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A round up of my current favourite make-up

Sunday, 28 January 2018

I used to do monthly favourites every month on my blog. Nowadays, I tend to share my favourites mainly on my Newsletter. I really enjoy reading 'favourites' posts, seeing what works for different people as well as finding out what products live up to the hype etc. I thought I'd share some of my current favourite products with you today. If you spot one of your faves be sure to comment and let me know!.

Too faced sweet peach palette

I have mentioned this palette countless times on this blog. My boyfriend bought me this last summer as a surprise and honestly, I fell in love with it. The creamy shades compliment each other so well and there are so many possibilities for your eye makeup. The pigment on this is honestly amazing the shadows blend out well and that's what makes them so easy to work with. I like this palette because I feel like the colours complement my eye colour so well (brown). I know this is a little more expensive than the rest of the palette's I've spoken about on this blog but it really does stand out from the crowd, It's truly my holy grail palette.

The body shop contouring palette 01

Personally, I quite like products where you get a little more bang for your buck, I feel like you get that with this little compact palette. This is a refillable palette which means you haven't got to spend a lot when you run out of one pan with mine the contour shade is running low. However, rather than paying out roughly £18 for the full palette as well as wasting the blush, highlighter and bronzer I'll only have to pay £5. In the palette, there are 4 refillable pans; a blush, a contour, a bronzer and a highlighter. The fact that this is refillable gives you many perks, I already mentioned one but another is if you're planning on travelling you can simply pop out two shades you're less likely to use and buy one of their eyeshadow refills and pop that in its place to save you space.

Seventeen 18 hour concealer - Extra Fair

I mean don't be fooled by the name, there's no way a concealer lasts that long (not really selling it here Charlie). However, it does still last a good amount of time, it doesn't crease, hardly cakes and covers everything so well which your gal needs when she's just woken up. This concealer blends so well which is amazing, it also suits my hella pale skin ~ yes really ~ and a tube lasts me roughly 2 months. Every time I have gone to purchase a concealer within the last 6 months it's been this. However, I did recently pick up the makeup revolution conceal and define concealer which I am absolutely loving, you can read a full review on that one here, perhaps the makeup revolution concealer will take this one's place?.

Sleek matte me lipsticks

I bang on about these so so much, I mean have you noticed?. I generally love them and they're literally the only liquid lipstick I use nowadays, there's not much I can say about these that I haven't already on this blog; In a nutshell they last well, they're easy to apply and I carry one everywhere I go - I love em'

The body shop skinny felt liner

I bought this as a one-off when I was in the process of going cruelty-free (I still am). I didn't know many cruelty-free brands and the body shop came to mind. I was pretty desperate to replace my Maybelline precise liner once it ran out and the skinny liner looked like the closest thing to that. At first, the liner took quite a bit of getting used to because I generally only buy eyeliners with quite long nibs but once I got used to this I generally really enjoyed using it. It lasts well and generally gives you such an 'on fleek' wing.

Make-up revolution 'soph x' palette

I've only had this a week or so but since getting it, my god I haven't put it down, it's generally the mot perfect combination of shades as well as a perfect 50/50 of mattes and shimmers. This is so handy for if you're travelling or need to cut back on the amount of products you have purely because you can use it not only for your eyes but also for your contour, highlight and eyebrows which I think makes it such a good bargain. I love the fact that this has a massive mirror in and I generally use that to do my full face of makeup (ppl that wear glasses will understand). You can read a full review on this here if you'd like to know more about it and see swatches.

Technic highlight kit

I absolutely love this lil kit, it has 4 highlighters; 2 creams and 2 powders. I usually use the yellow cream highlight to mix into my concealer to brighten up my under eyes and the rest to make up cheekbones/brow bone pop. I think for £2.41 this was probably my cheapest make-up purchase of last year and I generally use it more than most of my other highlighters. The pigment is really good on the powders and you can layer them on top of the cream for an absolutely blinding highlighter. If you want to hear more on this you can read a full review on this here.
What's your holy grail product?

First entry on giveaways, exlusive posts and more when you sign up to my newsletter;

Make-up Revolution conceal and define review & Giveaway (closed)

Thursday, 25 January 2018

This concealer has been everywhere recently. Everyone has it and everyone wants it. I didn't think much about trying it until I saw it be compared to the Tarte Shape tape concealer that's exactly when I ordered it., I'm going to do a full honest review of this concealer and see if it's really worth the hype.

