five thoughts people with anxiety have #1.

I tweeted a few days back about how I wanted to start a series of posts about anxiety and a few people favorited. #AxietyAdvice .I am in no means an expert on mental health. However, I have had anxiety myself for around 4 years and I feel as though I just found myself again. I hoped to start this series to help people and show people they're not alone with mental health, This first post in the series will be 5 thoughts we all have with anxiety.

Are they laughing at me? #1

I have had this so, so much. You hear people laughing from over a million miles away and you are 100% certain that they're laughing at you when in reality they're just laughing amongst friends or at their phone. I've found that reminding myself of reasons that they aren't laughing at me specifically and I also remind myself that I haven't noticed anything wrong with myself, there's nothing to laugh about.

What if I have a panic attack? #2

This is a very important one, There's so many times that I have turned down social events, meeting friends etc because I was worried about having a panic attack and I have regretted it every single time. My honest advice for this scenario Is try and push yourself, I've found pushing myself out of my comfort zone has helped me the most. I know this sounds scary but even if it's just taking out the rubbish or meeting one friend you'll see it isn't as hard as you thought it was going to be and you'll feel so so proud of yourself when you can put yourself back into the situation without feeling anxious.

Have I got the right money?#3

I have been here so many times, I've been in a supermarket lining up to pay and that little anxiety I can hear is saying "what if you don't have the right money", "what if you can't afford this and you get judged". These thoughts lead to me constantly recounting my money and thinking I wont have enough. For a task that seems so simple for someone who doesn't have anxiety it is so difficult for those of us that do. The thing I suggest for this is making sure before you go into the shop that you have a list so nothings kind of sprung on you and having the cash for the things on the list, I have found that this has helped me so much In this situation.

Do I look okay? #4

I couldn't even count the times on 500 hands that I've stood in front of a mirror and just thought "ew". I know a lot of people get this. body confidence can be the hardest thing to get the grip of if you will. I feel as though My problems with body confidence then started an anxiety of  "what must people think when they see me" type thing. I know it'd difficult to love your body and I'm not saying it will come over night and I refuse to be generic and just say 'love yourself'. However, my advice for you is, but yourself that dress you liked but didn't think you'd look smashing in, get to know your body and be comfortable in your own skin, body confidence will come all in good time, just think there's always someone who would die to have your figure!.

Did I just talk to quiet? (mumbling) #5

This one is just the worst. you're having a conversation with someone and out of no where you suddenly become really conscious of your voice and how your speaking and I guess like if you're doing it right?. I have had this a HELLA LOT and there's not much I can advice for this specifically. However, I have noticed this one has a lot to do with confidence and the more confident I have got recently through working mainly has helped with how clear I sound and how much louder I speak (rather than my timid little mumble). I find people understand me more and aren't constantly like "speak up". I think this one completely relies on building yourself up.

Have you experienced any of these thoughts?, how did you deal with them?.


  1. Oh i know right, worrying about money is horrible! What if I go up to the till and find out that I don't have enough money for both products?... that thought always stops me from buying what I want.
    Aleeha xXx

  2. I agree! super stressful!. I conquer it by checking my money before I go in to the store and counting up my shopping as I walk around!. xx