It's no surprise that I love baking, I think there's something very relaxing and therapeutic about putting on some Christmas 'bangers' and making your house smell like a home. I'm always after cute decorations and what with it being Christmas I needed some that was going to put me in that extra festive mood. I came across My Cupcake Toppers who kindly sent me some of their products to review and I fell in love!. WARNING - these will make your home smell INCREDIBLE.

Personalised cake toppers in edible icing - £6 for 12

Whether your after some festive treats like me, Business logos, Gifts or Personalised cake toppers, these guys have got you covered. I think these would make the most adorable gifts, cupcakes for the office or if like me you're making a Christmas Cake these guys would be able to make you the cutest personalised cake topper  with a photo of your family on; how cute would that be?.
Christmas mix 1 in rice paper - £1.70 for 12

I went for quite a few festive designs as I'll be making cakes for my family over Christmas and I also designed my own cupcake toppers for Blogmas which I thought were just adorable. The prices are incredibly reasonable for these products considering their quality. I picked out 3 sheets of 12 cupcake toppers in Christmas themes on rice paper, 1 sheet of 30 Disney Christmas cupcake toppers in edible icing, 1 sheet of 12 personalised cupcake toppers and 1 Christmas bauble 7" cake topper in edible icing and it came to under £20 which is incredible value!.

Christmas baubles in premium rice paper- £2.20

They were very easy to use as I mentioned they came with instructions which helped a lot, you just have to make sure your icing is dry for the edible icing or they wont go on right, which I did. The finish of these is incredible the images look really crisp and make your cakes look better than shop brought by far. They don't have a taste to them which is good because it means it wont over power or clash with the flavour of your sponge or icing. The Disney Christmas are just the most adorable toppers ever. I'm trying to not eat all 12 cakes in one day (I said trying, not succeeding).  I will definitely buy from this business again for sure! they'd be amazing for birthday cakes and office parties, I'll be using my cupcake toppers and cake toppers over Christmas so keep an eye out on my Instagram.

Samples sent.

The website itself is very easy to navigate and making your own toppers is very simple as well. I found the customer service was really good, they get back to you in good time and they're very friendly caring, positive and professional.

You can find my cupcake toppers here and if you're looking to get beautifully festive cakes you can also use my code "CHARLIE10" at the checkout to get yourself 10% off your order which was really lovely of these guys to do!.

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