On first look...

The concealer itself is £4 which I think it very reasonable for a concealer, in general, it's roughly what I'd pay for my usual drugstore concealer (Seventeen 18 hour) so I can't complain at that, it's a saving of £18 compared to the cult Tarte concealer it's being compared to. I got free delivery with this because I ordered I along with my recent Giveaway items, I'll talk more about this at the end of the post. The packaging of this is actually gorgeous, it's a glass tube with a metallic lilac label and lid. The shade name is displayed at the bottom (mine is c2). It's really insta worthy and it's a nice size for on the go.


The shade range of this is incredible. There are 14 shades ranging from c1 lightest to c18 darkest which I think is really great for a drugstore concealer as most brands have around 5 shades maximum. You can use these to contour as well which is really handy, I'd recommend using a concealer 2 shades darker than your skin tone, mine would be c4. I think there's honestly a shade to suit every skin tone here.

The application...

This concealer has the biggest dofeur applicator I've ever used which I think is amazing for under my eyes but I'm going to stay away from using that directly on to spots as it applies a little too much and it goes a bit cakey I find, I think I'll pop some of this on the back of my hand and then use a brush to apply it as this uses just enough. In general, this concealer blends well and hides imperfections really well, I was surprised to see the majority of my acne covered as I don't usually get this from any concealer. It lasts well, I've already had this on for 4 hours and it's still going strong, I want it to last another 5 hours if I can get away with it. Looking back on the past few hours the concealer lasted quite well, a couple of areas needed a small touch up but that's about it. Pretty good going for £4.

Overall I think this concealer is a must have in your collection, you can use the widget below to find your perfect shade
You may have seen on my social media that I'm running a nice little giveaway, I've been wanting to do one for quite a while but couldn't really afford it, so as soon as I had enough money I went straight on to Superdrug to order some goodies for you guys as a thank you for reading and always showing my blog so much love. The giveaway includes;
  • Makeup revolution flawless 4 palette 
  • Freedom pro highlight - Ambient 
  • Freedom lipsticks (5) - Pink collection
  • Eco tools - Eye am courageous set 
You can enter here:
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Reviewing the Makeup Revolution Soph palette

Sunday, 21 January 2018

I love a good YouTube binge, I mean don't we all?. I found Sophs channel 'SophDoesNails' quite a while ago and I always find myself binging on her channel, I was so happy for her when I saw she'd teamed up with makeup revolution to create her very own palette.

A first look ...

The palette itself is really quite gorgeous, there isn't a specific 'shade range' there's a little bit of everything in there (Hallelujia for those crease shades that are pale enough for light skin). There are a fair few looks you could create with this palette. There's a couple of 'out there' shades that usually I wouldn't go anywhere near such as; green, blue and purple but sophs chose the perfect shades to make them actually manageable. I think this palette is perfect for any time of year. pretty purples for spring, gorgeous golds for summer, burning oranges for autumn and festive reds for winter.

The packaging...

The packaging on this palette is to die for. The outer sleeve is covered in the prettiest nude pink tones with rose gold embossed detailing which is super insta worthy, all of the shades are shown on the back which I like because that gives people no need to open it up. The actual palette itself is a cream shade, plastic and has a nice strong clasp which I hugely appreciate, as you all know. Inside the palette there's a clear protective sheet with all of the shade names written in white and a large mirror which is absolutely amazing for travelling, you could easily use this for your whole face of makeup.

The shades...

Soph did such a good job with this palette, I truly think that anyone could create their perfect look with this regardless of preferences. Just from a quick look, I can see roughly 6 looks I would easily create with this (Without being too experimental). I've already used this a couple of times, mainly I've focused on the red shades as well as trying out the green which is super brave for me as I would never usually dream of going near a shade like this.

There's a perfect mix of matte and shimmers (12 shimmers, 12 mattes). The pigment on this eyeshadow palette is one of the best I've tried from a drugstore especially the shimmers they look like foils.

The swatches...

