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The perfect red lippy for the festive season.

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Whenever I think of  Christmas makeup, I think of red lips and gold eyes. The thing I love the most about red lipsticks is that there's a shade for everyone. I thought I'd share with you some of my current favourite lippies for the festive season and hopefully help you find your perfect shade!.

Left to right - Rioja Red, Old  Hollywood, Mauritius Dahlia

Sleek matte me, Rioja Red - £4.99

This one is perfect if you want that statement red, perhaps for Christmas day?. It's a bright red which is super festive, perfect for partnering with gold eyes. As I mentioned I love these lippies, they dry down so nicely, they can be a little drying but I tend to apply a lip balm beforehand to prevent any attention being drawn to cracks / dry skin. I also like the fact that the tubes are clear, that way you don't end up with a colour that's completely off. They also quite smudge free which is an absolute godsend.

Sleek matte me, Old Hollywood- £4.99

Personally, I prefer a darker red for day to day during the festive season as I feel a light bright red can be a bit in your face. Although some people really rock it. I've always been a fan of the Sleek matte me lipsticks. They're a thinner consistency compared to The more creamy liquid lipsticks such as the body shop or NYX. They're quite opaque especially when you apply 2 layers, which I like. Generally, they last a good 5-6 hours with minimum touch ups which is really great for day to day. This shade is a gorgeous deep red which suits so many people.

The Body Shop matte lipstick, Mauritius Dahlia £6

Say that one drunk, I can't even pronounce it sober. Regardless, this is such a gorgeous shade it's similar to The Sleek matte me, old Hollywood which I mentioned previously but it dries a little lighter than that one the formula is a bit different in terms of it being more creamy and thick a little like the NYX soft matte creams, However saying that it isn't as drying but it does smudge a lot easier than the sleek ones so you may need a few more top-ups, the shade is definitely worth the extra hassle though.

Have you tried any of these lipsticks?.

£2.41 highlight kit?

Thursday, 7 December 2017

I've never really been one to hoard highlighters, In my collection, I currently have 2 - one from the body shop which I use every day and a little Technique highlight kit that caught my eye today that I picked up for £2.75 (only £2.41 from Amazon). Now, as soon I picked this up I saw it was an identical dupe to the Sleek Soltice palette which I've had my eyes on for centuries. The kit is made up of 2 powdered highlights and 2 creams there's 2 pink toned, one lilac and one golden. Now don't get me wrong I'm not expecting miracles from this palette but For £2.75 what have you really got to lose?. I'm going to rate this in sections of pigment, application, packaging and brand each section will be marked /5 for the overall score.

Pigment 4/5

To be honest I thought that because of the price of this the pigment would be shocking. However, the colour pay off isn't too bad, they actually stand out really nicely and in the light, they're fairly blinding which is amazing. The creams for sure have more pigment than the powder but you could layer them over the top to make your highlight absolutely blinding. I think my favourite shade is the rose gold coloured cream.

Packaging 3/5

I think the packaging on this kit is really nice, it's simple. I like the fact that it's transparent as there's no other indication of shades. It shuts with a clasp which I love because I don't need whatever is in the bottom of my bag sticking to these creams, it's quite thin which makes it good for travel but it feels a little flimsy so I'd go carefully with it. I'm going to give this one a 3 mainly based on how flimsy it feels once opened, I feel like if this was dropped you'd have one sparkly floor.

Application 4/5

The application of these is quite good, I usually use a blusher brush to apply my highlight just because it makes it a lil more blinding, So far I've tried one cream and one powder. They both applied quite evenly and they looked really flattering, I prefer using the cream as the powders are a little chalky I'd definitely recommend layering them for an extra blinding effect!.

The brand itself has affordable products and they're also cruelty-free which is perfect there are also many vegan and vegetarian products. You can find out more about the brand here.

Altogether the palette scored an 11/15 which is pretty good going for something you can buy from your loose change!, I'd really recommend this one and I'll definitely be keeping my eye out for more from this brand.

My top tips for Blogmas

Thursday, 30 November 2017

In a couple days times it will be the official countdown for Christmas (if you go by that galaxy advent calendar in my cupboard I've been lusting over for the last week) which means blog mas is just around the corner. I did blogmas last year and to be honest, it wasn't the walk in the park I was expecting. I thought I'd put together a few little tips I'm using this year to organise a more stress-free blogmas.


