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Loreal Matte Infaliablle review.

Thursday, 28 July 2016

As you may have seen in my recent haul I picked up the Loreal matte Infalliable 24 hr matte foundation. I've seen quite a bit of hype around this foundation and I just wanted to give my honest review on it. I'm going to rate this out of 5 for each point so out of 15 in total . Points being for coverage, if it lasts, texture and application.


The coverage on this is okay. The packet states high coverage and for someone with quite a few blemishes I'd say that this covers pretty well but only when applied a certain way. This does dry matte too. Out of 5 I'd give this a 4 for coverage.


In terms of texture, I'm not very keen. This foundation just looks so cakey and thick on your skin. It does feel quite cakey on my skin personally. For texture I'd give this a 2/5. 

Does it last?

Honestly, not really. It only lasts like a couple hours which is disappointing as it says 24 hrs, I find it like it just falls off and goes horrifically patchy which I actually hate in a foundation. Out of 5 this would get a 2


In terms of application is good but it's not great. Its good because you can only really get the desired coverage by using your fingertips so there's no limit to a great application on this. I did personally ry with a brush but all the foundation just kind of fell off as I was applying. So I personally found fingertips is easier. It's a thick formula so in terms of blending it can be a bit more difficult to blend in and also I find myself worrying about pulling it all off whilst applying. When popping a powder over this you have to be super care full to not pull it off which isn't the easiest because then you end up applying quite a bit and looking even more cakey than before. Out of 5 I'd give this a 3.

Final scores.

So from all that this has gained a average score of 11/15. I'd definitely say this wasn't the greatest foundation I've tried and I don't think in my honest opinion it was worth then hype. If I was you I'd give it a miss.

Have you tried the infalliable matte? what did you think, was it worth the hype?.

I went shopping! Haul post!

Thursday, 21 July 2016

So the other day I went into Plymouth shopping. I absolutely love watching and reading hauls so I wanted to do one of my own!. I will say this isn't a huge haul but I couldn't afford too much!. However, I visited quite a few shops as there isn't much in the town I live in, so when I go into Plymouth I end up going everywhere and buying as much as possible!. #retailtherapy If you will.

Make-up and skincare

I've put this into the same category as I didn't buy a load of it (shocking I know). However, the main purpose for me going was clothing and as it was boiling hot out I just wanted to go into the shops get what I need and come straight out so I could get home.


I love Superdrug!. They have everything and I could spend all day shopping in there, There's also a threading parlour in the Plymouth one where I usually have my eyebrows threaded.

Loreal matte infalliable foundation in porcelain (£8)

I've heard some amazing stuff about this but I have to say I'm not hugely impressed with it. I don't think the coverage is that great. The bottle says it is high coverage but id argue medium at best. However, I realised later on you have to shake this before use, which I didn't do so I will give this another shot. Update I have tried this again blending with my fingers in circular motions and shaking the tube and it went amazing!.

MUA undress your skin highlighter in pink shimmer (£3)

This highlighter is amazing!. This literally makes you feel like a unicorn. I had heard there was a hard coating on so you have too get rid of that first but once you do oh my gosh it is heaven. Super pigmented and so shimmery. This highlighter, Has stole my heart and for only £3 you cant go wrong).

MUA Luxe velvet lip laquer in tranquillity (£3)

I mainly got this as there was a 3 for 2 on and if there's one thing I will always do it's take advantage of a good offer on makeup. However, I own a few of these already so I knew I'd like it. This is a brown shade which isn't usually my thing but what the hell I'm all for trying something new. The pigments great, The product lasts well and I really like it.

Lush - sugar srub, body scrub (£2.95)

There will never be a time where I will go into lush and not buy something, even if its something little. I love the store, the staff are so friendly and helpful and I always find something I 'need'.I think the thing I love most is how natural everything is!. I picked up this sugar scrub which smell of lavender and mint. I haven't used a solid scrub before so I'm looking forward to trying it out!.

The body shop - Shower gel in Vineyard Peach (£3 on sale!)

In the same way I do with Lush I always end up in the body shop finding something I need. Want. This time as there was a sale on I couldn't resist, I didn't really need anything In particular but I found this peach shower gel which just smelt amazing and what better was on sale for £3!.

Nu-skin- Marine mud mask- £25

Now there isn't a Nu-skin shop but I brought this from a rep a few weeks back and I picked it up today. this basically draws all the dirt and dead cells from out of your skin to give you beautifully 0smooth skin. I'm yet to try this and I'm just hoping it's okay on my sensitive skin. I'll be doing a review once I've given it a shot!.


Okay, I'm going to start by saying I love Primark. It's out there. I know some people think it's tacky because it is so cheap which I agree with on some products that break after like 2 wears. However, I think for what you pay, this is one of the best clothing shops.