Top row left to right; Penguin, Pancakes, Fairy lights, Pink champagne, Iced coffee, Cuppa tea, Grow old, Sparks fly, Smokey bronze, mixed berries, tiramisu.

Bottom row Left to right; Peaches, Cloudberry, Pumpkin, Pine tea, Petrol, Pug, Danger, Strawberry sweets, Festive flame, Copper coin, Mug cake, rosewood, nightmare.

My favourite shades are probably; Pink champagne, pug, festive flame, Pine tea and fairy lights. I usually prefer my shimmer shades and I never do a makeup look without one but this has such a versatile range of mattes that I might potentially create some only matte looks.

Durability ...

When I get a new palette that I love the look of one of the first thing I'm keen to know is how durable the shades are, I usually test them with and without a primer. Without a primer, these lasted pretty well which is something I wouldn't expect from a drugstore palette, I created a burgundy eye look at roughly 1 pm and It lasted through until about 8/9pm; even my eyeliner wore off before these shadows. With a primer the shadows do apply smoother usually I use a silicone based primer it lasts longer of course but I do like the fact that you don't need a primer unless you want one.

Keeping your skin glowing this winter

Thursday, 18 January 2018

As someone who struggles with eczema, I can fully appreciate the struggles of having dry skin. January is possibly the worst time for dry skin because of how bluddy cold it is outside, I thought I'd gather all of my top tips for you for keeping your skin glowing even in these colder months, I hope they help also if you know any tips please do let me know.

"Less is more"...

In terms of your make up the best advice, I can give you is less is more. Don't get me wrong I truly understand the struggles of wanting to do a full face of makeup but all of those products aren't going to do your skin much good. Personally, I've been stepping away from matte products such as my matte lipsticks because even though these are some of my favourite shades and 'matte' is my favourite finish, I find them super drying so recently I've been reaching for my Tanya Burr, soap and glory and too faced lipglosses as well as popping a little lip balm on before I start my makeup routine.

Soap and glory lipgloss, sexy mother pucker | Tanya Burr Lipgloss in Ice queen, cranberry melt and pink fondant
| Ted baker lipbalm, vanilla | Too faced sweet peach, pure peach

Another thing I'm toning down on is powdered products, Most powdered products contain talc which generally dries your skin out more during these harsh winter months, they also tend to draw attention to dry patches, Personally I've just been sweeping a little powder where I need it most (usually on my forehead, nose and chin). I'm also considering switching to a cream contour to avoid packing on bronzer if you know of any good cream contours let me know!.

As far as foundations go I usually only use a matte foundation. Although I'm thinking that a more 'glowy' finish is the way to go this winter, personally I just think my matte foundation makes my skin look so dull and flat and I'm just not a fan of that, especially in the winter I also find matte foundation tend to cling to my dry patches pretty bad, I actually just brought the Sleek Life proof foundation to try out. I'm also majorly against 'baking' because in my opinion which I don't mean in an offensive way to anyone, I just think it's a bit of a waste of your expensive powder and also it really does dry out your skin.

"Don't over load on products"...

For your skincare I would suggest not over loading, as tempting as it is in the sort term, in the long term your skin isn't going to thank you in the long run, At the moment I'm only using a cleanser, toner and moisturiser which is just enough to keep my skin fresh and clean but also hydrated, If you're feeling 'stripped' from your skincare routine I'd suggest dropping the steps that aren't essential such as toner but never skip on the moisturiser also using moisturising products will help, personally I really like the Body Shop Vitamin E range. I find exfoliation is helping my skin a tonne because it removes all of that dead flakey skin and leaves your skin so smooth and glowy, I don't overdo it with this though I use it once a week.

In general I always keep a hand cream in my bag, At the moment I think the Flexitol* hand cream is so great for this time of year, Flexitol is usually a prescription cream so I take comfort in knowing that it's a little stronger than your average hand cream, it's non-greasy and the smallest amount makes all the difference on my dry skin. The Flexitol hand cream has been shown to increase your moisture levels in the skin, You can use this if you have eczema or dermatitis and it won't upset your skin. You can pick this up from boots A huge thank you to flexitol for letting me try this. I do try to keep a lip balm in my bag but I tend to forget to pop one in there, at the moment I'm loving the Ted Baker vanilla lip balm.

"Keep yourself healthy"...

