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My top tips for Blogmas

Thursday, 30 November 2017

In a couple days times it will be the official countdown for Christmas (if you go by that galaxy advent calendar in my cupboard I've been lusting over for the last week) which means blog mas is just around the corner. I did blogmas last year and to be honest, it wasn't the walk in the park I was expecting. I thought I'd put together a few little tips I'm using this year to organise a more stress-free blogmas.


I love a good list, I don't even care how nerdy that sounds at this point. I have put together a little checklist planning the next month's posts, this way I can plan ahead so I'm not stuck with a 'come up with an idea in an hour, write a post and find a photo ready for tomorrow' like last year.

Think ahead with Photography

November / December = No light. I use natural lighting for all of my photos so I always have to make the most of the daylight. I can use the list above to see what photos I need and have a bulk photography 'sesh' during those 3 whole hours of light we get at this time of year. If you're after for photography tips I have a post here.

Bulk writing posts.

The one thing that held back my blogmas last year was having to speed write a post at 11pm and schedule it for 7am the morning after. This year I'm going to make the most of days off and bulk write a couple of posts in advance.

Have fun with it

A post a day is a lot to handle for those of us who only post once a week, and that's fine. If this puts too much stress on you then it's okay to slow down, you can still put Christmas posts out on your normal days, There's also 12 days of Christmas which is a nice way to ease into blogging if you're not quite ready to do 24 days but want a challenge!.

Hope these tips are helpful!.


  1. I've read that so many bloggers already started their Blogmas writing back in August and I'm sitting here like 'oh.... oops'. But these tips certainly comes in hand. I've written like a few blogposts already, but to write down more ideas for the days (and the photos that need to go with them) is definitely a good idea! Thanks!


    1. I would have to do the same if I was posting daily else it just get too stressful, I'm glad you found the tips useful I'll keep an eye out for your blogmas posts!
      Charlie xx

  2. I've been loving reading other people's blogmas posts this year! These tips are super helpful. Unfortunately I wasn't very organized this winter with blogging, but definitely shooting for next year!

    Shann Eileen |

    1. Me too!, I'm glad the tips are helpful.. I'm going to give it a shot next year too!
      Charlie |


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