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4 times I've been stronger than a mental illness.

Thursday, 11 May 2017
It's mental health week this week which is all about raising awareness for mental health, there's such a stigma around mental health and the people who have them, for example, you might not treat someone with a physical illness the same way you'd treat someone with a mental one but why not?. There's a stigma that people with mental illnesses are weak and lazy, the list only goes on. In my opinion, if you can live, carry on and fight against something that has made your brain chemically unbalanced, you my friend are as strong as it gets!. Today I wanted to share some experiences where I've been stronger than mental health.

                                                           That time I heard the noise

 A couple of years ago, whenever I'd hear a noise I'd stay in my bed unable to use, almost paralysed. I'd never go to actually look at the problem or see where the noise was coming from it wasn't until I lived alone that I actually braved it and went to find what was making the noise. FYI - it was just my cat playing around.

That time I ate more than 1000 calories

A few years ago 1000 calories would make me feel like the worst person on the planet, all I wanted to be was tan, blonde, skinny what I thought was the 'perfect' girl, then I realised - what is the 'perfect' girl anyway? and the answer it -It's every girl that exists. We're all perfect in our own way, don't torture yourself to fit in with what society portraits as perfect, love yourself. 

That time I went outside anyway

A few years back the worst thing anyone could wish upon me was to make me go outside and that was because I couldn't get to the end of my garden path without a panic attack, I feared everything from regular people who I thought would attack me too animals, It was the worst place I've ever been in but when me and my Mum moved home and we were somewhere much nicer I managed to walk around, find new places and actually experience being outside without Anxiety.

That time I cooked my own food

This one will no doubtingly sound a bit strange to you if you've never experienced it and that's fine, it's what this week is all about sharing and understanding. My anxiety made it impossible for me to cook my own food, I thought I was constantly putting myself at risk and that I was going to get food poisoning (I couldn't even bring myself to cook chicken nuggets). If I made the food, as soon as the thoughts started I couldn't bring myself to put it in my mouth - luckily I had my boyfriend who did 99% of the cooking for us. One day I just had enough, I wasn't putting up with it anymore, I cooked and I made myself eat it - I've been cooking for myself ever since.

All of these times made me unbelievably proud of myself which I deserved, If you've conquered a task like this I'd really like to celebrate with you, tell me in the comments about that time you kicked your mental health's metaphorical ass.
2 comments on "4 times I've been stronger than a mental illness."
  1. I love this post, congratulations on these achievements! I have days when just getting ready to go out and then actually leaving the house are incredibly difficult, so any time when I don't let it get the better of me feels like an accomplishment. Sending heaps of love! xxxx


    1. Thanks Beth, Leaving the house is a huge accomplishment, You should be really proud!. Sending lots of love back! - You've got this!xxxx


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