Naked 3 palette, is it worth the hype?

Friday, 1 June 2018

I've lusted over Naked palettes pretty much for as long as I've shown interest in make-up, everyone hypes them up and it seems like there's one in most girls collection. I get that I'm a little late to this bandwagon but I got my hands on the Naked 3 a few months ago and I've been using it since then and to be honest I've got some opinions I wanna share on it, so I thought I'd do a full in-depth review and on this and test to see if it's worth the hype.


The packaging itself is a rose gold tin, it almost reminds me of those pencil cases we used to have through primary school it has 'Naked 3' embossed across the top in gold and it's a complete reflection on the shades inside which 100% drew me to this palette (like a little magpie). The packaging itself is quite durable which is perfect for someone as clumsy as me, it shuts with a clasp which I always like because it gives me peace of mind that it won't come open if it's chucked in my bag.

When you open the palette up you have 12 dreamy 'pink nude' inspired shades; 3 mattes and 9 shimmers, you're quite limited with your matters so I'd definitely say this is a 'shimmer persons' palette. There's also a large mirror on this which is super handy for when you're travelling. The pan sizes are smaller than other high-end palettes I own but they're still a good size.

The palette also includes a double-sided brush which I am so thankful for as well as a slot to store it in, this brush is such a good quality for saying it's come out of an eyeshadow palette it's honestly replaced my current blending brush and I use it all the time. The flat side of this brush is really good for packing on your shimmers though I'd recommend using your fingers if you want the best from this palette which brings me on to the application.


I have mixed opinions with this palette in terms of the application. I'll start with the mattes which I absolutely love because all of them are lovely to apply, they're creamy and they're blendable, they can also be built up really nicely they're also really nice transition shades which makes everything a little bit easier.

In terms of the shimmers I have mixed reviews the darker shades apply perfectly on my lids but generally I'd advise you apply them with your fingertips if you want them to really stand out but the lighter shimmers, I don't think it's just me (perhaps it's just my light skin?) but they just do not apply as well as the darker shades 'Dust' in particular just seems like a different consistency to the rest of the shadows and it only really applies well when you use your fingertips which can be a little bit of a pain.

I've used the palette with both concealer and primer and it's applied well with both, you can also use the palette without it but I wouldn't generally do this because my eyelids can get quite oily which means it'd just be a mess within an hour or so but you would have to build it up a little bit more.


ahh the best part of the post, you get to see all the dreamy shades out of the pan, I used my finger to apply these to show the best pigment possible and I'm sure you'll be able to see what I mean about 'dust' in these photos.

Left to right: strange, dust, burnout, limit, buzz, trick, nooner, liar, factory, mugshot, Darkside, Darkheart

Shimmers - 

dust, burnout, buzz, trick, liar, factory, mugshot, Darkside, Darkheart

Mattes - 

strange, limit, nooner

So is it worth the hype?

Personally, I really like this palette and I would repurchase it, it does have a couple of small issues but that wouldn't put me off buying Urban Decay shadows again, it is quite pricey though so that's the only thing that would really put me off. The shade range is stunning and I really like how durable the packaging is, I would for sure recommend this.

Have you tried this palette?.


  1. I remember those tin pencil cases you used to get in school, this does look very similar! 😄 This is a really good review, the shimmer shades are so pretty. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 😘 xx

    Bexa |

    1. They were the best haha and aw thankyou!, I love the shimmers.
      Charlie xx

  2. Yes! I have this palette as well, it was actually my first ever high end eyeshadow palette and I absolutely love it. I definitely know what you mean about dust takes a little bit of blending to make it work.

    Ashiana |

    1. It's my second favourite palette currently (Too faced sweet peach is my number 1). It does, usually i just use it in my inner corners.
      Charlie xx

  3. Aw I looove my Naked palette - the shimmer shades are gorgeousss and it might not be perfect but it's definitely one I always go back to! Lovely post Hun :)

    Grace Louise ||

  4. You've pretty much summed up my exact thoughts with this review! Just found your blog and I love it!

    Catherine x


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