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What's in my Debenhams basket?

Thursday, 25 May 2017

If there's one thing I have a slight problem with it's my need to shop. However, I don't have the money to fulfil this problem.. creating 100's of wishlists across 100's of sites. I thought I'd give you a 'sneak peak' of one of the thousands of full online baskets I seem to have created.  Here is my Debenhams basket which I'll most likely never be able to bring myself to drop £205.47 (Whooops) on but I want to appreciate.

Benefits air patrol BB cream primer

I received a sample of this in my Birchbox and I freaking loved it!. I've wanted to get the full size since that, so I guess you could say this one's been in my basket for a while. It's the best eye primer that I've tried to date.

Too faced sweet peach palette

You may have seen this on a few wishlists (basically I've been obsessed with it since I laid eyes on it). I'm finding it a bit daunting to drop £40 on a palette that I may not like though, Opinions on this palette are soo welcome.

Via est belle Lancome Paris

You know when you go on holiday and you use the same perfume the whole time and then everytime you use that perfume after it takes you back, to the burning hot sun on the beach, in that cute cafe, on the huge big wheel - That, that is what this perfume is to me, I'm so sad it's ran out!.

Benefit Hoola bronzer

This bronzer looks like the perfect shade for me which is a rarity because I'm like 2% milk. I've seen many bloggers hyping about this and I need to see if it's worth the hype, because I think it is.

Too Faced love lights prismatic highlight 

How could I not be lusting after this one... It's just so beautiful!.

Too Faced Melted matte lipstick 

These are the prettiest liquid lipstick everrr, Too Faced packaging is just the cutest and I feel like I could create some perfect flat lays with these lippies. I picked out 'Miso' Which is a lovely pretty pink and 'Drop dead red' (I really do hope that's a drop dead Fred reference) which also looks stunning.

Benefit soft & natural brow kit

Everything you could ever need for perfect brows in one handy kit. I literally neeeed this and it's such good value for money £28.35 for everything in this kit is pretty good going in my opinion.

Have you tried any of these products?, What did you think?
Charlie x

50 blog post ideas for all blogs.

Monday, 22 May 2017

Ugh, the dreaded writer's block. Honestly, is there anything worse?. Recently I've started blogging twice a week which I absolutely love doing but it means double the ideas which I'm slowly running out of, today I had such a wave of inspiration (so many post ideas) and I thought there's way too many to save for myself?. So if you are struggling with the dreaded writer's block then consider me your blogging fairy godmother - here are 50 post ideas for all sorts of blogs, If you find this post useful please share it, You may help someone who needs a little headstart!.

Beauty posts

  1. Let us see your makeup collection (even those really worn out palettes) we wanna see it all!.
  2. Speaking of makeup collections, How do you store it?
  3. What are your go-to makeup, haircare and skincare products?.
  4. What are your most hated products?
  5. How do you do your everyday makeup?
  6. Following on from that how do you 'glam it up' for the night?
  7. Beauty trends you love (or hate)
  8. Do you know any high-end dupes?
  9. What empties do you have?
  10. 10 of the best __ for under £10 and so on 
  11.  Your haircare routine.

Lifestyle posts

  1. Tell us some things you love, perhaps 10, 20 or 30.
  2. Done any shopping recently?, How about a good old-fashioned haul?.
  3. A Vlog perhaps?, Share your day!.
  4. A home tour- Some of my fave posts
  5. A good old fashioned what's in my bag - aren't they just the best?
  6. Recently redecorated a room or in the process?, How about a before and after?.
  7. Do you know any good DIY's perhaps a lip scrub or a body butter?
  8. What are some of your favourite books - I hardly ever see posts like this but I'd find them so interesting.
  9. Do you know any good recipes?.
  10. Themed posts such as easter, Halloween, spring etc.
  11. How do you save money?

Travel posts.

  1. Where are some of your favourite places to travel?.
  2. Going away soon? bring us along! (maybe even Vlog a little).
  3. Have any memories of holidays etc?
  4. What are your travel essentials? (makeup, toiletries etc).
  5. A photo diary of a recent holiday.
  6. How do you pack for a short/long stay?
  7. Holiday bucket list.
  8. Your favourite things about travelling - Dont you just love the sand between your toes?

