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MUA undress your skin highlight review

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

I have heard so much about these highlighters and for only £3 I couldn't resist trying one of them out. I picked the pink shimmer because it just looked so gorgeous and was definitely my favourite out of the three I saw. I'm going to be rating this out of 15. 5 for application, 5 for longevity and 5 for the product in general

The product in general

The product in general this can be a pain. The only reason for this is to get the actual pigment of this highlighter you have to scratch the top layer off. Yes, this does take a while. I Used a standard blusher brush to scratch this layer off. The packaging is cute and sturdy which is great because you wouldn't want this randomly opening in your bag. The colour is stunning and it lasts fairly well for something which only cost me £3. the only reason I'd mark this down is because of the layer you have to scratch of to actually get the product you want, all together I give this a 4/5.


In terms of application this is pretty good. apart from the hard layer you have to scratch off first which I mentioned a second ago, I think this is super easy to apply and work with. I apply this with my E.L.F blusher brush to get maximum pigment as I feel as though my fan brush doesn't really get much from this (but that may just be the brush). I like an light look for everyday so I don't build this up too much. However, if you wanted something a little more intense I feel as though that could definitely be done with this. For the versatility and application of this I give it a 4/5.

Does it last?

In my own personal opinion, this lasts well for the price, usually for around 3/4 hours, but hey it was only £3. I usually only have to go over this once If I'm wearing it all day. However, it's such a gorgeous shade that ill happily top it up rather than wear something else. I'd give this maybe a 3/5.


Overall I really like this product, I'd buy it again for definite. I'm also thinking of buying the rest from this range. Overall this product gained a 11/15. which I think is very good for something that only cost me £3. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a budget highlighter.

Have you tried this highlighter?, What did you think?

recent body shop party mini haul

Thursday, 18 August 2016

I recently hosted a body shop party for a friend of mine, the party was all on facebook and I had lots of fun with the party!. I'm a little late with this post I've just been so busy as I work in a seasonal town and everyones on holiday and works been super busy. We're also waiting to hear back on if we have a flat or not so I've been saving like crazy for that (However, It's not looking good but I'm still hoping).

What did I get?

The mango shower gel!

I absolutely love the mango range, it's one of my favourite body shop ranges (along with coconut). It's just such a nice fruity scent  which just reminds me of summer completely. I find the shower jel supergentle on my sensitive skin and nice and hydrating and the full size only costed £2.80!.

The coconut shower cream!

As I said before the coconut range is also aa favourite of mine!. This shower cream feels so good on the skin, supe smooth soft results. The scent is also incredible!.

The mango body mist

This smells heaveny. I really like the mists because I fell as though they're not too over powering yet at the same time they last, so it's a win win really!.

The aloe cream clenser

I've heard some great things about this!. I can't wait to try this out. it smells super fresh and is especially for sensitive skin which is great!.

The aloe toner

To match my clenser I also went for the aloe clenser, this again smells really nice and fresh and I ccant wit to try it out!. I think I'll do a post on these two things once ie seen how I get on with them both.

My August BirchBAG

Monday, 8 August 2016

Yes birch- bag!. Instead of the usual Birhcbox I received a Birchbag. I'm really enjoying everything I got in my bag and I was shocked that there was only one product I wouldn't use. The bag itself is quite small and compact but It's handy for carrying little nik naks around in.

What did I receive?.

Marcell waterproof eyeliner in mulberry- £10.50

This is a new shade for me, It's not really my shade so I may sell on Depop but I'm not sure. It is a nice shade and it lasts which is exactly when you need in an eyeliner. The description says it's blendable which is handy and it's smudge free!. I'm currently using the Cynthia Rowley liner in black.

Phillip Kingsley one more day dry shampoo - £14.50

I loved the previous products I've tried from Phillip Kingsley!. Everything works so well for my hair, This is a dry shampoo which I can't wait to try out as I'm always looking for one that works for me and doesn't make my hair feel disgusting!. I'm currently using the batiste blossom but I'll see how I get on with this and if it's good I'll buy a full size!.

Balance me congested skin serum - £16

I've only ever tried one serum which was in my REN stop being so sensitive skincare set (review here). However, I didn't find it that great, I just don't feel like it did much.. apart from make my skin feel so tight. So I'm excited to try this one as it has natural ingredients in and is for all skin types, You basically apply this directly to spots and voilla!.

Anatomicals the buff stuff citrus body scrub - £3.99

This smells heavenly!, and the price just wow. How is this so cheap?. The name of this admittedly made me chuckle a little. It contains grapefruit which sounds great. I'm currently switching between the soap and glory breakfast scrub and flake away which are completely different scents to this so it will be nice to mix it up.

Merci Handy antibacterial hand cleanser - £2.90

I'm a sucker for a hand gel. There I said it. I always have to have one in my bag because you never know when it will come in handy shout out to all the times I've needed to wash my hands but have been allergic to the soap in the bathroom. This gel contains vitamins which is something I haven't seen before and hydrates and nourishes your hands. I'm currently using the Carex Sensitive hand gel but this smells so much nicer.

English Laundry (exclusive) signature for her EDP- £60

This is a little extra I received from Birchbox. It's a sample for a blossom scented perfume. I really like the scent but I'm unsure if I'd repurchase. I'm currently using the la vie est belle by LancĂ´me.

My July Faourites

Thursday, 4 August 2016

It's monthly favourite time again!. Here are all the products I have been absolutely loving through July!.

MUA luxe liquid lipstick in tranquillity

I brought this a couple weeks back. I already own quite a few of thee lipsticks and I really like the application of them and the formula the only thing I dislike about these is they do come off after like a hour or two so you have to apply a few times. However, these are only £3 so I can't really complain. I loved the shade tranquillity which is a brown nude and it's so pigmented!.

MUA undress your skin shimmer highlighter in pink shimmer.

I absolutely freaking love this highlight!. I love the shade and the pigment is amazing. The only thing with these highlights is they have a kind of 'hard layer' over the top of them which you have to really scrub at with your brush and once you've done this you'll get the best pigment!. It's incredible.


I recently discovered this after a little haul I did. This scrub smells like actual heaven. It also made my skin so silky soft and hydrated my skin so well for saying it was a scrub. I just love Lush as it is and this product stole my heart!.


I Love the smell of this gel. It's nice and sweet and fruity which is right up my street. I recently have had a haul from the body shop so keep an eye out for that too!.


I know this game isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I really like it. I love the concept of having a game which gets you out the house and lets you meet lots of new people. I mean you're exercising at the same time, which I think is amazing.

Have you tried any of these products?, What did you think?.
Thanks for reading,

Charlie xx

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