I only actually got one pair of shoes which is a shock horror for me really. They're just a plain black pair of espadrilles for the summer. These we're only around £4 which I think was amazing value. I also picked up my usual frilly pack of trainer socks.


Tops wise I got myself a couple, not really loads though because I Couldn't find anything in my size (sale problems). Although, the bits I did get I really like. I first found a top with little food items sewed on and I just thought this was super cute. I also went for a high neck ribbed vest which I thought would be really nice with some leggings for a casual outfit in the summer. I picked up a throw over style top which I mainly brought for on the beach to go over my bikini and lastly I went for a really nice burgundy necklaced t-shirt which is super lightweight and I thought would look really nice with a pair of skinny jeans.


I first picked up a pair of your bog standard leggings which go with pretty much anything. I also went for a pair of super high waist skinny jeans which are actually really skinny on me *cheers* (I can never find jeans that fit me right).


I brought a cute little pineapple candle. Yes I know I buy too many candles!. but it's a pineapple. It smells of lemonade and kiwi's with a coppery type finish and I just love it.

I also went for a perfume. This was a weird one for me as id never usually buy something like this from pimark as I thought it would smell so horrible and tacky for £2 but I gave it a shot and smelt a few and I actually really liked the scent of the fizzy berries. So I thought for £2 lets just give it a try and it's actually really growing on me. I think I might get the pina colada one next time!.
Have you took advantage of the sales? what did you find?
Thankyou for reading,
Charlie xx

Testing - REN stop being so sensitive kit.

Monday, 18 July 2016

For someone whose skin is more sensitive than her feelings, I find it difficult to buy products that don't break me out or give me a reaction. I also have oily/combination skin alongside the sensitivity.. my skin was not set out to be manageable.

Anyway, I've been looking for products recently that shall we say 'suit' my skin. One way I've been doing this is buying a Birchbox, If you don't know what a Birchbox is, It's a subscription box with samples of skincare, haircare, makeup and that sort of thing in. I'll link an unboxing Birchbox post Here. So I was scrolling through Birchbox after a cleanser and I found a kit type thing which is called 'Stop being so sensitive'.

The kit itself

So the kit itself seems quite good. I didn't realise how small the products were going to be but hey I paid £15 for all of it so there's no problem there. In the kit, you get the Evercalm gentle cleansing milk (size- 50ml), The Evercalm anti-redness serum (size 10ml) and the Evercalm global protection day cream (size- 15ml).

The Evercalm Gentle Cleansing Milk.

This is a really nice cleanser. I really like the consistency of this, I also like how you only really need to use a tiny bit. My skin felt really fresh after using this and it wasn't in the slightest irritated which is great.  Although this is kind of a sample size I do think you get a reasonable amount and I'd be up for repurchasing this when it's gone.

The Evercalm Anti-Redness Serum

Okay, I'll be honest I'm not sure on this one. This made my face feel super tight, I'm not sure if that's what this is supposed to do but it did feel uncomfortable. I did feel as though my face looked better after using this, not as red and it looked just a bit healthier in general. However, because of the tightness, I'm unsure on if I'd repurchase this.

The Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

I do like this one if I'm honest. I love how hydrated and almost calmed my face feels after using this. You only do need a little bit and It goes a long way. I use this on its own before I go work in the mornings as I work around food I'm not allowed makeup which is good as it gives my skin chance to breathe and I'm just really enjoying using this. I think I would buy this one again.

Overall I mean there's a lot of factors that contribute towards bad skin such as diet, health etc but I feel as though getting the right products to manage it is one step forward for me. My goal for the next few months is to possibly work out a good diet that contributes towards my skin rather than breaking me out!.

Thank you for reading.
Much love,
Charlie x

July Birchbox

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Okay, So it may seem like I didn't long get my June Birchbox but that was because I ordered it a little late. I ordered my July one on time (luckily) and I'm so, so happy its arrived. Regardless, climbing under my garden table in my pyjamas to locate my parcel wasn't my best look (thanks Hermes for that). However, the Birchbox was very worth it.

The box Itself

Okay so the box itself is stunning, absolutely gorgeous!. Pastel pinks and purples have come together to create a gorgeous 'never ending summer' box and I am in love with it. I got quite a few full size things in this box which I am chuffed about and I'm loving the products so far.

What did I get?

So as I said I was extremely impressed with this box. All the samples in here are amazing. There's some great quality samples too!.

Loc x Millie lip gloss crayon in bohemian rose - £9

(Swatch of bohemian rose on hand)

This is a Birchbox exclusive, I have tried LOC before and really enjoyed the products. I love this shade and I really like how it looks on too!. I'd definitely re purchase this. It looks lovey and subtle on the lips and I really liked the consistency.

John Freida luxurious volume £9.99

I LOVE JOHN FREIDA. Okay, now that's out the way. This is a new one that I haven't tried before so I'm super excited to give it a whirl. It gives you volume for 7 days. What more could a girl possibly want.

