Holy shit, It's Christmas tomorrow!, how has Blogmas gone so so quick?. It's no surprise that I freaking love the beach. Whether it's freezing cold (preferably because then  there's not as many people)  or boiling hot, the beach always has that lovely calming effect on me. I especially love it in the winter when you have to wrap up all snug and it's lovely and crisp and you can just take everything in more than the summer when there's 1000 + tourists.

I'm home for Christmas now, I did the journey from Cornwall to the East midlands a couple of days ago (8 hours, yawn). I admittedly miss my little town in Cornwall so much!, So calm and quiet, I'm not anxious or worried when walking around and I love that because I guess I've never had it.

These photo's where taken about a week ago when I had my friend come to stay and over the next few weeks they're going to be my 'Virtual' beach, for whenever I need to take 10. I hope they have the same affect for you, just imagine you're walking on a beautiful beach, crisp air, picking shells and take a few deep breaths.

What do you do when you need to take 5??.