I love a good list, I don't even care how nerdy that sounds at this point. I have put together a little checklist planning the next month's posts, this way I can plan ahead so I'm not stuck with a 'come up with an idea in an hour, write a post and find a photo ready for tomorrow' like last year.

Think ahead with Photography

November / December = No light. I use natural lighting for all of my photos so I always have to make the most of the daylight. I can use the list above to see what photos I need and have a bulk photography 'sesh' during those 3 whole hours of light we get at this time of year. If you're after for photography tips I have a post here.

Bulk writing posts.

The one thing that held back my blogmas last year was having to speed write a post at 11pm and schedule it for 7am the morning after. This year I'm going to make the most of days off and bulk write a couple of posts in advance.

Have fun with it

A post a day is a lot to handle for those of us who only post once a week, and that's fine. If this puts too much stress on you then it's okay to slow down, you can still put Christmas posts out on your normal days, There's also 12 days of Christmas which is a nice way to ease into blogging if you're not quite ready to do 24 days but want a challenge!.

Hope these tips are helpful!.

Budget props that'll up your photography game instantly

Thursday, 23 November 2017

Since being a blogger my photography game has improved sooo much, I have briefly touched on some photography tips in the past, one of the tips I mentioned was photography props. The great thing about photography props is that they can show a bloggers personality so well but it can be a little confusing to know what props to use sometimes so I've put together a little list of budget photography props most of which you most likely already own to completely up your game!.

  1. Confetti - simple and effective if you have none to hand simply hole punch a magazine or some coloured card and use that.
  2. Technology - Your phone (if you're not using it to take the photos), Headphones, iPads etc.
  3. Coloured paper - You can always rely on coloured or patterned paper to give you a great photography background.
  4. Washi Tape - Simple and cute, use it to hold prints in place or simply to decorate a plain background.
  5. Fairy lights - My faveeee!, fairy lights will instantly perk up any photo guaranteed.
  6. Flowers - False or real both look great!.
  7. Books - stack your favourite books against a nice bright background for a quick instant stock photo.
  8. Makeup - Brushes, lippies, liners anything to dot around your focus.
  9. Fabrics - A nice throw, t-shirt or even a denim jacket can make all the difference in your photos.
  10. Home decor - I love using candles in my photography, now that we're getting to the festive spirit things like baubles and tinsel work perfectly.
  11. Stationary - Cute pens, bookmarks, notepads and prints make great photo props and you most likely already own them so they're the ideal props.
  12. Accessories - Anything you have... Watches, necklaces, bracelets, glasses, chokers if you don't have much you can find really cheap jewellery on Ebay for roughly £2.

Must have photo props*

What's your favourite photography prop?
This post contains affiliate links marked with (*)

Testing out Skintifique 'Cleanser P'

Monday, 20 November 2017

If there's one staple in my skincare routine it's cleanser, It's also the most important stage of my skin care. However, as you most likely know by now I have such sensitive skin, my skin is also quite oily in places as well as dry in others (contracting right?). Skintifique got in contact recently and told me about their Cleanser P and honestly, I've gotta tell you alllll about it because it's honestly incredible.

First thing I noticed about the cleanser is that it only has 5 ingredients, yeah 5. Skintifique uses very few ingredients as radical simplicity, This basically means they believe a formula should contain the least amount of ingredients possible in order to cleanse deep in the skin without any irritation, for my sensitive skin it honestly sounded perfect.

The formula is a micellar water, now I usually struggle with these because they leave my skin proper dry. Like they just strip my skin but after trying this one out I'm really quite impressed, it seems to have removed every trace of my make up (literally) without leaving my skin feeling stripped and dry. I had no signs of irritation and my skin also felt less oily, fresher and generally cleaner.

I used The cleanser as part of my usual routine. I followed it up with some of the Botanics toning spray and the body shop's vitamin E cream. I noticed that my make up almost melted underneath the cotton pad which was really reassuring as usually if my make up is left on I can break out pretty bad.

The brand itself has very good morals, the cleanser is vegan, cruelty-free, eco-friendly. The products are hypoallergenic and tolerance tested. Overall I'm really enjoying this cleanser and I'd be happy to repurchase it.

Have you tried this cleanser?.

