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Maintaining natural curls

Thursday, 27 April 2017

I always grew up HATING my hair which, to be honest, I've heard a lot of girls say. However, one thing I will confess to is actually never knowing how to look after my hair enough to make it look nice, I'd brush it so much and wash it not only wrong but with the wrong products. If there's one thing I've learnt mainly in the last year is how to maintain my curls and how much I LOVE them!. I thought I'd share with all you curl enthusiasts how easy it is to get those killer curls!.

Embracing my natural curls 

Calm down on the heat.

When you apply heat on your hair it looses it's natural protein and moisture and in order to straighten your hair fibres have to break if you have curly hair, your straight strands are the fibres that have been damaged and cannot curl back (Who knew?). If you have to use heat, I'd recommend using it in moderation maybe once or twice a week depending on the thickness and strength of your hair. 
I actually stopped using heat by accident. MY straighteners started looking a little sorry for themselves and I spilt orange juice on my curlers (nitwit). I haven't been able to afford to replace them and therefore, I haven't used heat on my hair for 2 months, perhaps longer I style my hair by leaving it in a plait over night and my hair looks and feels so much stronger and healthier and isn't breaking pff half as much as it used too.

Be careful how much you're washing your hair.

If you wash your hair everyday you're probably thinking right now 'what is this girl talking about?'. Shampoo's actually trap oils meaning they can dry your hair out and make it prone to breakage should you use them too much. 
Obviously there's no right answer for how much you should be shampooing but the way i figured it out was I took one week and left my hair as long as possible without shampooing it (as hard as it sounds) I still used dry shampoo and my hair lasted about 3 / 4 days with a touch of conditioner on my ends half way through and now I swear by not washing my hair excessively, It looks as if it has a lot more moisture in and I'm saving a tonne of money on shampoo. 

Find products that work for you

Don't worry, I'm not about to tell you to spend a fortune on finding the right hair care, I managed it on a budget. After researching I've read about a few ingredients to look out for when buying shampoos. Sulphates, Parabens, Phthalates and triethanolamine are all things to look out for. You want a product with plant based, raw ingredients, minimal packaging and possibly one which is homemade you can read more here. Lush is a good place to start if you'd like something a little more gentle without spending a fortune.
I'd also recommend investing in an oil, I use Moroccan oil after every hair wash too soothe my hair, It also smells beautiful. I always notice a big difference when I use it. It's become my go too. Whatever products you decide to use, make sure they make you feel more confident and like your hair was crafted by Disney themselves (All of their princesses and heroines are hands down hair goals).

I hope you've found all of these tips useful, See you next week!.
Charlie x

3 ways you can improve your mindset today.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Your brain is the most important part of your body, so why do we tend to disregard it so easily when it comes to self care?. I've been lacking in a positive mindset recently and I believe the following three ideas are making that more positive so I wanted to share them for anyone in the same position.

Talk to someone 

There's been so many times in the past where I've just felt like my head is going to erupt from how many thoughts are in it and this feeling doesn't terminate until all of the thoughts are out. I find it therapeutic to talk to someone I know. However, I know that not everyone has this option and if you don't then 7 cups is a great place to chat about anything on your mind.

Take a break 

I am the worst when it comes to switching off, especially when it comes to technology and social media, I really believe there's an addiction almost to social media. Recently I've been pushing myself to take some time out. I turn off my laptop, put down my phone and I'll just sit and read a magazine or watch an upbeat TV series with no interruptions - I really recommend 'Jane the virgin' should you be after a new series!. 

Change your lifestyle 

Not in a drastic way. I just mean if you don't get out much and don't get a lot of exercise spare yourself some time in the day and do a little work out, Something gentle if you aren't used to exercising I learnt that one the hard way (I literally couldn't walk the day after working out once). If you're like me and eat a few too many sweet and naughty treats rather than a decent meal I'd recommend switching to meals instead, I have done this recently and I've really had enhanced energy. of course, before making any rash changes to your lifestyle I'd recommend speaking to your GP first to help you find the right balance.

I really hope these ideas help, See you Thursday!
Charlie x

New in my make up collection

Thursday, 20 April 2017

I feel like I haven't done a good old beauty post in a while and I really fancied doing one. So today I'm bringing to you what's new in my makeup collection and I really hope you enjoy reading it!.

One of the first new things in my makeup collection is my Sleek matte me liquid lipstick in Shabby chic. I haven't really tried much from Sleek before and I'm not too sure why but when I saw this on the shelf I just knew I had to have it. It's a muted pink shade and I just love it. The wand isn't my favourite I'm not sure why I think it's the firmness of it. Although, it does give a lot of precision which is handy. I love the consistency of the formula and I like the fact it lasts well.

Secondly, there's the Clinique chubby stick in super strawberry, I actually won this through a competition on twitter, thank you again Clinique!. This is a moisturising lip balm with a hint of colour. I'm yet to try it out but I love the shade of this, it's a really nice pretty pink shade which I think I'll wear quite a bit through the summer.

I also picked up my trusty collection lasting perfection concealer in fair, I usually go for extra fair so it highlights my under eyes but I decided I wanted to get one to specifically cover my spots and this shade works great with my skin tone. p.s - don't judge me this is the first time I've ever owned 2 different concealers and I feel like some sort of makeup artist.

For my birthday my boyfriend actually got me some makeup brushes, something usually I wouldn't let him pick out like ever. However, he did a really good job, he got me a little set of two eyebrow brushes from 'creative max' and they're really soft and they pick up a nice amount of product and don't even get my started on how freaking cute they are!.

A day out in Polperro

Thursday, 13 April 2017

The other day I was literally the most bored I've ever been.. Literally, We decided as it was a nice day that the day after we'd go to Polperro which is a cute little village down the road from ours. Obviously, we was under the impression it would be a nice day (wrong) but we went anyway as we wanted something to do. This was my first time visiting Polperro and I just love it, there's' not a huge amount to do but there's the most adorable Christmas shop with the cutest decorations EVER (yes I'm aware it's only March) we're going back to this shop nearer to Christmas. I quite liked the fact that there wasn't an awful lot about, it was really calming!. We stopped off for lunch in a really nice cafe and had a little walk about, It was just a shame it was raining really. Although, I still had a lovely day.

Have you ever been to Polperro?, What did you think?.

Spring is in the air!

Monday, 3 April 2017

One of my fave seasons (along with autumn) is spring. Everything's just getting a new lease of life. My favourite trees (cherry blossoms) start blossoming again and it's still light at 7pm which is just lovely. The sky stays brighter, the air gets warmer and everything is just so lovely and fresh. It isn't unbearably hot like the summer which I like, there's just a nice subtle breeze. I of course made the most of this absolutely beautiful day grabbed my camera and wen't for a walk to the beach, the smell of the sea was in the air as well as fish and chips and it was absolutely lovely to say the least.

Are you making the most of this gorgeous weather?,
Charlie xx

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