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10 Thoughts after moving out.

Thursday, 17 November 2016
Recently, I've moved into my own home and adulating has just hit me in the face harder than a spade would. I don't think I intended as much responsibility and freedom as I have, but llike it or not I've got it. Here are 10 thoughts I had moving out. Hopefully, you can relate.. or just laugh at me.
Who doesn't like pretty Autumn flowers?.

1. How do you make a washing machine work?

Seriously, I rang my boyfriend and asked him how too turn on the washing machine.. turns on I didn't turn on the plug. Okay maybe you're not as dumn as me, but one day when you move out, you wont have your mum to do your washing and you're going to have to learn how to use that machine.

2. Cooking your own food.

Fuck my life, This one is not my strongest point. I'm learning slowly how too cook new things but recently my speciality dish is chicken nuggets with supernoodles. 

3. Bills.

The less said about this one the better. I didn't realise how many bills I would have to pay. Gas, electric, water seriously guys the list goes on and on. You have to pay for your own wifi now, what is this?.

4. No one steals your favourite food!.

Yes, You leave that amazing looking trifle in the fridge until you want it because your little brother and sister will not steal it in your own home *evil laugh*.

5. You can take up annoying hobbies!.

If you want too take up singing really bad and thinking you're hella good at singing you can do that.. you might even want too bust some awful dance moves In the kitchen whilst you're at it

6. peace and quiet.

If you have a family like mine the house used too always be noisy. My little brother and sister were always being annoying, sorry guys and it used to really stress me. How's a girl supposed to concentrate on anything when she can't hear herself think?. Being in my own home is sooo peaceful and relaxing.. I can actually concentrate on work without being interrupted by a 'fairy princess robot'.

7. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

You want that pizza left over fom yesterdays take-away for breakfast, or perhaps cake foir dinner? You go for it.. anything to not have too cook, seriously.

8. You can leave your stuff anywhere.

without it being moved!. Yes really!. Only downside is if you do fall asleep on the sofa, You wont be waking up with a blanket over you.. *Sigh*.

9. If something goes wrong, you have to fix it.

This one is my least favourite. I need too know that if I accidently knock down for arguments sake a table and break it, someone will be able too fix it for me, because I will make it worse, anyone? no?. Guess I'll just buy a new one.

10. You have too wake yourself up.

Scary, I know. For someone who can not wake up on time for the life of her, this is by far the worst out of the lot. No longer will you be able too ask your mum too wake you up at 7 have her come in at 6 and tell you it's 8. We're all doomed.

I hope you enjoyed this post and pls someone relate, Can you remember your thoughts of moving out? comment some below!.

2 comments on "10 Thoughts after moving out."
  1. Lol at 1 and 10. I was going to move out with my fiancé, as are expecting our first child and we living at my mums. But we decided to stay for another few months because I don't think I can cope with all the house work, cooking WASHING MACHINE WHICH I DONT KNOW HOW TO USE and the little bubba loool! And blogging on top. So maybe staying at mums would be the best option for now especially when we have a spare room for baby nursery! Any advise??!! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, Kisses from London! Dominica.

    1. I'd say stay with your parents for as long as possible. Like seriously, it's cheaper and you wont have to use that dreaded machine ;). Especially when you have a spare nursery room for sure!. you'll know when you're ready to move out and have to adult, It'll just hit you one day.

      Charlotte xx


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