The Body Shop haul & First impressions

Monday, 6 November 2017

We all know I bloody love the body shop, it isn't a secret. I decided I'd pop in a little order after seeing a lil sale on my local reps page, I thought I'd give you a lil' peep at what I picked up and share my first impressions.

Early Harvest raspberry shower gel & EDT

I already knew I loved this scent since I bought a scrub last year in it, This is such a fruity yet not sickly scent. The EDT lasts well and every now and again you get a nice lil' whiff of it which I like. The shower gel I find really moisturizing, The scent is giving me some serious Autumn feels, I really love this range. 

Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel

An autumn special, which I just had to try. I have mixed feelings about this one, on one hand, I think it smells really warm and comforting but on the other hand, it's very sweet...  but I kinda like it. However, if you aren't a fan of like overpowering sweet smells I'd steer clear, The creamy consistency is one of my favorite types from the body shop purely because of how moisturizing they are.

Skinny felt liner

I bought this one because as you may know I've gone cruelty free and I wanted to replace my Maybelinne liner as they test on animals, I saw this one on sale and I snatched it up straight the way, The liner itself is kind of different to anything I've used before as it has a rubber part near the lid for you to grip too which means you have better precision but I'm still getting used to holding the liner because I'm not used to it, Also the nib is a lot smaller than what I'm used to but all in all I like the formula and when I have managed to  use it correctly I've been quite impressed with this.

Blending brush

I really needed one of these so when I saw it on offer I just added it to my order straight the way, I really like this one, I was after of more of a dome brush but this one is flatter. I do like this brush though, it blends well and it's really soft and easy to use.


I picked up a couple of gifts to save for Christmas so I will not take any photos (Friends, Family, look away now).  I went for a Hemp nail tin which comes with a nail file and a hemp hand cream as well as 2 Shea collections, These are wrapped so lovely, I almost don't want to wrap it because the gift boxes are just so gorgeous, I might leave them as they are. 

Basic car maintenance tips you need to know.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Currently, I'm learning to drive, One of the most valuable skills I'll ever learn. When I do pass my test I'll, of course, be looking into getting a car and as a person who enjoys being organised, I want to know in advance how I can keep that car in tip-top condition, I've been doing some research and I wanted to share some simple tips on how you can also keep your car in great condition.

Image source

1.Check your tyres - Checking your tyre pressure once a month can ensure you don't end up with too much wear. Underinflated tyres can affect your steering which can be a hazard. Multiple road accidents take place because of poor tyre conditions if you are in Scotland book Fife Autocentre tyres in Dunfermline*.

2. Checking your engine oil, doing this will keep your internal parts from wearing. You can use a dipstick to do this.

3. Read your car's manual. Whatever car you drive your maintenance schedule is inside this manual.

4. An obvious yet overlooked one, keeping your car tidy. If you're desperate for a map etc you aren't going to find it under a stack of yesterdays burger wrappers and magazines.

5. Clean your brake dust regularly, The dust includes lots of nasty stuff which will bake onto your tyres if left for too long.

6. Keep an eye on any warning lights and don't ignore them! the longer you leave them the worse the problem will become!.

Do you know any more car maintenance tips?.

This post was kindly sponsored by Fife Autocentre tyres in Dunfermline 

Beauty products that save me time in the morning.

Monday, 9 October 2017

I am not a early bird, never have been with that being said I like things that make my morning routine quick (that way I can snooze the alarm one last time). The products I'm about to mention almost half my daily routine so I thought I'd share them with you in case like me, you don't do mornings and to the best of my knowledge all of these products are cruelty free!.

Soap and glory clean on me 

For me showering in the morning is just a nightmare especially when you have to moisturise etc afterwards, like I still shower (obviously) but instead of using a get and moisturiser I've opted for the soap and glory clean on me which is a shower cream with lots of moisturising ingredients in like shea and mandarin peel it's a body lotion at the same time which means I don't have to faff about after my shower waiting for a moisturiser to soak in I can jut carry on getting ready.

