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I'm trying something new..

Thursday, 27 October 2016
I'm trying something new. No, I have not joined slimming world but I am upping my food game. I'm trying to cut out those processed foods that really aren't great for me and the way I planned on doing this was learning how to cook something that isn't pizza or cake.. yes, I can't (don't judge).

In a desperate attempt to learn how too cook new foods (because I don't have mum and dad too cook now I'm in my own flat) I've been salvaging recipes from here there and everywhere online and in all honesty I forget I've saved them.

So I'm stepping up my game!. Magazines, I really like cookery books but I rarely find one which I won't just use 1 recipe from and then nothing else and truly, that's just a waste of money.

I picked up this slimming world magazine on Saturday and got an extra recipe book with 24 recipes in which I'd use around half of so it was good so far. The magazine itself was full of handy tips and great recipes.

As I said I haven't joined slimming world, slimming isn't my aim really. What I hope to be able to learn from these recipes is too cook something that hasn't come from a box in the freezer. I enjoy baking from scratch and I hope to enjoy learning too cook from scratch with fresh healthy ingredients.

Have you ever used a slimming world recipe?, what did you think of it?.
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