I LOOOOVE me some gingerbread. I love decorating them, I love how homely they make your house smell and I just love this recipe for them. This recipe is in no way associated with me and you can find this recipe on the BBC website here.

I Haven't cooked gingerbread much before but I found this recipe really easy to follow although my blender did cave in on me and decided to start smoking which meant I had too knead for way longer than I was supposed too, I don't think this affected the recipe in the slightest.

 I absolutely love cutting shapes from dough. Call me childish but I love it. I got these cutters from a little market in town for about £2.50 for 3 they're super easy to use and clean and they're very sturdy.

One thing I didn't realise was I didn't have a thin enough piper, So I have some pretty evil looking gingerbread thanks to my only writing icing which was red.

Don't they just look adorable and they taste as good as they look!