Batiste dry shampoo

I am a pain in the arse when it comes to washing my hair, like I don't mind washing it but I hate drying it with a passion. I never go a day without this in my cupboard it comes in so useful.I mean it will make your roots look grey but I think that's a small price to pay to not have to attempt to dry a head full of hair in 10 minutes

Too faced peach gloss

When I last placed an order on Too faced I received one of these as part of a promotion in the shade 'pure peach' and as soon as I tested it my first response was 'wow that's super moisturising'. Whilst I'm not too sure if it's supposed to be used in place of a lip balm sometimes I just use it as one, for me lip balm is a pain in the arse and in my experiences if you don't let it soak in enough then whatever you put on top just falls off essentially so I just do a couple coats of this and I'm ready to go. Ooh and it literally suits any eye make up bonus.

Boots cleansing wipes 

I hardly ever use face wipes, when I was like 15 I used to use them all the time until I realised how bad they can be for your skin, especially when you buy 3 packs for £1 from poundland looking at you past Charlie. For the past couple of years I've swore by a cleanser and cotton pads but sometimes you've just gotta think fuck it I'm in a rush, as I don't do this very often I just picked up a pack for £1 from Boots and I actually am enjoying the convenience of not messing around with cotton pads or cream wash off cleansers when I'm in a rush.

Do you have any products that cut your routine time, let me know!

3 lip products you need this Autumn.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Autumn may be my favourite seasons for lipsticks, vampy purples and deep reds yes pls. I thought I'd share today a couple of my  fave colours for the Autumn.

Too faced sweet peach lip gloss - Pure peach

First of all can we talk about the Two faced peach lip glosses. Usually I can't stand gloss, whenever I hear the word gloss my mind goes to them £2 squeezy tubes of clear gloop from Primark and I just cringe. I only have a sample of this one but it's really nice, It's not sticky and it's so moisturising, It adds such a lovely finish to a everyday look, plus it smells of peaches, as a bonus.

Sleek Matte Me - Velvet Slipper.

I loveee the Sleek matte me lippies, if you've tried them you most likely do too, They're comfortable to wear, the pigment is really good (you only need one coat), they last well and they're really budget friendly My favourite colour for Autumn is

The Body Shop Liquid Lipstick - Mauritius Delilah

I also love the body shop liquid lipsticks for this time of year, they're more creamy and lightweight than most liquid lipsticks I've tried which makes it a lot less drying. My favourite Autumn colour is Mauritius Delilah (try saying that drunk) which is a gorgeous berry shade.

Have you tried any of these lippies?, What did you think?.

'Spooky' halloween Skeleton Biscuits.

Tuesday, 3 October 2017

3rd of October.. basically time for Halloween posts right?. Last year, I really wanted to do this post for Halloween. I found the recipe in Tanya Burr's 'Tanya Bakes' and I'm really keen to give it a go, The recipe itself uses gingerbread men cutters to make spooky (and super cute) lil skeleton biscuits. These would be perfect for a Halloween party or for scoffing whilst watching a horror movie marathon. Tanya uses a recipe to bake roughly 18 but I've cut that in half as I no way need that many but you can use the blue writing for the full recipe.

You'll Need;

1/2 a egg (somehow I managed to half this by whisking the egg with a fork weighing it and splitting it into two dishes, roughly 24g) 1 egg for the full recipe.
200g Plain Flour 400g for the full recipe 
100g soft light brown sugar 200g for the full recipe 
100g butter 200g for the full recipe 
30g cocoa powder  60g for the full recipe 
3 tablespoons golden syrup (which I forgot to half whoops).
1 teaspoon baking powder (again, forgot to half oops).
Gingerbread cookie cutter. 


After weighing out your ingredients you get to the fun part, mixing it all together I'm going to keep this none waffly and to the point to make it a bit easier to follow, first cream the butter and sugar. Simply add the egg and golden syrup to the butter/sugar and mix well. Then you can mix in your flour, cocoa powder and baking powder - stir until you have a dough-like consistency. Roll the dough into a ball, cover in cling film and chill for half an hour. Heat your oven to 170°/325° f / GM3 during this time.

Once your timer beeps, like mine, just did you can roll out your dough to roughly 1cm thick and begin cutting I chose a large and medium cutter but you can use any size you'd like, Pop your dough on a lightly greased baking tray and pop in the oven for 15 mins, I've got 2 trays worth so I've done 2 batches. Leave to cool on a wire rack and you can begin decorating.

For the decoration, I'm using glitter writing pens (What, you can't have a glam skeleton nowadays?) But you can simply use icing sugar and water with a piping bag, draw on some 'bones' and voila your skeletons are ready.

