I haven't gone to all out with decorations as I didn't have that much money so I took it upon myself to not go bankrupt over home decorations. I Didn't spend to much but I still  love everything I have. First of all I found a plaque in a small market near my house which quotes "it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas" everrrrywheeeereee youuu gooooo which I  am actually listening to right now, anyway I thought was really nice and would look super cute on the wall.

I then went for some star window lights which I shown in my Christmas decoration haul and I've popped those over my patio doors. I think these would look absolutely stunning al[l year around they're just super cute fairy lights, so I may not take mine down

I Have the Christmas tree inside which I decorated on the 1st but For outside I chose some LED Christmas tree spiral lights which are just the cutest things ever. They look lovely outside and they put a nice twist on a traditional Christmas tree (pun not intended). We also took a rope light ling the top of our balcony which really brightens the place up.

How are you decorating your home for Christmas? xx