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How I grew my nails in 1 month

Monday, 17 July 2017
I wrote a post a couple weeks back explaining how I was determined to grow my nails. In that post I promised to check back in a month, so here I am. I thought the best way to do this would be weekly, not only does this make me more determined to stick to my goals, it also shows you my process.

My goals - Longer, stronger nails.
My process - Applying 'Sally Hanson nail rehab' which is a intense care for severely damaged nails once a week. 
- Use 'Laura Ashley Royal bloom cuticle balm' weekly 
-moisturise my hands daily using 'Soap and Glory Hand Food' 
- Swap my cheap nasty £1 bottle of nail varnish remover for Boots strengthening pads which are developed for brittle dry nails it contains calcium and vitamin B5.

Week 1

My nails are looking visibly stronger and healthier, they're also starting to grow nicely, I've stuck to all of my process for the week and I'm actually about to use my new nail varnish remover and re-apply my Sally Hanson nail rehab for the week right now!. I've had picks but noticed and stopped.

Week 2

Week 2 was a lot alike week one, apart from one slip up (hear me out) my nail chipped as i was getting something out of my bag and it was just staring at me chipped and I couldn't just leave it, we all know I'm a perfectionist. You can most likely tell which nail it wasExcept from one little slip up I've been applying hand cream daily, cuticle cream every couple of days and re-applied my Sally Hanson, I'm really impressed with the growth so far.

Week 3

How is it week 3 already?. Honestly, it seems like I was filling in week one like 2 days ago. Never the less on to the nails. I am starting to loooove my nails now, they're getting so much longer and they're so strong it's amazing!. My nails now make that super satisfying tappy sound whenever I type (which I'm loving btw). I painted my nails for the first time in what seems like forever. I chose a mint green with a subtle gold shimmer on one nail don't get me wrong they were a tad on the messy side but I'm just a nail ammeter I'm sure within weeks I'll be painting floral #instaworthy nail art on oval shaped nail, okay maybe not quite but hopefully I can do a little neater than this.

Overall I am so happy with my nails, for me this is just such a huge accomplishment especially after constantly picking my nails for roughly 10 years as a nervous habit.  Charlie - 1 | Anxiety - 0 . I hope to keep up my  healthy nail habits and learn some lovely glamorous nail art skills, wouldn't that be lovely?.

Have you ever had a nervous habit? did you break it?.

6 comments on "How I grew my nails in 1 month"
  1. I loved this! I also bite my nails as a nervous habit, and i often don't notice i am doing it! My nails look a lot worse than yours in the first pic though, so i should defo get to work on them. You've given me inspiration, and i may try out the products you have mentioned - thank you!

    Steph /

    1. Thankyou!, It was such a difficult habit to crack, I'm so glad to have given you inspiration I swear by the Sally Hanson nail rehab now, I'll for sure keep using it, my nails have never felt stronger.
      Charlie xx

  2. I made the mistake of doing acrylics at one point despite have gorgeous, healthy nails and they KILLED them! I used the Sally Hanson nail rehab as well, and it did wonders to help bring them back again! Great product!
    Britt |

    1. I always think about having acrylics but I know that my nails will be so bad when they come off, I absolutely love Sally Hanson's products!.
      Charlie xx

  3. I used to always bite my nails. Now I make a point of looking after them and they're starting to grow back. I'm glad this worked for you!

    Faye Jessica x

    1. I'm glad they're growing!. I now swear by this routine!.
      Charlie xx


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