My July goals

I swear, I could plan something a month ahead and I'd most likely still be late, a bit like this post (sorrrryyyyy!!). I've been hella busy and haven't had chance to sit and type up a post. Anyway, enough of my fails let's talk about my goals, my potential successes, if you will.

Start my driving lessons

Honestly, I planned to have this done by now, I'm 20 years old and haven't even looked into a instructor until now. I kept putting it off because of my anxiety the idea of being completely in control of a huge machine is pretty daunting to the anxious mind. On the other hand I can't keep sitting on national express for 9 hours every time I want to see the fam ~ no offence national express you're super polite and your seats are comfy but nearly throwing up because someone ate a dodgy curry last night's just not my style. I should be starting my lessons in a couple of weeks and I'm proper swooning over cute cars already.

Be bloody careful with my spending

Apart from a couple of body shop orders - don't judge, there was a sale ok?, okay. My driving lesson money which I'm saving ready and a new bedding set I'm not planning on overspending this week. Mainly because I can't flipping afford it. My biggest downfall is popping in co-op for some milk and coming out with Doritos, Chicken poppers (which I can't get enough of) and a bag of mini eggs. NO MORE. I Charlie vow from this moment onwards to only buy what I need and stop spending money just for the sake of it.

Spend a little more time on self - care

I usually keep quite busy so self care doesn't really get a look in. I do wish I'd put more time aside for myself but I don't see it as important as everything else in my life, which is a little dangerous because I just end up having like breakdowns over stupid little things because I'm super overwhelmed. I really do believe taking some time out for myself will do me some good whether it's reading a new book (I have some recommendations to come for that one), Doing my make up and hair nicely or just writing a blog post, just giving myself time to relax is my plan.

Step up my social media game

Recently, I stepped up my Instagram game but I'm still in  the process of that - with me being so busy I'm struggling to find time to tweet, snap and post statuses. I know a lot of people will be like oh no what are you going to do *sarcastic tone* but I really want my blog to do well because I  pour so much effort into it. However this won't happen without the numbers on platforms to share it on so I really will be stepping up my game and getting more organised with everything - wish me luck because I'm about to take on a truck load of extra work here, hopefully I manage to keep on top of it! fingers crossed (!!).

I'll of course check back with you on my goals at the end of the month and see what I've stuck to and what I haven't, what are your July goals? 
Charlie xx


  1. I'm 22 and still haven't started my driving lessons for the same reason! Right now is honestly the best time for me to learn but I'm just too nervous about it!! I hope yours goes well and good luck with your goals <3 xxx

    1. I was so nervous about it as well!, the key is to find a good instructor mine made me feel comfortable instantly which is usually quite a challenge due to my social anxiety, Although I've only had one lesson I'm already looking foward ton the next!. Thankyou!.
      Charlie xx