Blogmas day 19- Driving home for Christmas.

Okay, well technically I'm not driving as national express will be taking me home. Although, I will be home for Christmas how exciting! I'm currently living nearly 300 miles away from my family and I've only seen them once in the last year so It'll be amazing to see them again. Admittedly, that 8 hour coach is the worst bit of the trip and I'll be doing that for the first time to get back home with my anxiety and travel sickness which I am dreading (ahhh) but there are some things I'm seriously looking forward to.


1.Meeting my niece

Sounds a tad crazy saying that really. My sister was due to have a baby last time I was home and she ended up having her about a week after I left, typical right?. I've been waiting almost 2 months to meet her and I finally get to meet her and hold her for the first time this week.

2. Seeing my family again

I can't wait to see all my family again. I'm quite far away from them so it's not like I can just 'pop in for a coffee' as much as I'd like to. I've missed everyone millions and it'll be great to have Christmas as a family!.

3. Seeing my friends

I always keep up to date with my friends and we have like the group chat which though is impossible to make plans in, It's good to keep into contact with everyone. I don't get to see them much and I'm lucky to be going up for the Christmas period where people will be away from university... We're definitely going to have to go out at some point.


It's no secret that I absolutely freaking LOVE Christmas.. 5 days guys. I'm really looing forward to spending this lovely time of year with my family.  Although I'm so happy to be going home for Christmas, I wont be spending Christmas with my boyfriend which seems so strange because we haven't been apart In a year. I know that sounds pretty clingy but we were long distance before so we make the most of seeing eachother everyday and even though we were long distance and we've gone longer than that without seeing eachother it just feels weird to be getting on that coach wihtout him, Wish me luck on my first coach ride on me own to get back (bricking it). Honestly, I really will miss him over these following weeks.

How will you be spending Christmas?, Will you be home?. However you spend it  I hope you have a lovely day xx

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