There's nothing I love more than making a really bad for me hot chocolate full of cream and marshmallows and jumping in bed too watch a Christmas film with some lit candles and Christmas Pj's. Here are a few of my favourite Christmas movies.


WHO ELSE LOVES ELF?. Like everyone right?. It's a film about an elf who sets out into the real world to find his real dad. Of course he's dressed as an elf and is causing lots of mischief. It's a family favourite.

Home alone

This is an absolute Christmas classic for me, I watch it every year without fail. It's essentially about a kid who gets 'forgotten' when everyone leaves on holiday for Christmas. He's home alone and although that may sound peaceful to start of with, that soon changes when he has some unexpected company turn up!.

Arthur Christmas

I absolutely love this film. It's full of laughs and it has such a sweet story line. It basically shows us all how 'Santa' delivers all of those presents in one night. I find myself watching this so much over Christmas.

Disney's A Christmas Carol

I watched this for the first time last year and I just fell in love with it. I absolutely love Disney films as it is. They just make this story come to life in my opinion. I love it and will for sure be watching it again this year.

Disney's Mickeys once upon a Christmas

Yes I know, I know. It doesn't get more childish than this but I actually love this one. I've watched it so many times over Christmas. It's a film made up of 3 stories. the first one is Donald duck stuck on Christmas where his children are learning the real meaning of Christmas. Second is a very goofy Christmas where Goofy is trying to reconnect with his son on Christmas but always ends up embarrassing him and third is my favourite with mickey and Minnie, they show the real meaning of Christmas by giving away their most treasured possessions to buy the other something nice for Christmas.

What are some of your favourite Christmas films?