10 things that cheer me up when I'm down.

A few weeks ago I mentioned about blogging more often and I've been questioning it for a while because in a few weeks my schedule will be crazy but why not lets do this, next week I'll be uploading on Monday and Thursday - wish me luck eeks!. I want to spread some joy today so I'm going to share 10 things that make me happy and cheer me up and if you're feeling a bit down, give them a shot see if they can cheer you up!.

1 - Watching lots of films whilst eating my fave snacks.. mainly Disney films!. Go all out make yourself an amazing ass fort and grab some popcorn and turn off all your technology just have that time to relax and just cleanse your mind.

2- Having a clear out. There's nothing I find more uplifting than throwing out loads of clutter and things that I don't need. It just gives me a fresh perspective & I love it!.

3- Buying fresh flowers. Fresh flowers just brighten up your home, they reduce anxiety and stress and they're just lovely and they're one of the best things you can buy for your home in my opinion.

4- Baking. I find baking so, so therapeutic. Just having that time to switch off and do something I enjoy. Plus you get cake so whats better than that? nothing, nothing is better.

5- Painting & being creative. Something I hadn't done for a while actually, recently I decided to get back into being more creative so I take at least one day a week to be a bit more creative!.

6- Speaking to my friends and family. I live a long while from my hometown and catching up with my friends and family is just so lovely to do, I also can't wait to go and see everyone again!.

7- Going for a nice walk. Nothing is more therapeutic than a nice walk & in that perspective, I am so lucky to live near a beach.

8- Having a good old pamper night. Candles, body scrubs, face masks, soooo relaxing.

9- Divide. I just had to mention Ed's new album because it's the best and can I just say 'Galway girl' and 'Perfect' actually melt my heart I cannot even. You should 100% give it a listen!.

10- Pinterest. I usually find it quite hard to switch off from technology so usually when I fancy a little break or I don't fancy going on the typical social media websites like facebook I just scroll for hours (i really do mean hours) on Pinterest and it just makes me so happy.

Spread a little happiness, let me know how you cheer up when you feel down.
Charlie xx


  1. This was such a refreshing entry. I have been so down in the dumps this week and the vibe continues to go stronger. I needed the cheerfulness. I feel like writing something like this myself. I know what you mean about baking - it is such hard work (I'm lazy and my sister is a master baker!) but the cake at the end is worth living for!
    The Abbie
    Abbie’s Adventure Diaries

    1. I'm glad this cheered you up and definitely!, go for it.. It's a great way to perk yourself up. I looove baking, it just takes a lot of your attention so everything bad is ignored!.
      Charlie xx