My updated skin routine for combination skin

Friday, 22 September 2017

My skin is a pain in the arse. There, I said it. It's oily, more sensitive than my personality and it's mega dry some days. I thought I'd share today a lil bit about my skincare routine and what works for me. Hopefully, this helps some of you that also have the dreaded oily skin.

Personally, I loove a good micellar water they're easy to use and they're just a bit quicker and easier than a wash off cleanser (lazyyyy). At the moment I'm using the Boots micellar water to refresh my skin.


I didn't even know toners existed until like last year, I'm not going to lie to you but since using one I can tell the difference. I like the Botanics spray toner (cruelty-free). The spray is natural and it really does give your skin a little perk up, also I love the fact it's in a spray bottle so you haven't got to mess about with cotton pads. 


My moisturizer changes from morning to evening, In the morning I prefer something light with SPF in but I don't want my skin to be overly oily through the day, I like The Body Shop Aloe SPF (cruelty-free). For this, it's also a great size for travel perfect. For the evening, however, I couldn't give a sh*t about how oily my skin is it's not like I'm going on a mad midnight photoshoot. I like something nice and hydrating and thick enough to work into my skin overnight I use The BodyShop vitamin E 24-hour hydrating face cream (cruelty-free) this makes my skin lovely and soft for the morning.


That's my main skincare done and if I needed to just strip back then I' only mention what I've mentioned above. However, I find that sometimes you need a touch more than that and the products I use for that are The Body Shop Tea Tree targeted gel for any spots that pop up unexpectedly I usually leave this overnight and after roughly 2-3 days of using it, they're cleared. I also like to scrub my skin using the St.Ives Apricot scrub which I have to start doing more... someone remind me? At the moment I use it weekly but I ought to really use it 2-3 times a week to clear up any blackheads etc. 

What skincare do you use? What would you recommend?.

How to unplug from social media.

Monday, 18 September 2017

Being addicted to social media is essentially the norm nowadays, especially if you're a blogger or you work within social media - sometimes it can be tricky to pull the plug and actually switch off. Social media is a great thing, it lets you connect with new people and for some people, it has become a career but how much is too much? Sometimes it can be misleading and seeing photos of huge mansions, a bag full of money, people who have had a lot of plastic surgery and just huge expectations, Sometimes you really need to just unplug - take 30 and just focus on you.


For me, exercise is one of the only times I actually switch off. Perhaps because you can't exactly hold a phone whilst doing the downward facing dog. Yoga is my preferred exercise it's not too tough but it still puts you in your own bubble the breathing exercises can be used in everyday situations when you're stressed to help you chill as well, which is a bonus. I'm currently doing 30 days of yoga.


Proper treat yourself, you know those most expensive luxury brands you tuck away?... use em all. Run a bath, moisturize, light candles and just chill, even if it's for half an hour. You most likely need it.

Take a walk

Leave your phone in your bag, or pocket and take a wonder, usually, I pop mine on do not disturb if I need to unplug. Even if you only walk around the block a couple of times, just refresh. Chill, you deserve it

How do you unplug from social media?.

Autumn clothing wishlist.

Monday, 11 September 2017

 Autumn is one of the best times to revamp your wardrobe. Wooly jumpers, Thick scarves, and cute ankle boots instantly come to mind. Personally,  I've always been one for clothes shopping, I love mooching around and finding some real gems tucked in the back of the rails but sometimes I just don't have the time to actually go out and get the stuff, which is where the wonderful world of online shopping comes.

Forever 21 - Ribbed Knit Mock Neck Jumper

Topshop - Button up pink mini skirt

Mango - Track outside boots 

Topshop moto embroidered straight leg jeans

Have you ever used Lyst, What did you think of them?.

4 lovely things to do this autumn

Monday, 4 September 2017

As I'm sure you're aware, I just love autumn. I hate the summer, to be honest, it's sweaty it's overrated and there are too many bugs and wasps for my liking. Autumn is the perfect combination of cool crisp weather and beautiful fiery colours, I've decided to put together a few things you can do through winter.

Take up some DIY projects

As much as we all love Autumn we can't deny that it rains most of the time during it, having some projects to keep you busy will be a nice cosy way to pass the time and you may even save yourself some money in the process. I have a Pinterest board full of DIY projects if you're stuck for ideas.

