides to these ones a colour and ones like a setting type thing that keeps it in place, personally this made my lips burn so there's no way id use this again!.However, the colour won my heart, so I'm hoping I can find other product in this colour.


Rimmel is brilliant!. I've used so many of their products and got along with the majority of them. The first product is the Stay matte pressed powder. I have this in transparent because I'm super pale!. This is a  great powder! stays in place for a few hours, It can go slightly cakey and orangey if its built up too much so I'd recommend not using too much. The next product is the Lasting finish soft colour blush. I love the colour of this one, such a pretty pink!. lasts and stays in place which is exactly what I was after. The lasting finish by Kate. Oh my you will never fund a prettier colour than this! 107. my absolute fave drugstore lippy of like all time! It's a matte burgundy and I love it. lasts a few hours and has such a nice finish to it!. There's also the colour rush balm. This is a crayon balm. This has such a nice scent to it, super hydrating and there's a lovely colour to it. This doesn't last that long but it is a nice one. Lastly there's the brows this way tinted gel!. I'm not sure on this one. Although I like the thought of how this applies and everything the product itself is quite waxy looking, doesn't look very natural.


This is one I have found recently. I haven't been using the products long, they're a good quality and I love this brand already. I have the brows that kit. In this you get a wax, a powder, a highlight a pencil, a little brush and a handy little mirror for when your on the go!. I use this product every day and I love it!. Super easy to use too, lasts a while and it's something I'd definitely buy again. There's also the All out pout, I haven't used this much, it's 6 like glosses in such pretty colours!, I haven't got around to trying this out like that but I'm exited too. It comes with a hints and tips card and a little mirror for on the go, amazing.


This is such a pretty colour! It can be used as a blush as well as a stain. It has a raspberry tint to it. OI haven't really wore this like that as I usually use my younqiue stains however, It come off quite easy when I tried it out so I'm not sure if it has that good staying power.


Last but not least is my revolution palette, Make up revolution are an amazing brand!, This palette consists of 12 shades, a perfect mix of mattes and shimmers, they stay in place and they're all just super pretty! I would definitely buy more from this brand.

Have any of you guys tried out these products, what did you think of them?x
Thank you for reading x

The best £1 eyeshadows I've found.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Yes, you read that right. £1 eyeshadows!. Meet the MUA single shadows in Golden, Bronze, Onyx and chamois. These super cute shadows are shimmery and stunning. and they actually took a while to get the swatches of my hand so that's a good sign of the time they last. The colours are just gorgeous. Absolutely perfect. I love the colour of these. There also glitter which absolutely won my heart!

I got Golden, Chamoisee, Bronze and onyx. My favourite shade by far is Chamoisse! It's gorgeous! so stunning on as well. However, It took me a while  to pick my fave!. They're super pigmented which is always what I look for in a shadow. The colours just stole my heart. I found them super easy to apply and blend out and the colours worked so well together!. For £1 each, I couldn't go wrong!.

I've used a few of the mua products and the only things I didn't get along with were the lipsticks as they didn't last and the matte ones just felt like they were tearing my lips as I applied. However, saying that they released a liquid lips range which I am in love with and they're only like £3 a tube which is amazing value for the quality!. I highly recommend MUA to anyone on a budget. They're super affordable and the products are a good quality you can't go wrong!.

You can find all the MUA products here

Thank you for reading!. Have you ever tried MUA?

May Birchbox 2016

Thursday, 12 May 2016

I Lurrve me a birchbox!. Who loves bichbox's?. If you haven't heard of birchbox before its a subscription for £10 (2.95 delivery) every month. They send you 5 products at least one will be full size from what I've gathered, every products based on your skin, from the profile you fill out. The boxes are super cute! and I just love it!.

So, What did I get?.

The Spectrum collections Unicorn tears wonder sponge

UNICORN. Okay now that's out of my system, This is the most adorable beauty blender I have ever seen. Like the packet has unicorns on and who doesn't love unicorns, right?.
So this is for blending make up. It says on the packet to dampen before use. However, I've never done this with a beauty blender myself.. Am I doing this wrong? haha. I'll dampen this one before using and see what the effect is. This was a full size product I received. RRP £4.99

The Balm cosmetics, Staniac in beauty queen

This is just such a gorgeous colour. There's a really nice smell to this too!, It also seems hydrating from a swatch but I'll know more when I use it properly and when I do I'll let you guys know. It's got like a raspberry coloured tint to it, you can use this on your cheeks as well. Although I'm not sure I trust myself with a stain on my cheeks.. However, it does have a longer drying time giving you the time to blend.  This is RRP at £10

The Phillip Kinsley PK prep polishing balm
Oh Birchbox, I do love you guys.  A FRIZZ TREATMENT. This was much needed in my haircare routine!. You apply this to towel dried hair or on dry. This says "Forget fly aways, frazzled hair and dry ends" What a dream!. Hopefully, this works as well as it promises too!. RRP at £18.50.

Caudalie Vinosource moisturising sorbet.

Can I just say how cute this product is!, The packaging is adorable. It also smells quite nice. "anti oxidising benefits your skin will love" This product just sounds great! I can't wait to try this one  out!, I think I may have to like today, This reduces redness and soothes skin, This sounds amazing. RRP at £23

Rituals ta wai wang mild exfoliating body scrub

This contains Chinese bamboo particles and white lotus which helps to leave your skin smooth. I like a scrub where it actually does feel like a scrub, My top one Is the body shops coconut scrub, So we'll have to see how this one is!. I love the smell of this one as well so I can't wait to try it out!.

YU-BE moisturising skin cream
This was an extra in the box, Its a small tube of cream which is for very dry skin, whether it be on your lips or your legs after shaving, This contains glycerine which is known for it's hydrating properties, as some on that does have dry skin I'm excited to see if this one works!.

Thanks for reading x

My April favourites.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

How, How am I doing this already.. I seriously can't get over how quick this years flown by!. Never the less here are all the products I've been loving this month!.

Also- sorry I haven't been posting a lot recently I was working 2 jobs and I had  a lot of stress from that! I've left one job as my anxiety was getting in the way of me actually doing the job properly and I'll always put my mental health first, I've found another job and everything's going really well 💕💎.
Anyways, Here are my April favourites!.

The Loc one and done shadow stick

This is a dream!. you   apply this on your lids and blend it out with your fingertips. Its a very creamy texture and its super easy to blend, It lasts all day and just looks amazing!.
you can find this here

The moodstuck minerals gloss in luscious!

This is a younique product! but from a strictly honest opinion this is just my favourite! I had to put
this in!. The colour is lovely and the wand on this is super soft and I just use this religiously! I love it seriously!.

The Body shops coconut body butter

HOLY GRAIL ALERT!! Ladies and gents this stuff is the best stuff in the world, I've used this a few times before and its just made my skin so soft and it makes you smell like a walking Malibu.. and who doesn't love Malibu ehy ;).

The body shop mango shower gel..

I'm super obsessed with the mango range of the body shop this is a reoccurring favourite for me, I love love love this! its just my favourite gel from there! the scent of it is just so sweet and lovely and its actually quite hydrating!.

The balance me revitalising body wash..

I really like this because of how gentle it is, It doesn't flare up my skin and it makes my skin a little less sensitive than usual which is really good for when I want to try stuf but I'm a bit like eh my skins going to flare I can maybe use this first. Super hydrating. I'm not too keen on the smell but its such an amazing product that I'll still use this regardless.
Thanks so much for reading 💕!.
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