Other ways you can keep hydrated are things you can do in your day to day life. Taking care of yourself is essential for keeping yourself healthy and in return, this will keep your skin looking healthy and lovely and glowy, Things such as keeping a healthy diet rather than snacking on junk (I'm super guilty of this), I've also been drinking plain water which honestly I usually cannot stand, but it is making a difference for me. Something I'm hugely guilty of is not getting enough sleep, this will just generally improve the appearance of your skin and help to not worsen any dark circles and you'll feel much better within yourself as well.

Have you got any tips for keeping your skin healthy this winter?, If you enjoy this post please give it a share, it means the world.

2018 product releases I'm excited for

Sunday, 14 January 2018

If there's one thing that overly excites me it's product releases. This is partly because I am absolutely obsessed with makeup but mostly because the following brands are so on their game recently and there's just so many creative new ideas coming up in 2018 from them! I've found a couple high-end releases as well as a few drugstore so I'm hoping I've found something for everyone. If you get a little too hyped over these please do share it with me in the comments because some of these products have me legit fangirling.

Too Faced's unicorn collection

Photo credit- @iamlazykat Instagram

Did you hear that?. Too faced are blessing us with a Freaking unicorn collection?, We were all so obsessed over unicorns last year whether it be whilst scrolling through Instagram, doing our Asos shop or even simply creating Unicron inspired foods and drinks. Too faced have completely topped our obsession and are bringing out the collection of our dreams. This photo is a sneak peek from Sephora, France and it consists of the following products; Magic Rainbow Strobing brush, The Life's a festival peace, love and unicorns eyeshadow palette, The refresh mystical effects setting and refreshing spray, La creme mystical effects lipstick and last but not least the rainbow stroke rainbow effect highlighter. This collection Launches in The U.S in February Which product are you most excited for?.

Too faced's White peach palette

Photo credit -- Too Faced's instagram

I have come across this once or twice on Too Faced's Instagram and lusted over it just a lil bit. You may have seen too faced share this on Tuesday actually it's a lovely looking palette, it's exclusive to Sephora by the sounds of the posts but enough rambling, lemme give you the info you're looking for here. The palette itself has been designed to bring more definition and light to your eyes and they've done this well with 9 matte shades which are going to be so great to blend through the crease, one of them being black to completely define your look and 3 shimmer shades 'Peach ice' as caught my eye the most, I have to say I'm really excited for this palette to launch on the 16th of this month!.

Mua undress your skin highlighter

Photo Credit MUA cosmetics instagram

Right now you're most probably thinking like 'Charlie hun, those highlighters came out ages ago' but let me show you the two shades that are making a comeback. I wanted to include these because even though they aren't technically new, the range itself is so beautiful and 100% needs so much more appreciation, especially when you can pick these beauties up for an amazing £3 in Superdrug which is a bargain. So MUA has brought these shades back I am desperate to get them into my makeup collection. So the shades that are making the comeback are Aqua Shine (oh my life are you seeing this one) as well as Glistening Amethyst Which is possibly the prettiest silver highlighter ever.. look how lovely they look side by side, don't you just need them?.

Barry M 'Candy Culture' nail varnishes

Photo credit - Barry M's instagram

Barry M has dropped some candy-scented nail varnishes, candy scented!. If there's one thing I actually despise about nail varnishes it's the smell and I feel like this range is about to be a game changer, There are 4 soft matte shades with fruity scents, they're going to be perfect for the spring time and for only £3.99 each which is a huge bargain as well. I have tried a couple of Barry M's nail varnishes before and I really liked using them, they last well and the colours are always so gorgeous as well which is always a huge bonus.

Make-up revolutions Full coverage concealer

Photo Credit - Make up revolution instagram

I know this one has been dropped already been released and pretty much everyone and their aunt is talking about the number of shades this range is holding, 18 shades. 18. I can't stress how happy I am about this one, so many brands when they bring out concealers bring out say 5-6 (max) shades and usually they don't suit many peoples skin tones and then Makeup revolution upped the game, Massively. Makeup Revolution has brought such a Diverse shade range out which is amazing for us fair skinned girls as well as dark-skinned girls, There's looking like there's a shade for all us beauties (Yassss!). You can also use these to contour as well which is really handy for travel or if you're in a rush etc, there will for sure be a couple of these in my make up bag soon!.