Fashion posts 

  1. Your absolute wardrobe staples ( that cute pair of converse you've had for years?)
  2. Your holy grail hairstyles
  3. How you style - mom jeans, denim skirts, smart trousers
  4. Please, someone, write a post about the whole jeans and a nice top thing PLS SHOW US WHAT THE TOP IS!.
  5. Done some damage to your purse whilst on ASOS? show us what you brought!.
  6. What pieces do you think are worth investing in?
  7. Clothing wishlists
  8. Where do you like to take your photos?
  9. How do you organise your wardrobe?.
  10. Outfits depending on seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
  11. Your outfit inspirations - perhaps a celebrity etc.
  12. Cheaper alternatives for designer labels.

Blogging/photography posts 

  1. What equipment do you use?.
  2. How do you organise your posts, tweets etc?.
  3. A post all about your blog - why you started it etc.
  4. How to start a blog.
  5. Photography tips.
  6. All about your inspirations
  7. Your fave bloggers - Show em some love!
  8. Your very own 50 Blog post ideas!. 
If you need a little extra inspo - you can sign up to my newsletter here where I send out free post ideas and much more!. Can you add any ideas?, let me know in the comments.
Charlie x

Tips on prepping your car for a long journey.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Ahhh, We've all been there - the 7 hour 'are we there yet' car journey. There's something so fun about travelling to your favourite place, your holiday destination or even just home. However, even though you have all the excitement in the air, you should always remember to make sure you don't forget to prep your car so you're not in a pickle half way there!. Here are some of my top tips for prepping your car!.
Image not mine - Image source =

Food and water 

This one might be a bit obvious but you're going to want some snacks and something to drink. If you have someone aboard that is travel sick, perhaps something like malted milk biscuits and nothing too sugary and greasy! don't forget the travel sickness tablets if you need them!.

Prep your tyres!. 

My first tip for your tyres is to check your tyre pressure, you can do this with a pressure gauge if you have one if not you can do it at your local garage. The correct pressure can be found on the driver's door. The best tip I can give is to keep a spare tyre, you never know when one may go and you don't want to be half way to your destination when it happens, Point S* in Exeter have a range of tyres should you need one, they also have a handy booking system which is easy to use!. Following on from that point don't forget to check that your tyres aren't too worn and if they are looking a little sorry for themselves treat it too some new ones, you'll thank yourself in the future. If you're feeling super fancy you could also place a 20p coin in between the tread to see if it's the legal requirement of 1.6mm.

Cleaning the car!.

You're going to be in this car for a long time, so bearing that in mind having a nice clean car could be what you need. I'd recommend giving it a good wash and if you don't have the time, get your family to help you!. A nice hoover and a  new air freshener perhaps and don't forget to give your tyres a good clean either. 

A checklist will be your best friend

Make a checklist to follow, I recommend things such as your Indicators,  Lights, Fluids under the bonnet, Make sure you're all topped up and your Oil - you can use a dipstick for this if you have one, Don't forget to top up!. Also, I'd recommend checking the fluids under your bonnet, you can fill these if they need it.

Don't forget your map!, Where will you be heading this summer?.
Charlie xx

This post was kindly sponsored by Point S tyres, Exeter.*

My photography tips

Monday, 15 May 2017

I haven't been blogging for very long, just over a year actually but if there's one thing I feel I've drastically improved on is my photography, I wanted to share with you a few of my top tips on how I've improved my photos from when I started blogging.

Props and background.

I never used to use props in my photos and it seems a little strange to me now, When someone's looking through your blog the first thing they'll be drawn to is your photo's so why not make them pop, make them want to see more - have a little more in one photo than a lipstick, a pretty collage of items if you will (so long as you keep the product you're talking about the main focus). I really like Etsy for photo props - you'll find so much on there it's unreal. For backgrounds something bright is your best bet, I love a nice bright white background and I'm most drawn to those and colourful backgrounds myself - I'm not 100% keen on dull backgrounds that do not do the products must justice - especially as you want them to stand out. you can buy sticky back plastics on eBay if you're after marble or wood effects they won't cost you much either - personally, I just use the back of a roll of wallpaper or a nice throw.