High definition brow define in foxy £18

Swatch of foxy on hand

So this is a new brand to me, This pencil is really great. Very natural looking, easy to use. Only issue I have with the colour I was sent is its very very warm toned. Therefore, when I'm wearing just this on its own. I look like a hot mess. However, I tried pairing this with my benefit gimme brow gel and that doesn't look to bad if I'm honest.

Nails Inc Nail varnish £15

Swatch on nail

Unfortunately this hasn't got a name on it however this is an absolutely stunning grey shade. One of which id 100% repurchase. I LOVE THIS SHADE. (sorry about the nails. I'm growing them).

Thermallive lotion micellaire £12.90

This is quite a new one to me as well. This is basically a cleansing water. I do find these handy for cleansing because you don't have to rinse you only need to wipe it over with a cotton pad. The only thing about this one is that it is very strong smelling which I don't find very offer with a cleansing water. However, it does work well and  soothes your skin at the same time.

Have you ever tried any of these products? what did you think?

Thankyou so much for reading!. Much love,
Charlie xx

Elf delivery! (eyeslipsface)

Monday, 11 July 2016

I've heard a lot about E.L.F from other bloggers, they have some amazing products and their baked blush is an amazing dupe for Macs(and only £3). Their make up's all such good quality and they sent me a free gift which I was thrilled with!. I got lots of free goodies


Is there any better feeling in this world than buying yourself brand new brushes?. The answer is No!.
This set was £30 and the brushes are incredible. So soft and they all blend so well!. I love the design of them too. I was so so happy with these!.

In this set you get a complexion brush used for powders blushes or bronzers.
A powder brush, which can be used for blush and perfect contouring
Angled foundation brush used for liquid foundation.
A fan brush to get your highlight On fleek.
A blush brush ( pretty explanatory what that one does).
A concealer brush (again explanatory).
You also get a contour brush for your eye crease.
An Elf "C" brush for all your eyeshadow blending needs.
a precision brush for small targeted areas.
small smudge brush for blending eyeliner and creating smokey eyes.
Small angled brush for your liner, eyebrows or lip colour.

The free brushes

Oh ELF. How lovely of you. The way to a girls heart is make up brushes, and how can you make it better, give them for free!

Anyway, I received a kabuki brush and a concealer brush free! YES I have a spare for the dreaded brush washing time. They're both super soft and the kabuki brush is amazing!. I love these brushes!.

The other free gifts.

So on top of the free brushes their was more gifts. E.L.F You have won my heart!. MAY I NEVER SHOP ANYWHERE ELSE AGAIN.

The eye primer in sheer.

Although I haven't tried this one out yet I'm excited too it has a wand on it which I'm interested about as I haven't had a primer with one before, so should be easier top apply, The colours a little darker than my skin tone, but when blended looks fine (from a swatch) and my hand looks mega smooth and feels super soft, so that's a good sign.

The elf luscious liquid lipstick in baby lips.

I love the shade of this, By the looks of this you twist the end to dispense the product onto the brush/sponge type thing. It looks super easy to apply and I cant wait to try it out!.

The mineral pressed bronzer in tan toffee

You're spoiling me now!. I love this bronzer oh my gosh!. so much pigmentation and its matte which has stole my heart!. lovely colour and stays in place as far as I can tell!. LOVE IT!

It's safe to say. I am in love with E.L.F

Thankyou for reading, Have you ever tried anything from E.L.F?, what did you think of it?
Much love,
Charlie xx

My June birchbox.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Okay, so my Birchbox is a little late this month, all fault of mine. I could afford it until recently and I kept forgetting to order it when I could which means this and the July Birchbox post wont be too far apart (the July box is already on route). Never the less I got around to ordering my June box and as usual when it came I got mega excited to see what was inside almost like (well I'm supposed to say a kid here but I get mega excited at Christmas) me on Christmas day. Overall, I'd say it's Okay The products haven't blown me away from first impressions but I'll see after I've given them a whirl.

The box overall.

Okay, so I've actually never had a prettier box. Although Aprils was stunning. However, this is covered in tiny little pineapples and who doesn't love pineapples right?. I like the concept of this being a draw whereas past boxes have always just  had lift up lids. I always re-use my Birchboxes and this one is very practical for that.

The products

So as I said I thought the products were 'ok'. I didn't want to miss out on this months because what 1. one was getting seemed amazing. However, I'm just not amazed at what I've got. In the box.

The jelly ping pong lighten up brightener - £14.95

Which seems to me like a highlighting crayon (that's what I got from the description), I got this in full size. However, from a swatch I'm not massively impressed, it just seemed to wipe straight off when I tried to blend and its just stuck in some patches. There's no shimmer in this which is what I'd always look for in a highlight. However, I will give this a fair shot and try it on my face before I say I don't think I'd repurchase this.