Lush's Valentines day collection (pre-release)

Photo Credit - @lushandgiggles instagram

If you haven't spotted these goodies, you're missing out. Lush has pre-released their Valentines collection and it's going to steal your heart. We all know how ethical Lush are and for a couple of their products they're made them 'naked' which is so perfect for those of you trying to watch your wastage and be a little more cautious about waste, one good example of this is the 'Naked tender as the night shower cream and they're actually twice the strength of the original shower creams which means your purse is gonna thank you a lot. As well as the Naked shower creams the range is consisting of so many eye-catching products, the ones that stand out to me most are; Cherry baby, Cherry scrub, Hair doctor and Tender is the night. What Lush product has snatched your heart this valentines day?.

All of these releases look absolutely stunning and I hope I manage to get my hands on the majority (hopefully all) of these products. Especially one of those Full coverage concealers (Makeup Revolution), The Aqua undress your skin highlight and I'm hoping to get my hands on that white peach palette, I still can't get over that Peach ice shade!. Let me know what you're lusting after in this list and if you enjoyed the read please give the post a share.

Ice Inspired Make-up.

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Unless you live somewhere wonderful and tropical (if you do you're lucky as and I'm very Jealous) You've most likely realised that the temperatures outside have dropped to about 2 degrees and the whole of the UK is legit having a meltdown over it, We don't deserve this weather!, we gave up our whole summer this year!. I mean seriously though,  There's nothing quite like stepping out from your front door and turning into a literal ice cube by the time you've got to the end of the garden path. I thought I'd take this opportunity to gather all of my frost inspired makeup and conquer the cold like a complete ice queen, perhaps a like a British Elsa, Except the cold definitely bothers me anyway and I don't have any magical powers.

MUA undress me highlighter in Pearlescent shine

This highlighter was actually a gift from my best friend shout out to Courtney. Every time she wore it I'd complement how much it was glowing, it honestly looked like some sort of magical unicorn highlight (maybe an exaggeration but you have to admit it is pretty mesmerising). She actually ended up buying me the same one for Christmas and honestly, I love it. This is one of the most gorgeous highlighters I own. In the pan, it's a bright white and on the skin, it reflects lilac. The highlight itself is really pigmented and applies evenly. I was impressed that with this highlighter I didn't have to 'scratch' off the top layer as I had to with some of the earlier releases of this product so MUA have certainly upped their game there and these highlighters are like £3 which is actually amazing considering the quality of them, which I would expect from a more high-end brand I mean, isn't it just gorgeous?. You can find this here

Tanya burr's eye glitter in let it snow

This glitter is truly gorgeous, I picked this out of Tanya's calendar it's a small pot of pure white shimmer and I think it's actually the most perfect pigment I own, it's great for unleashing your inner ice queen in this frosty weather. The only thing I will say about this is you absolutely do need to use a primer for this one ( if you haven't got a primer you can simply dot some concealer on your eyelids, blend it out and set it with some translucent powder) because it truly stings like a b*tch when it goes in your eyes, if you're not careful with it (a little bit like no tears shampoo). Even though using a primer is a little more effort, the finish of this pigment is more than worth it. You could also use this as the prettiest, glitteriest highlight it pops so well on the cheekbones. You can only grab this in the Advent calendar which is currently on sale, here.

Younique pigment in Naive

This is such a gorgeous loose pigment, it's a matte light grey/silver shade and it's perfect for this time of year. Younique as a brand is quite ethical which I like, they also tend to stick to more natural ingredients in their products which makes it an ideal brand for us sensitive skin beauties, Even these pigments do not contain unnecessary ingredients such as talk and other fillers. I really like this pigment because it applies so smoothly and evenly they last really well and you can even use them wet for more of a pop in colour. or mix them in with other products such as clear varnishes etc for custom products (if you'd like me to show you more ways you can use a loose pigment let me know in the comments).  I like to pair this with the 'let it snow' pigment for a gorgeous 'icey' look. You can find this here

