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3 palettes that are perfect for this summer.

Monday, 21 August 2017

Summer is in full swing, I mean if you forget about those torrential downpours we've been having... actually, yeah let's just forget about them. One of the nicest thing about summer is all the blossoms and pretty colours and although the firey bronzes and cool browns of autumn will always truly have my heart, I've found love within these 3 palettes with shades that are perfect for the summer.

Too Faced Sweet peach palette 

A new found fave of mine. Creamy, blendable, pigmented shadows. This one's the most expensive out of the trio at around £40 but I promise it's worth it. The shades are so much creamier than what you could pick up at a drugstore, they blend seamlessly and the pigment is just insane. The shades are too die for, pretty pinks, punchy peaches and a couple of bright colours thrown into the mix - it's entirely up to my street and I can already tell it will become the most used in my collection already. did I mention it smells of peaches?.

Maybelline blush nudes

This one is a little more affordable at around £8. The shades are mainly pink nudes, there are a couple of grey shades to create the perfect smokey eye. The pigment is good for a drugstore palette, some shadows do need building though. However, the shadows blend nicely. I really like this palette for a soft everyday look, with a nude lip - perfect for this summer. I mainly like this one for travel, it's super light, thin and closes with a clasp so no shattered powder all over your suitcase.

The Rimmel magnifies palette 002

This one is again on the cheaper side, roughly £10. There's a nice selection of shades in this one but you do have to build it up for a decent pigment which is why I've left it until last, the shades are really pretty though and are worth the extra build up if you have the patients. There are quite a few mauve looks you can create with this palette making it ideal for summer.

What palettes are you loving for this summer?

Things I've learnt since I started blogging.

Monday, 14 August 2017

My blog will be 2 years old in November. During this time I've learnt a lot about my blog and actually about myself which I wasn't expecting when I started all of this. Here are some of the lessons blogging has taught me.

1. Blogging is so not as easy as everyone makes it look.

2. My photography skills are constantly evolving.

3. Everyone has their own writing style, once you learn yours typing up posts' will be a breeze.

4. The post man will become your best friend as he delivers your splurge on new products.

5. Speaking of products, you'll discover so many cool brands you wouldn't have heard of before.

6. Everyones in the same boat and that boat of bloggers are so supportive, sure theirs the odd person that you most likely want to check over board but almost every blogger I've met is super kind.

7. There's always going to be someone better than you, you just have to learn to roll with it, be more creative, more unique.

8. I don't know one person whos hasn't received a mean comment, brush it off, straighten your tiara and go back to being a boss.

9. DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES compare your work against someone else's.. you're  different people with 2 different writing styles, opinions, photography skills etc it just becomes a rabbit hole.

10. You are your own person, you don't have to like what everyone else likes if a cult fave breaks your heart when it doesn't work (and perhaps your bank account) find your own fave!. 

11. ALWAYS be honest. If you're reviewing a product and you don't like it, tell the truth. your readers and other brands will value your opinion much more.

12.  Always show the blog love, you never know when you may need the favour returning.

13. Your blog is your blog, stuff everyone else's opinions.

14. You don't have to spend £100's on fancy photography equipment, your iPhone and some nice lighting is all you really need

15. following on from last, you don't have to spend a week rent on a nice template, sure they're probably a little smoother and have better qualities but if you're desperate for a template and are utterly skint. There are some on Etsy starting from about £5 either that or you can use a free one from here and just customise the colours.

16. You don't have to skint yourself to be a good blogger, don't feel as if you need to buy things to write a post, dig through your make up collection ~ discover your old faves. Lifestyle posts are a fab alternative if you don't want to buy products for review.

17. writer's block will most likely hit you at least once ~ Here are 50 post ideas for when you're in a pickle.

How long have you been blogging, what has blogging taught you?

Drugstore products I'm loving this sumer

Monday, 7 August 2017

Summer is a strange time of year everyone is all hyped up about the sun (overrated) but at the same time they all complain about the heat and being a sweaty betty. One thing I do actually like about the summer is having longer days just because it makes things sooo much easier (bloggers/youtubers will understand). However, Longer and sweatier days means you need some top notch make up and skincare and speaking of which I'm going to show you some of my top drugstore beauty picks for summer. BTW sorry about the semi dark photos, I legit had about 10 minutes free to take them before today (at 9pm).


I like a matte foundation all year around, having oily skin a 'dewy' finish just doesn't work for me - like it starts slipping off within an hour leaving me looking like a melted wax figure. So in the summer I for sure need a matte. At the moment I'm loving the No7 Beautifully Matte foundation in Calico this one is oil free which is handy for my oiliness and it does stay for quite a while, it doesn't oxidise as bad as other foundations (especially if you use a primer). 


Again I'm a matte girl (I think there's an occurring theme going on here). I think pinky, mauve nudes are best for summer and as I need something that's going to stay all day I usually go for a liquid lipstick. I really love the sleek matte in shabby chic and the Bourgois rouge edition velvet in 07


I'm breaking the mould - in this department I'm partial for lots of sparkle and shimmer. I recently picked up the Maybelline blush nudes and I love it. It's really affordable and has a variety of different shades that will still work well in autumn so totally worth the money, the pigment is good and the shadows are blendable and easy to work with - safe to say it's one of my new favessss.

Botanics spritz toner

This may have been one of my best purchases of this summer so far. It's organic which I like, it smells loovely. It's such a refreshing product for those long hot, humid days plus I got it on sale so it was such a good price (We all know I love a bargain).

What products are you loving so far this summer?

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