Forest walks

As I mentioned, one of my favourite things about autumn is the fiery colours, when me and my sister were younger we used to dive into all the golden leaves near a small church on the way to town, walking through the forest is so nice to do in the Autumn, the leaves crunch beneath your feet and you can get some really good photos (just be sure to you take your raincoat).


Let's face it, it's no surprise that I love baking (I've actually got a brownie cake in the oven as I'm writing this, it smells great). I especially love baking through Autumn as the recipes are more warming such as pies and crumbles, there's nothing better than serving them with some ice cream and sticking on a film.

Binge on Netflix / Youtube

Following on from that one, You need something to watch whilst you're snuggled in your blanket on the sofa, with the fire going whilst you eat your apple crumble (did I just create the perfect scene, yes I think so). A couple of series I'm loving at the minute are pretty little liars (which I may have watched 4 times in a row, oops), Jane the Virgin, The big bang theory and I really want to start the Gilmore girls. For youtube I recommend Zoella, Louise Pentland, Meg Says and if you fancy you can check out my channel here!.

What Have you got planned for this autumn?

3 palettes that are perfect for this summer.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Summer is in full swing, I mean if you forget about those torrential downpours we've been having... actually, yeah let's just forget about them. One of the nicest thing about summer is all the blossoms and pretty colours and although the firey bronzes and cool browns of autumn will always truly have my heart, I've found love within these 3 palettes with shades that are perfect for the summer.

Too Faced Sweet peach palette 

A new found fave of mine. Creamy, blendable, pigmented shadows. This one's the most expensive out of the trio at around £40 but I promise it's worth it. The shades are so much creamier than what you could pick up at a drugstore, they blend seamlessly and the pigment is just insane. The shades are too die for, pretty pinks, punchy peaches and a couple of bright colours thrown into the mix - it's entirely up to my street and I can already tell it will become the most used in my collection already. did I mention it smells of peaches?.

Maybelline blush nudes

This one is a little more affordable at around £8. The shades are mainly pink nudes, there are a couple of grey shades to create the perfect smokey eye. The pigment is good for a drugstore palette, some shadows do need building though. However, the shadows blend nicely. I really like this palette for a soft everyday look, with a nude lip - perfect for this summer. I mainly like this one for travel, it's super light, thin and closes with a clasp so no shattered powder all over your suitcase.

The Rimmel magnifies palette 002

This one is again on the cheaper side, roughly £10. There's a nice selection of shades in this one but you do have to build it up for a decent pigment which is why I've left it until last, the shades are really pretty though and are worth the extra build up if you have the patients. There are quite a few mauve looks you can create with this palette making it ideal for summer.

What palettes are you loving for this summer?

Things I've learnt since I started blogging.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My blog will be 2 years old in November. During this time I've learnt a lot about my blog and actually about myself which I wasn't expecting when I started all of this. Here are some of the lessons blogging has taught me.

1. Blogging is so not as easy as everyone makes it look.

2. My photography skills are constantly evolving.

3. Everyone has their own writing style, once you learn yours typing up posts' will be a breeze.

4. The post man will become your best friend as he delivers your splurge on new products.

5. Speaking of products, you'll discover so many cool brands you wouldn't have heard of before.

6. Everyones in the same boat and that boat of bloggers are so supportive, sure theirs the odd person that you most likely want to check over board but almost every blogger I've met is super kind.

7. There's always going to be someone better than you, you just have to learn to roll with it, be more creative, more unique.

8. I don't know one person whos hasn't received a mean comment, brush it off, straighten your tiara and go back to being a boss.

9. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES compare your work against someone else's.. you're  different people with 2 different writing styles, opinions, photography skills etc it just becomes a rabbit hole.

10. You are your own person, you don't have to like what everyone else likes if a cult fave breaks your heart when it doesn't work (and perhaps your bank account) find your own fave!. 

11. ALWAYS be honest. If you're reviewing a product and you don't like it, tell the truth. your readers and other brands will value your opinion much more.

12.  Always show the blog love, you never know when you may need the favour returning.

13. Your blog is your blog, stuff everyone else's opinions.

14. You don't have to spend £100's on fancy photography equipment, your iPhone and some nice lighting is all you really need

15. following on from last, you don't have to spend a week rent on a nice template, sure they're probably a little smoother and have better qualities but if you're desperate for a template and are utterly skint. There are some on Etsy starting from about £5 either that or you can use a free one from here and just customise the colours.

