One of my favourite things about Christmas is the food. Yes, literally. I love food usually but Christmas just up's the game.

#1 'Pigs in blankets'

If you don't know what these are they're a sausage wrapped in bacon. Yup, heaven. Why are these not an all year round thing?. They're literally my favourite part of the Christmas dinner (don't judge).

#2 Celebrations

There's been a lot of fuss over these getting smaller and smaller but every year I still buy them. They're heavenly. Don't get me wrong there's some flavours that make me want to vomit yes snickers I'm looking at you but I love the majority of them. I've also ate a whole tin already whoops.

#3 Mince pies

I love mince pies. I've literally been eating these since November.  I found a bakery near my house which sells the best ones I have EVER tasted and what's better they're incredible value for money 6 for £1.50. Although they're super sugary so perhaps I should cut down how many I'm eating, or not.

#4 All things gingerbread

Little houses, ginger bread men and any other shapes. Who else just loves ginger bread?. It makes your house smell so so amazing. If you're a fan keep your eyes out over Blogmas as I'll be showing you how to home bake it!.

#5 Thornton's chocolate snowmen

I can't get me enough of these chocolate lollies from heaven. They 100% remind me of opening my presents at my grandma and granddads with all my family on boxing day and finding these along with lots of other goodies at the bottom.

What are some of your favourite Christmas foods?