The Percy & Reed reassuringly firm session hold hairspray - £12

I'm liking this, I'm not a huge hairspray person and I don't tend to use it like that. However when I do use it I expect the kind of hold this gives you, It's not like hairsprays I've used before that spray out loads (does that make sense?, I don't know). Anyway, this seems to have a good coverage when spraying and it keeps in place well. It doesn't smell as bad as most hairsprays and the packaging's super instagramable!.

The Bioderma photo AKN MAT SPF30- £14

This is one that I'm bit on the fence about. Simply because SPF is what I look for in a moisturiser. However, this one mattifies  your skin and if there's one thing I hate about products that I've used to mattify my skin is they've stripped everything out of it and it's not nice when that happens. However, is does say that it only regulates the skin's oils so I'm up for giving that a try definitely.

The Wish coconut milk CC body cream - £15.50

Hold up you can get CC body creams? am I just totally late on this one?, Probably? This isn't my usual product. It kind of seems to me like a body soufflĂ© type product "this formula will bronze you from tip-to-toe while treating your skin to nourishment too". I'm not the tanning type. I've only ever tried a few products where tans concerned and it's gone mega-streaky. However, this is a bronzer and seems as though it may wash off. So, I'd be mistake proof, right?. Also, as I'm about as pale as a milk carton I'm all up for giving this a try out!. It also has coconut milk in which I love for the skin and it smells quite pleasant so I'm excited to try this out. After trying this I'm a bit disappointed. I'm extremely glittery (which don't get me wrong I love glitter) but I'm yet to be somewhat 'bronzed' .I may have applied wrong but I probably wont purchase this again.

The Huygens le gommage visage £17.90

A face scrub!. yes, yes, yes!. I'm always after new scrubs and things like that to try out on my skin as I'm still hopelessly looking for My brand that works completely for me. I have oily/combination/sensitive skin and yes it Is as annoying as it sounds. Products that tend to sort out my oiliness irritate my skin and those that are gentle enough don't do much for my oiliness. However this does say it's gentle enough for everyday use and is for all skin types which can be a bold statement to make but I'm excited to give it a try. I love the smell of this, It smells super fresh and lovely and I do love the packaging which is strange because yellow isn't usually my cup of tea. After trying this one I will say my skin looks and feels super fresh and a tiny bit goes a long way!.

Overall opinions.

Although to start of with I wasn't very blown away by the products. Now everything part from the crayon I am super happy to give a whirl. Although, I will try the crayon I already know It wont be my cup of tea but it may surprise me!.

Have you received your june birchbox? or have you tried any of these products?.What did you think?.

Thankyou for reading. Much love,
Charlie xx

My June Favourites

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

So this ones a little later than usual (sorry!). but here are my June favourites!

E.L.F's Studio 11 piece brush set.

This was a recent purchase because I was out of brushes. I've heard good things about elf and found a brush set for £30 (BARGAIN!). And yes a few look a bit grubby I've been getting some great use out of them. There's 11 brushes for all your applying and blending needs. I've done a post purely on my recent elf purchases which will be up within the next week!. The brushes are just super soft and easy to use, I really like the holder and I got quite a few free gifts too!. I will definitely buy from ELF again!.

Once upon a time- Netflix

This isn't a beauty one but I've been after a new series since finishing Orange is the new black (How emotional was that one) and whilst I'm waiting a whole week for the next episode of Pretty little liars (so long to wait!). But I came across once and I freaking love it, It's about a fairy tale land who's evil queen cast a spell of eternal darkness. She takes them out of that land and puts them into a village, erasing all memories, and never letting them leave.You're watching them trying to work out like who they are. I'm finding it super interesting and binge watching big time. I would definitely recommend.

Here's a better plot summary-

Younique's stiff upper lip stain in sultry

My gosh I'm loving this stain this month, Beautiful colour, long lasting and super easy to apply. I don't find it overly drying and I've noticed that if I forget to take my make up off at night that's the one thing I'm taking off in the morning. I love it!

TRESemmé keratin smooth heat defence spray.

I'm not sure on if I've put this in a favourites before but I love it!. after showering and washing my hair, I towel dry my hair a little and use this before styling. It makes my hair feel super soft and look really healthy and shiny. I just really like using it. I feel as though it protects my hair through styling and I will definitely buy this again.

The vita coco coconut oil

Coconuts are my favourite, they remind me completely of holidays and good times. Although, Until recently I never used coconut oil (Don't judge me). However, I've been loving all the uses of it, I most commonly use it in my hair, just through the ends to keep them nice and nourished and hopefully This will help with growing my hair and my spilt ends.

So there's all my favourites for this month!. Have you tried any of these products?. What have you been loving this month?

Thankyou for reading. Much love,
Charlie x

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