Man do I love online shopping. I mean who really likes Christmas shopping. Crowded shopping centres where everyone's pushing and shoving, screaming kids, no room in any cafes and not to forget almost everything being sold out. Me myself?, Well I'd rather sit at home with my cup of tea in my PJ's and shop online! (I'm a very social person, promise). So here's a list of where I've been shopping this Christmas.


Almost every year I find myself shopping on Superdrug and boots they almost always have offers on around Christmas on gift sets etc. I usually get any gift sets such as Lynx or Dove from here.

Not on the highstreet

I love, love, love this place for gifts. There's so many unique things on this shop. Whether you want a personalised hammer or chocolate Brussel sprouts (yes, they're a thing) you'll find it here!.


I love Boots. Usually if I'm after something I cant find on Superdrug I usually fid it on boots. hey also have a couple of offers on higher end brands which I don't think I've ever seen on Superdrug.


I only recently started shopping here and I love the convince of it. Everything is in one place. So if you want to get your Sister a too faced palette, your Mum a handbag, Dad a coffee machine, your little brother a skateboard and grandma a new jumper you can get it all in one place. I know, dream.

All of these shops have been my go to places for Christmas shopping, Where do you do your Christmas shopping?