Does it  get any more festive than Christmas songs on full blast?. I absolutely love Christmas songs!. Here's my top Christmas tunes!. I'm also loving Zoella's Christmas Playlist.

Fairytail of New York

This one is without a doubt my favourite Christmas song. It always pops up in my Spotify around this time of year when I'm baking or doing housework. I really like the backing tune and the comedy of the song.

Rocking around the Christmas tree

This one's just fab. I love dancing around like a loon to this. Whether it be at a Christmas disco or just at home. This one always make me really cheery and puts me in that festive mood!.

  Al I want for Christmas is you

I know a lot of people don't like this song They think it's over rated and over played but it's such a guilty pleasure and I absolutely love it!.

I wish it could be Christmas

EVERYDAYYYYYYY. Seriously though, how catchy is this song. Whenever I hear it once I have to listen to it again and again. Actually, now I've wrote it I may as well play it...

Merry Christmas everyone

Does It get better than this one. It's super cheery and never fails to put me in the Christmas spirit. I listen to it ever year.

It's cold outside

I love this one, it just has such a classic Christmas feel to it, this is the one I always pick first I especially like Michael Buble and Idina Menzel's version.

I'll be home

I recently discovered Meghan Trainor's version if this and I love, love, love it!. She has such an amazing voice and she really brings this song to life.

What's your favourite Christmas song?