16. You don't have to skint yourself to be a good blogger, don't feel as if you need to buy things to write a post, dig through your make up collection ~ discover your old faves. Lifestyle posts are a fab alternative if you don't want to buy products for review.

17. writer's block will most likely hit you at least once ~ Here are 50 post ideas for when you're in a pickle.

How long have you been blogging, what has blogging taught you?

Drugstore products I'm loving this sumer

Monday, 7 August 2017

Summer is a strange time of year everyone is all hyped up about the sun (overrated) but at the same time they all complain about the heat and being a sweaty betty. One thing I do actually like about the summer is having longer days just because it makes things sooo much easier (bloggers/youtubers will understand). However, Longer and sweatier days means you need some top notch make up and skincare and speaking of which I'm going to show you some of my top drugstore beauty picks for summer. BTW sorry about the semi dark photos, I legit had about 10 minutes free to take them before today (at 9pm).


I like a matte foundation all year around, having oily skin a 'dewy' finish just doesn't work for me - like it starts slipping off within an hour leaving me looking like a melted wax figure. So in the summer I for sure need a matte. At the moment I'm loving the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation in Calico this one is oil free which is handy for my oiliness and it does stay for quite a while, it doesn't oxidise as bad as other foundations (especially if you use a primer). 


Again I'm a matte girl (I think there's an occurring theme going on here). I think pinky, mauve nudes are best for summer and as I need something that's going to stay all day I usually go for a liquid lipstick. I really love the sleek matte in shabby chic and the Bourgois rouge edition velvet in 07


I'm breaking the mould - in this department I'm partial for lots of sparkle and shimmer. I recently picked up the Maybelline blush nudes and I love it. It's really affordable and has a variety of different shades that will still work well in autumn so totally worth the money, the pigment is good and the shadows are blendable and easy to work with - safe to say it's one of my new favessss.

Botanics spritz toner

This may have been one of my best purchases of this summer so far. It's organic which I like, it smells loovely. It's such a refreshing product for those long hot, humid days plus I got it on sale so it was such a good price (We all know I love a bargain).

What products are you loving so far this summer?

A lil' body shop top up

Monday, 24 July 2017

If there's one place I love to have a lil mooch around it's the Body shop, walking around spritzing all the smellies trying out the lotions ~ heaven ~ and although I didn't have the time to go and have my usual mooch around the shop, I did manage to order some classics and new favourites online.

Firstly I'll start with the make-up I wont be going into too much detail with this because I'll be buying a couple more bits and doing a 'testing body shop make up' over on my YouTube channel and if that's something you'd like to see you can subscribe here to catch it!. I picked up the contour palette in light, a matte liquid lipstick in Mauritius Dahlia and a Eye colour stick in Cyprus Bronze. From a first glance all of these products look lovely, I haven't done any swatches though, I'll save everything for the video!.

On too skincare which I can share a little more about. I absolutely adore the body shop mists usually I go for my classic mango but I decided to switch it up and go for Pink grapefruit, this scent is so zesty and sweet and it is perfect for the summer. 

Next I picked up one of my absolute favourite body butters which is the green tea, I just finished off a tub the day before my parcel arrived (Thankyou Royal Mail). This butter not only smells very crisp and fresh but it isn't too over powering at the same time. Although, to be honest this could smell like I'd bathed in green tea and I'd still use it - the quality is incredible this is one of the only products that has actually made a noticeable difference to my dry sensitive skin and I could rave about it for hours.

I decided to treat myself and take a little risk at the same time, Usually I wouldn't go for a product from the tea tree range just because it's pretty strong and my skin is quite sensitive and the two just do not mix. However, I saw a targeted gel for blemishes and as a suffer of adult acne I feel like I've tried everything. At this point I just hope it'll clear by itself, anyway I picked this up and I've been using it for about 2-3 nights (I use after moisturiser before bed and leave through the night) and I can see the difference already. Those huge scary spots *poof* gone. The product itself has a 'dofer applicator' a little like a concealer it's very precise which makes it so easy.

I am thrilled with everything I picked up and don't forget if you'd like to see my first impressions on the make up don't forget to subscribe to my YouTube!.

wouldn't you just love to bathe in tea tho?.
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