Since being a blogger my photography game has improved sooo much, I have briefly touched on some photography tips in the past, one of the tips I mentioned was photography props. The great thing about photography props is that they can show a bloggers personality so well but it can be a little confusing to know what props to use sometimes so I've put together a little list of budget photography props most of which you most likely already own to completely up your game!.

  1. Confetti - simple and effective if you have none to hand simply hole punch a magazine or some coloured card and use that.
  2. Technology - Your phone (if you're not using it to take the photos), Headphones, iPads etc.
  3. Coloured paper - You can always rely on coloured or patterned paper to give you a great photography background.
  4. Washi Tape - Simple and cute, use it to hold prints in place or simply to decorate a plain background.
  5. Fairy lights - My faveeee!, fairy lights will instantly perk up any photo guaranteed.
  6. Flowers - False or real both look great!.
  7. Books - stack your favourite books against a nice bright background for a quick instant stock photo.
  8. Makeup - Brushes, lippies, liners anything to dot around your focus.
  9. Fabrics - A nice throw, t-shirt or even a denim jacket can make all the difference in your photos.
  10. Home decor - I love using candles in my photography, now that we're getting to the festive spirit things like baubles and tinsel work perfectly.
  11. Stationary - Cute pens, bookmarks, notepads and prints make great photo props and you most likely already own them so they're the ideal props.
  12. Accessories - Anything you have... Watches, necklaces, bracelets, glasses, chokers if you don't have much you can find really cheap jewellery on Ebay for roughly £2.

Must have photo props*

What's your favourite photography prop?
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