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Nu-skin marine mud mask & Dealing with a facial skin reaction.

Monday, 1 August 2016
So I recently seen a post on Facebook about Nu skin and as you guys know I'm always looking for 'that brand', What that means  for those of you that don't know is I'm looking for a brand that's consistent in keeping away blemishes or balancing my oiliness, makes my skin look and feel healthier and most importantly of all suit my skin and work for me.

So I got talking to a girl from Nuskin for those that don't know Nuskin is an American (I think)skincare company their products range from face scrubs to anti aging to hair care, so as you can imagine there's quite a few products. Anyway, I chose to try the Marine Mud mask. I'm going to be completely honest on this by saying I don't know how my skin will react to this but I'm hoping it's good because it was close to £30 for the mask but I don't have a freaking clue so I'm just going to have to go at it.

The girl did say to not use it as much on sensitive skin so that made me wonder whether this would be for my skin or not. However, she did say its fine on sensitive skin at the same time.

First Impressions.

My first impressions of this is that it's so watery. I'm not sure if its supposed to be this consistency but some bits were literally water, even after giving it a shake it was still quite watery, the smells okay.

First use.

My first use on this is not positive. First of all I did a swatch, I took this off and it seemed okay maybe because I didn't leave it on long however my skin didn't feel any different after. However a friend had this all over their face for 15 minites and their face was fine so I decided to just go for it as I wanted to see some results like after all I paid £25 for this. I applied a even layer of this all over and It felt super tight but I was just assuming like it's a mask so it's doing it's job. I didn't leave it on too long only 10 minites because it felt so tight on my face. When it came to taking this off I rinsed it off with warm water as it said on the bottle, and my face was bright red. Yep, I looked like I'd been sunburnt so bad on my face and it felt even worse. (I'll insert a little pic of my forehead so you can see the worst bit of the reaction). I also felt as if this broke me out so much.

Dealing with the reaction

I thought i'd share how I dealt with this reaction incase anyone has the same issue and they're freaking out (because I was big time) so I thought i'd help you out. I started off by rinsing my face with cold water to cool it down. I went on to my simple moisturiser (my actual holy grail) and applied a very thick layer, this cooled it down a treat but after 10 minites I felt the burning feeling again so I had loads of bits of tissue with cold water on (as this was sot enough to rub around my face) to calm down the reaction. About 20 minites after I applied my holy grail simple moisturiser again which soothed my skin so much this time. I again ran the cold water over and applied another layer of simple moisturiser before I went to sleep. When I woke up  my skin was fine and back to normal thanks to my simple moisturiser.

What was I told after contacting a rep?

"Use it again".. Nope. I was told my skin was getting used to the product and I should use again. After trying to explain I felt like my skin was burnt and I was pretty anxious I was told to apply a cold compress (which I already had done) and after telling her I wouldn't use it again and I will contact Nu-skin for a refund she said "or you can sell it on". Personally I'd rather have a refund than pass this on to someone and let them go through the same.

Would I recommend?

Honestly, No. Not just because I had a reaction, just as I do not want anybody else to go through this experience. I think what upset me most is that The rep knew my skin was very sensitive and easily stripped as i sent this message yet she still sold to me probobally knewing i'd have a reaction. Now as a rep myself for younique, I would not sell to someone if i knew the poduct wasn't right for them, I might offer them something better to suit them or if they had the same skin type as me explain my experiences (good or bad). Personally, I will be contacting nuskin and I will post their reply, I will not be buying from Nu-skin again and I will not recommend to anyome.
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