Take away tips - Bright clear backgrounds that do the products justice, Props that draw attention such as books, phones, laptops (i can do a separate post on props if anyone would like it).

1st photo - Bright crisp background, props

2nd photo- dull background, no props

Lighting and angles 

When I started this blog I didn't have the slightest clue about photography. I used to take most of my pictures at night, with terrible lighting very zoomed out which made them look dull and blurry. Nowadays I wouldn't dream of doing that. I like to take all my photos in the day right next to a nice big window, Slightly zoomed so the product is the main focus of the photo. If you're struggling for light and you're using a DSLR you can always turn up your ISO a little for a brighter image. If you can't take advantage of natural light I really recommend soft box lighting and if that's a little pricey for you - don't worry there's so many DIY's on Pinterest you could try out!. And if you're still If you're struggling the next point (editing) I'm about to make will help you out a treat. 

Take away tips are - Bright room, Nice and zoomed in, higher ISO if needed.

1st photo - dull room, not zoomed in not edited.

2nd photo - bright room, zoomed in, edited.

Equipment and editing

I started taking photos on a 5s and personally, I do believe you can take great photos on a phone so long as you use the tips I've given above, I personally prefer a DSLR myself though. I like to use mine on Manual for a little more control but it took me a long time to use that, The DSLR gives me so much more control rather than a phone and I do feel it makes a lot of difference. I use a canon 400d which is an older model but it works perfectly for me as a beginner. For equipment, I like to use a tripod if I've adjusted shutter speed to reduce shaking and I also never used to edit. However, nowadays I like to use a photo editor afterwards to brighten up and sharpen images - I really like pic monkey personally.

Take away tips - tripod if needed, DSLR for more control and quality 

1st photo - Iphone, not edited

2nd photo  - DSLR, edited, No flash 

I hope you found these tips helpful, what tips and tricks do you use with photography?.
Charlie x

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Tips on saving money

Monday, 8 May 2017

I used to be the WORST at saving money, as fast as I got it - I spent it. I've learnt that this was to do with my childhood, I won't get into details but I didn't get many treats or luxuries and when I finally got a job I splashed all of my wages within a day. Now I like to think of myself as a little more chill, I don't have to spend money to be happy and if you need to save a little up too, then here's how I manage it.


I've taught myself the difference between an essential and a luxury. For example - Groceries and toiletries they're essentials that little naughty take away last week, that make up product you spotted - luxury. It's taking a lot of getting used too but I've learnt I shouldn't 'need' luxuries I might allow myself a makeup shop once in a blue moon (I've done one this year and it only cost me £15) I should use what I already own first. Be careful not to be too harsh on yourself because you'll just feel like shit, trust me - perhaps save up separately for a little treat.

Shopping smart

This is one I 100% recommend. You can make a DIY pizza at home for roughly £2.50 for 2 pizzas rather than £12 from a takeaway, It might not seem a lot but it'll soon add up. When I'm in a supermarket I keep an eye out for reduced 'still fresh' food that can be frozen and used at a later date - you'll pay around half the price. I buy half loaves of bread because there's only two of us, a full loaf will go to waste, this way I save money and wastage. I always make a list which I stick too and I don't shop hungry (that costs you a lot more). Whenever you feel like telling someone too 'keep the change' because it's only a few pence.. chuck it in your pocket and when you get home pop it in a jar it'll build up in no time.

Meal plans

Meal plans have changed how I shop. To have a week's worth of meals scheduled is just hugely satisfying, Not only will it save you a tonne of money but you'll skip the dreaded "I don't know, what do you want?". I have lots of budget friendly recipes over on my Pinterest board.

