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Getting back into youtube

Thursday, 15 June 2017
As you may (or may not know), I started a YouTube channel back in January and to be honest, I haven't been very consistent with it. I wanted to talk a little bit about why because there was a few valid reasons rather than 'perhaps she couldn't be arsed to upload'. But don't worry, I wont waffle on.

Basically, I'm struggling a little with depression recently I just haven't got a lot of motivation and when I do the energy usually goes on cleaning my flat or doing something I've been putting off for a while admittedly, this is still the case - I am still depressed but I'm working through it at the end of the day I wont allow myself to go backwards. Secondly, I'm dealing with not having a lot of money (which I know I moan about a lot) so this means I can't afford very good equipment like editors which I'd rather have - I don't have anything  against the YouTube editor but you're very limited to what you can do. However, I've been saving up some money and I can finaallly afford a new editor Filmora I'm coming at you, I can do a lot more on this editor which is handy considering I'm filming on a 5s. Also I've been struggling to find 'my voice' and act natural in front of the camera but in my opinion that will not stop unless I just keep practicing.

So I'm back uploading & I couldn't be happier about it!, I'm super motivated and have plenty of ideas - I've decided I'll be uploading Thursdays and taking that day off of blogging, I hope you'll come and join me and subscribe to keep up to date with my new videos, I'd be so grateful, also leave me your channel links down below so I can check you out!.

Charlie xx
2 comments on "Getting back into youtube"
  1. I think you're so brave to film - I tried once and couldn't find my voice, it felt very forced. Good luck with it!!

    1. Thankyou, I was sort of the same when I began back in January but now I'm starting to get used to being in front of the camera, I'm really enjoying it. My recent video has a lush giveaway happening, if you're interested
      Charlie xx


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