Tanya burr gloss in ice queen

I feel like I'm mentioning Tanya Burr so much but this girl has brought out some serious winter inspired make-up, I  got most of mine out of her Christmas advent calendar (btw how cute was her's this year). This lipgloss is actually so gorgeous, even the packaging is just to die for and it smells amazing. It's a clear gloss with white glitter through it which looks actually stunning on the lips, This would be really nice for everyday make up as well as it isn't too 'in your face' although I do find you'll need to pop it in your bag wherever you go because it can wear easily, other than that though it's 100% worth it!. You can find this here

Technic strobe kit

I am a huge fan of this handy strobing kit it has 4 shades; 2 creams and 2 powders. The kit itself is relatively small which makes it perfect for sticking in your handbag or travelling, but you do get a good amount of product in the pan  I did a full review on this here. The shades are pink toned and bluddy gorgeous may I add. The pigment is really good considering the price it actually outshines some of my more expensive highlighters and it applies evenly, stays on well and gives you a  nice glow. For £2.41 I'm amazed at the quality of this.

Tanya Burrs glitter liner in silver 

I can't even tell you how mesmerised I was by this liner when I saw it in my advent calendar, It's possibly one of the most gorgeous liners I own. It's surprisingly easy to apply which I wasn't expecting at all and it does last well, The glitter shows up really nicely and gives you such a nice subtle sparkle. I must say I've been completely won over by Tanya's products recently; the quality is really great, the price is so reasonable and the packaging is a bloggers dream. I honestly can not wait to get my hands on more of her stuff; I've already spotted a few baked blushes in Superdrug (but let's save that for the summer). You can find this here.

Have you got any frost inspired makeup?, How are you dealing with the cold?.

A budget gift guide for the January birthday

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Imagine this, Christmas has completely destroyed your bank account and on new years day, you get a little text saying 'don't forget Jill's birthday it's in 6 days and you need a birthday gift, better than that, you need a cheap birthday gift. Nightmare. You're looking at the peanuts in your bank trying to work out what you can get lovely Jill for under £10, Here are some great gift ideas for that January birthday that cost next to nothing.


My first cheap gift idea is so Easy to do, cheap to put together and it also makes the perfect personalised gift, Great right?. Simply pop down to your local Poundland or home bargains etc (sorry Jill) where you can pick up so many different kinds of skincare products, chocolates, Their favourite lipstick, accessories, anything. You can easily add a  little personalisation to your hamper with photo's  or spelling their name on the front of the hamper, pop it all in a lovely wicker basket and wrap it in some cellophane. perfect. The thing with Hampers is they're so versatile, you could do this for under £10 easily!.

Hit the sales

January birthdays = January sales shopping, right?. There's going to be so many Gift's on Clearance. A birthday is a perfect time to make the most of those half-price Bayliss and Harding sets in Tesco, I would advise against using that half-price Christmas wrap though, Jill deserves better than that. You could also recycle gifts you aren't likely to use (just make sure they aren't from Jill of course).

Homemade Gifts

This one is perfect for when you legit have £5 in the bank or are after something a little more special. There are many things you could make, one that comes to mind is a DIY scrub simply use olive oil, brown sugar and some essential oils or herbs and spices, extra points for popping it in a Pinterest worthy jar. This will probably set you back about £3 depending on what you already have at home, Genius. You could make them a lip scrub using the same method and pop it in a little tin for them.You can completely personalise this to your friend's tastes and brag about how you made it just for them!. 

Homemade Treats

Everyone loves a home-baked treat so this one is foolproof really, You can buy some really nice presentation jars for peanuts on eBay, Simply make up a jar of ingredients for them to bake themselves if you're in a rush just don't forget to write down the method and oven temperature a simple recipe for this is vanilla cupcakes, Maybe even a batch of their favourite cookies, Honestly they will be so thankful  Don't be afraid to get creative with all of these ideas!. Another nice idea is a cookbook, especially a clean eating one if they're on a new year health kick!

A day out

Don't worry, I know I said budget, stay with me. I'm not suggesting that you pay out a fortune but at the same time, I'm also not going to suggest you take poor Jill to Morrisons to do her weekly shop. I think a day out is a nice idea as a gift perhaps a ticket to a theatre, afternoon tea, A trip to an art gallery, or a nice brunch. Memories are always the most precious gift.

What would you suggest for a Budget birthday?.

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