Cancelling what you don't need

This one took me a while to get around to actually doing. If you have a Netflix account you only use like once a year, cancel it.. and when you fancy a little Netflix binge perhaps one of your lovely friends will let you use their account for the day or the opposite only ever watch Netflix? cancel your sky/virgin etc you can pick up a free view box for your essential channels and you'll save a fortune!. Magazine subscription that you never get around to reading, cancel it and buy a one off magazine when the shop when you fancy it. 

I hope these tips came in handy for you, how do you save money?.

20 date ideas that you'll love.

Thursday, 4 May 2017

Lets face it, We've all been in that 'I don't know, What do you want to do?" situation. As much as going out for a meal is nice, lets face it - it's costly and you're bored of it. Switch it up and pick one of the following ideas, you'll have tonnes more fun and your wallet will thank you for sure.

1) Bake together - if you can't bake in the traditional sense buy loads of packet mixes. Bonus points for flour fights - the first thing me and my boyfriend baked together came from a packet!.

2) Host an indoor picnic - God, I love a good picnic but if the weathers bland or like me your town is surrounded by savages (seagulls) have one indoors, save yourself the stress, throw in a film for a more cosy vibe.

3) Have a movie marathon - Pick a film you both enjoy watching perhaps the hunger games or harry potter and watch them all in order!.

4) Decorate a room together - just moved in?, fancy a change?. Decorate a new room together, Bonus points for this one because you've achieved something in the process.

5) THREE WORDS - Open. Mic. Night. I don't need to say anything else.

6) Walk around your local galleries and art shops, you don't have to buy anything.

7) Go for a walk!. Explore where you live, make your own 'special place'.

8) 'The penny date' - I'm not 100% who came up with this but it's genius, take a penny label each side with directions (example heads is right, tales is left) get in the car or walk flip the coin and go in the direction it lands on - just be careful to not get lost!.

9)Start a new series and binge watch it together - We just started the walking dead.

10) Make your own pizzas! - whoever makes the best one picks the film for the night!.

11) Board games - an oldie but a goodie maybe steer clear from monopoly unless you want it to turn into an argument though.

12) Revamp something together - Whether it be an old chair or a whole room make it something you both
love and you're proud of, Pinterest has great ideas!.

13) Visit a new town or village, go in all the gift shops!.

14) Buy all your favourite junk food and just have a night watching some good old fashioned TV. I recommend through the keyhole with Keith Lemon, I promise you'll both be in stitches.

15) Make a video together - upload it to youtube - maybe get him to guess the prices of your stuff, it's as funny as it sounds.

16) cook together, a nice inexpensive at home meal, pasta bake is a cheap and versatile idea.

17) Build a fort!. Bonus points for fairy lights!.

18) Play 20 questions, good question ideas include favourite colours, best memories, future baby names, favourite animals.

19) Make a 'date jar' Pinterest has so much inspo!.

20) Have a 'bake off' - This one is one of my favourites, It's so funny to do!.

I hope you find these useful and enjoy doing them!, Comment below what your favourite idea is!.
Charlie x

Spring make up wishlist

Monday, 1 May 2017

We all know how much I love spring. I've stocked up my wardrobe for spring, cleaned my flat and now I need to start adding to my makeup collection!. Although I have quite the selection of burgundy lippies and deep shadows I like a nice pop of colour for Spring, something new and fresh so here are my picks!.

Sleek matte me in Apricot blooms

I have NEVER owned a lipstick in this shade but I feel like I want to step out of my comfort zone a little bit. It's a nice bold shade which I'd like to give a go!.
Image source -

Two faced sweet peach palette  

Would you believe me if i told you I've never owned a two faced palette - I know right where have I been?. I've saw so many bloggers rave over the sweet peach palette and I just NEED it. It's full of peachy pinks, corals, bronzes, and pops of purples which is just perfect for Spring and Summer. Like I said - I need it!. 
Image source -

Rimmel lasting perfection foundation

Image source -

Sleek highlighter palette in solstice

I've had this in my basket for what seems like centuries. It's such a pretty instagramable palette, It consists of 2 baked highlighters, one silky powder and one cream palette. It's so stunning. 

Image source -

Have you tried any of the products on my wishlist?, What did you think of it?.
No images used are my own - credit given in captions.

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