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How I'm growing my brittle, damaged nails.

Monday, 26 June 2017

Since as long as I can remember I've picked at my nails. most of my friends had long nails and there was always those girls who went a little extra and had them painted pretty with little gems on. My nail picking of course, meant I didn't have those sorts of privileges. My nail picking quickly became a nervous habit which I still carry to this day. Another thing I carry to this day? - my want for pretty painted nails. 

So how bad are my nails exactly? - Well, my nails are generally quite brittle and dry I do a lot of cleaning and I wash dishes roughly 5 times a day, sometimes more which of course doesn't do my nails much good. I don't apply many products usually other than my avon cuticle oil every now and again. 

My goal - To have long, shaped, strong nails and to make use of the 100 nail varnishes stashed in my beside unit. 

So, how are you going to manage that?, you ask. Well with a lot of determination and will power. For the next month I will be doing the following:

- Applying 'Sally Hanson nail rehab' which is a intense care for severely damaged nails once a week. 
- Use 'Laura Ashley Royal bloom cuticle balm' weekly 
-moisturise my hands daily using 'Soap and Glory Hand Food' 
- Swap my cheap nasty £1 bottle of nail varnish remover for Boots strengthening pads which are developed for brittle dry nails it contains calcium and vitamin B5.

I will also be stopping my nervous habit of picking, after some research I have found that the best way to do this is to stop when you consciously realise what you are doing. So say I unconsciously am picking my nails, once I realise I will stop and file the nail down to prevent any further picking.
My nails before the process (currently).

I really hope I can stick to this routine if I try hard enough and I'll of course check back in a month and let you know my progress. If you have any tips - Please let me know below!.

If you' like to see how I got on with this challenge, you can find a follow up post HERE.

Charlie xx


  1. This post is a lifesaver for me! I've always struggled to keep my nails long for an extended period. I bit them often so as soon as there's any growth I end up trimming and biting them again, which I know is awful but it's a bad habit of mine, so the tips you gave here are great , will definitely have to try these out and hopefully stick to a routine and get them long again! Love your blog too. - Tasha

    1. I'm so glad to hear that, honestly has made my day. the best thing to do for habits is to just stop when you realise what you're doing (even if you're mid bite). I've found this works well for my excessive picking I hope that works for you - good luck with your goal to stick to your routine!, Lets try and grow pretty, long nails together - I'm routing for you!.
      Charlie xx
      Thankyou so much!

  2. This is a great post, i also pick at my nails through anxiety and have been wanting to do a challenge to grow my nails so i might just do the same! Thank you for this amazing read! I can't wait to see your progress
    Sophie | xx

    1. Thankyou!, I wish you the best of luck with your challenge!, there will be a update soon enough all i can say is - so far, so good.
      Charlie xx


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