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My 2017 bucket list.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Spring is here and it's a great time to start planning your summer days out!. I feel like last year I focused far too much on possessions and not enough on getting out and spending time with the people I love. This year I'm planning on getting out more. I really urge you to take a little inspo from this and perhaps instead of buying that pair of heels or piece of clothing that you don't really need to use the money, gather your friends and make some memories because at the end of the day your possessions will never make you as happier than some good memories. 

1- I really want to go back to Polperro a couple of times whilst the weather's nice, It was lovely.
2- I want to spend more time at the beach 
3- Go out with my boyfriend for dinner more rather than just staying in
4- Go and see my family more (they live 8 hours away)
5- Have a barbeque (maybe at the beach because we haven't got a garden)
6- Go on holiday (Torquay was just the best last year)
7- Go for more walks.
8- Explore somewhere I've never been 
9- Sit on the pier in the evening 
10 - Following on from that evening walks on the beach are just the best
11- Take some days out in Plymouth
12- Sit on the beach for lunch

What would be on your bucket list?
Charlie xx

What I eat in a day #1

Thursday, 23 March 2017

As you all know, I'm hugely bad at snacking. I'm trying to encourage myself to eat a bit better and one thing I've found helps is watching or reading 'what I eat in a day' posts and videos. In a way I suppose it motivates me to cook something nice and from scratch. I've decided to write up my own what I eat in a day as a way to remind myself I can eat healthy(ish) without snacking all the time!.

BREAKFAST - tut, tut. I haven't had breakfast. Okay, let me explain. I knew I was going out for dinner and If i would have ate breakfast I wouldn't have been hungry enough for dinner, but if i was going to have breakfast it would either be scrambled eggs on toast or granola fruit and yogurt.

LUNCH - As i said, I went out for lunch. I actually went to a lovely cafe in Polperro, I've got a post with lots of photos ready to go up in a few weeks so keep and eye out for that!. I went for a ham and cheese toastie which is always one of my favourite lunches.

DINNER-  I made a tuna pasta bake for dinner with a nice salad, I really enjoyed it and it means I have some left over for my lunch tomorrow!.

This post was in collaboration with Amber rose, go and check out her what i eat in a day video, I know you'll love it!

What do you eat typically in a day?,
Charlie xx

5 blogs I rave about

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Reading other people's blogs is actually what encouraged me to take the plunge and set up my own, I really love how much you can get to know someone through their writing style. I also love how no two bloggers write or photograph in the same way so there's always something new. I wanted to share the blogging love and tell you all about a few people's blogs which I always find myself reading and returning too.

Dorkface - If you freaking love cute amazing photography and relateable posts with amazing content Jemma's your girl, I could literally stay on her blog for hours she also has the most amazing Etsy shop which I am OBSESSED with. 

Toasty - If you're cruelty-free, vegan or vegetarian and love beauty I really recommend Beth, She's very bubbly which you can tell from her chatty posts, I love her writing style!. 

Poppy Deyes - Sister of Alfie Deyes (vlogger), Poppy has a blog that literally covers everything!, Whether you want a healthy cookie recipe or you want some fashion advice she offers such a nice insight and her photography is just goals like pls teach me your ways, Poppy. 

Louise Pentland - One of my favourite vloggers. Louise is so chatty, upbeat and positive and she always makes me feel positive and I usually have a good chuckle at her posts, I can not freaking wait for her new book Wilde like me to come out!.

Tanya Burr - Another favourite vlogger - I love Tanya she's just a bundle of positiveness her personality is lovely and I just really enjoy reading her blog posts!. Tanya Bakes is my absolute favourite cookbooks going!.

If you're looking for some new blogs to follow I'd really recommend the ladies above - I just know you'll love them!. I'd love to start reading more blogs if you can recommend anyone or you blog yourself let me know in the comments!.

Charlie xx

Growing up in a modern day world- Ad

Thursday, 2 March 2017

When I saw that the Children's society we're looking for bloggers to volunteer & use their blogs to stand up for the girls growing up in modern day society I really wanted to help. I like to consider myself a feminist, I don't go to marches or anything like that but I do strongly believe in feminism.

In the modern day and age children are growing up on social media and it is having bad effects particularly on girls. In recent years roughly 1 in 7 girls asked by the Children's society said they're unhappy with their life overall and 1 in 3 unhappy with their appearance - a lot of this is to do with how boys see girls or expect girls to look. one girl said, "We're expected to be perfect, like Barbie dolls or something and when we're not we get bullied". Younger girls tend to also compare themselves to celebrities and people with luxury lifestyles on social media - I know I have before without thinking about how they look like that such as surgeries, procedures and standing at  certain angles with certain lighting you just see Kylie Jenner (for example) post a selfie and think why the hell do I not look like that.

Also as much as I love social media there are aspects of which are dangerous for the young impressionable mind. I'm in no means trying to offend anyone here but an example the accounts that glorify mental illness and promote them. I'm all for expressing yourself and raising awareness but glorifying them?. You can not put the impression into someone's head that anorexia is just thin girls in long tops; It's starving you and constantly aching. You can't glorify depression and anxiety to a girl crying into her boyfriend's shoulders in his hoodie when it's likely just a blank face with no expression. By glorifying these illnesses with the pro accounts I really do feel the young impressionable teenagers today are at much of a higher risk and It's scary. 

As a child I didn't have the nicest childhood - At home, I was abused which I'm not going to go too far into but this meant I didn't necessarily get the things other girls had at school; I mean sometimes my abuser even hid my bobbles and hairbrush to get to me. So most of the time, I did go to school looking like a state (obviously no one knew why) and this did lead to me being bullied a heck of a lot by guys who were 'popular' These guys were hardly ever called out for their behaviour and there was a lot more girls than me that suffered. They'd always tease me about my looks and make snide remarks about my appearance which I hated because of all of it.. It's only recently like 5 years on that I don't think I'm physically repulsive but don't get me wrong, I still have days where I believe I am. This is a exanct example of what I'm using my blog to stand up against.

I think more needs to be done in these situations, There needs to be more facilities available for teenage girls about mental health and teachers need to be more aware and not just brush things off so easily. Clearly there isn't enough being done when More than a quarter of a million girls aged 10-15 across the country are not happy with their lives because of the circumstances. In subjects such as R.E I believe there needs to be a lot more subjects about self worth, self confidence and self esteem as well as where to go to get help - I was taught this but not until GCSE year and by then it was just too late  I feel as though that would have really helped myself if I had it from a younger age.

You can find out more about this topic and stand up for the girls of today yourself over at the Children's society. What are your experiences with self image? Let me know down below.
Charlie xx

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