I'll be the first to admit that I haven't exactly stuck to a skincare routine in roughly a year (don't judge me). Now don't get me wrong It's not because  I haven't got the products because my dressing table drawer is like an overflowing river of moisturiser (I'd totally jump in that) it's simply because I can't be bothered after a long day to sit and look after my skin ~ my god that sounds bad, doesn't it?. I thought I'd share with you today why a skincare routine is a way to go (Also I need a kick up the arse to take my makeup off tonight).

Let's get down to basics.

Before you start panic buying draws upon draws of toner first you need to know your skin type. There are 5 main skin types/conditions and I'm gonna break down each one for you.

Personally, my skin type is a combination of Oily, Sensitive and dry. I have to be careful what products I use on my face or I end up with what I like to call the "tomato effect". I always try to buy skin friendly, hydrating products and I try to scrub my face once a week at least to take down the oiliness. What's your skin type?.

The basic 3 step routine

When I think of a skin care routine I think of cleanser, toner and moisturiser. For me, this is my basics routine and the routine I'm most likely to stick to at 10pm when I wanna dive into my bed. There are a lot of people who do rave about an 8 step routine with different serums etc and whatever works for you is great, you do you. However, I think if you're new to a routine or are getting back into one then you should be careful to not overload your skin and use too many products at first especially if your skin is dry and/or sensitive. So why is this basic routine so important?.

The cleanser is possibly the most important step in your routine because it washes away all the nasties in your pores like makeup and dirt leaving you with refreshed, soothed skin. As it's unclogging your pores it's leaving you with healthier skin and it also is reducing your pores in size. Your cleanser will moisturise your skin which is needed for all skin types but especially dry, sensitive and combination skin types. If you have oily skin your cleanser will prevent excess oil build up and leave your skin looking less shiny.

Your toner isn't essential in a routine but I would for sure recommend it for your routine because it has so many benefits. It will help to remove anything that your cleanser misses so it's some peace of mind that your skin is as clean as it can be. Toner also moisturises your skin and it refreshes it so well seriously, have you ever applied toner on a hot day?. It also helps to shrink your pores which is great for oily and combination skin.

I can't even explain how much you need a moisturiser in your routine. If there's only one thing out of your whole routine you use, make it this. Your moisturiser could be anything from a thick cream to a serum, whatever you prefer. Personally on my combination skin I like the Simple kind to skin moisturiser for my combination skin. Moisturiser will help to reduce the chances of you getting 'skin problems' such as dry skin as well as this it also reduces the chances of blemishes and acne dream. Another bonus of moisturiser is the fact  that it prevents wrinkles and helps skin feel and look more rejuvenated.

So I'm going to try and stick to my routine and I hope this post has been some help to you, as a round up your routine will help to keep your skin refreshed and soothed, it will also help to clear out your pores meaning they're likely to shrink a little (especially large pores on oily/combination skin). Your routine is going to help you out with acne as you're keeping your skin nice, clean and fresh, is anyone else now skincare 'window shopping' or?.

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