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New home, New habbits, New me.

Thursday, 16 March 2017
Recently, I moved home and I am really happy with my cosy flat. I've just never felt so comfortable in a place before and with my anxiety this feeling is always something I've longed for. Growing up I never felt safe in my own home and this has kind of stuck with me whenever I've lived somewhere else I just always pick out something but whilst I'm here nothing scares me. It's heaven.

I took this a few weeks back and is it not just the most relaxing picture ever?

Now I'm not one of those cliche new year new me people (cannot come to terms with the fact that it is March already)  but this little flat is seriously giving me those vibes. Since I've moved in I've been up before 9am every morning where as before it was 12PM - 1PM, I've even been eating breakfast (nothing alike me).

 I'm even learning how too cook and for someone's who special was pasta with a can of tuna and some mayonnaise mixed through a few weeks ago I wouldn't say I'm doing too bad; I've learnt simple dishes first such as roast chicken, Spaghetti bolognese and breakfasts and Although, I really do need to learn portion control if you want too see me attempt more cooking you can follow my Instagram which is mainly food and the odd snippet of my face & life.

Some of what I've managed to cook throughout the week.

 If all of that isn't enough I'm just coming to terms with my anxiety more and I've not let it take over me I've not felt anxious once since being here and I'm keen to keep that going. I just can't wait to decorate this place and make it even more lovely (did someone say 1000 cushions and candles?).

I think what I've realised most over the last few weeks is there's always a choice, If you hate your attitude - Change it, If you hate where you are living - Move somewhere else.. I know that one's easier said than done but you always have the choice to improve your situation you know?, Like you're only going to get one life so don't waste it being miserable. 

Charlie xx
2 comments on "New home, New habbits, New me. "
  1. It's so, so nice to see how positive this move has been for you! I know how much your last place got you down, and I'm glad that's behind you x


  2. Thankyou so much, I'm just loving being somewhere that I'm comftable.
    Charlie xx


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