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Keeping my hair frizz free coming into the colder months.

Thursday, 29 November 2018

I have the Frizziest hair going, you may know this if you've been reading my blog for a while. I've tried many products over the last few years that claim to 'banish frizz' and have been bitterly disappointed by empty promises. After quite a lot of trial and error (and a huge dent in my bank account) I feel like I've finally found products that work for my hair type (Curly, Dry) and I wanted to share them here, in case any of you frizzy-haired gals out there need some recommendations.

Pre-treating | Shampoo & Conditioner

The last post I wrote about my hair care routine, I was using the ever straight combo from OYX. I'm still using OYX but I've opted for the Morrocan oil version instead because I still like the option of having my (pain in the arse) curls if I fancy them. So I'll wash my hair a couple times a week (I try not to overwash it in case it starts getting super greasy, super quick). I tend to switch between the Moroccan oil shampoo and the touch of silver shampoo to boost my blonde up a little.  The products themselves do an amazing job on my frizzy hair and the conditioner, in particular, does an amazing job on keeping my hair smooth, soft and ready to style.

Pre-styling  |  Before blowdrying 

So as I use a lot of heat on my hair, I need to make sure I'm protecting it, Usually, I use ya standard heat defence spray from Boots but I was recently sent a couple of goodies from Design me and honestly, I've fallen in love with them. So I use the Design me,  Fab Me hair treatment and oh my god I generally won't be buying anything else because it's amazing!. I've noticed a massive difference in my hair; It's shiny, looks healthy, Feels smoother, stronger and a hell of a lot less frizzy. If you blow-dry your hair this is a godsend because it makes your hair dry quicker (I don't know how it manages this but it does). I'll definitely be repurchasing this. You can read more about the benefits or purchase the fab  me mist here.

Styling | My go-to autumn hairstyle 

So usually I'd try and stay away from heat with reducing frizz, but as I've been using the fab me spray static and frizz is just dramatically reduced, so I don't need to worry about it. My go-to style is the half up half down with a bun, I love that it gets the hair out of my face but still look nice and also it takes like 5 minutes but looks like you've made a massive effort which is just a huge bonus. If the weathers crap or if I'm in a huge rush I'll just whack it up in a bun for ease, which is what I did today.

Locking everything in place | After styling

Okay so I'm a pretty lazy person and I don't want to have to 'touch up' through the day. I like to make sure I can just do my hair and go about my day, I used to just slap moose on my hair but I'm not really a fan of the feel/texture of my hair after I've used that so I've opted for hairspray but it takes a while to find the right one. My favourite from the drugstore is the VO5 strong hold hairspray but recently I've been obsessing over the Design me 'hold me' hairspray and there's quite a few reasons why; It holds my hair so well and it helps to keep the frizz at bay, it leaves my hair looking shiny and lastly (because I'm a massive child) I love the fact that it has a unique 'twisty nozzle' to control hold which I've never come across before. I use the low hold most of the time and medium if it's bad weather outside and my boyfriend also uses medium when he's styling his quiff. This is just all around a really good hairspray and I'd happily repurchase it. You can read more about this hairspray or purchase it here.

Boots haul & First impressions

Thursday, 22 November 2018

Guess who dipped into their no spend savings?, it me (Did you guess?). I've been doing that thing where I literally just run down everything in my stash before splurging (in the name of saving some money). I took a little walk over to boots earlier and restocked my empties and I wanted to share them with you lovelies so I thought I'd do a little post.

Rimmel Finish 25 hour concealer

I literally have been squeezing my lil real techniques detailing brush into my concealer tubes in an attempt to scrape the remains of the concealer. I picked up this one From Rimmel because I haven't used this one from this brand in years and I really liked the last one I did try. This concealer is in the shade 001 (I always need the lightest one). It has a sponge applicator which I like, It claims to be breathable and I truly hope it is. It sounds like a good concealer and I can't wait to give it a try.

Rimmel #Insta fix & go 

I've been after a new setting spray since emptying my Urban Decay 'De-slick'. It's a 2 in 1 primer and setting spray which is perfect because my make-up never bluddy lasts!. This suggests you use this after applying your make-up and then through the day to touch up. It's oil free which I didn't notice at first but that's great because I have combination skin which makes finding products that suit me so, so hard.

Boots original dry shampoo 

I've come to the conclusion that I physically can't live without dry shampoo (dramatic I know). I know this is going to make me sound either lazy as fuck or grim but I can't be arsed to keep washing my hair daily man. Dry shampoo is just so much easier!. Usually, I go for my favourite Batiste but I'm too skint for that, so I picked up this barg of a dry shampoo for £1.50.

OGX Morrocan oil conditioner

I absolutely love this shampoo and conditioner, I don't think I've brought any other one since trying it. It can be expensive so I do try to hold out for when it's on offer ( A gal can't afford £7 a bottle). I picked it up today for about £4 which is a barg and I guarantee, these are the best shampoo/conditioner you'll try.

Cucumber face wipes

Yesterday, as I cut open my bottle of cleanser to try and scrape out the excess (yeah, seriously) I realised I needed a re-stock, which is actually the whole reason I went to Boots in the first place. I was going to get the same cleanser as usual even though I loved it I just didn't want to spend too much so I just went for the standard £1 wipes I usually grab.

Children in need lucky dip

In my local Boots, they do a yearly lucky dip for children in need, they chuck in loads of goodies and it's usually like 50p a pop. This year it's £1 and the prizes are really good and it's for a good cause so it's a win, win. I went for £2.

 In the first bag I got; The max factor healthy skin harmony which is a lil dark for me personally so I might take that one to the charity shop, The Loreal infallible foundation stick in sable which again is a lil dark so I'm going to use this for contour, or I might keep it for a summer foundation because it's only like one or two shades darker and the Lorreal infallible 24 hour lipstick in coral constant which has a 'boosting balm' on one side and an intense colour on the other, I am so excited to try this out.

In the Second bag I got the; Bourjois Rouge Laque in 06 Laque which I absolutely love!, The colour is perfect (I've been after the perfect red for a while), I got another Loreal infallible in Invincible sable. Lastly, I got the Loreal Paris colour riche lippy (matte) in 654 Bronze Sautoir.

Have you tried any of these bits?.

The palette's I've been loving this Autumn

Thursday, 15 November 2018

I'll be the first to admit I have a lil' bit of an obsession over palettes, I'm always swooning after them, I've currently got my eye on the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice and the Origin by beauty bay I wanted to run through a couple of palettes that are in heavy rotation in my makeup stash.

Soph extra spice palette 

Soph extra spice palette

Soph Extra spice shades.

One of my favourite palettes currently. This palette has so many great shades making it perfect and versatile for use all year round. Whether you want a sunset look for summer or a berry toned look for Autumn this palette is for you, my friend. The palette is made up of such beautiful bold colours which I love, I don't actually have any other palettes like that after my 'warm tones only' phase. The shadows have a good pigment making the colour pay off perfect, they blend so nicely and they're really easy to work with. Overall this is perfect for a drugstore palette. There's a full review of this palette here.

Original Naked palette

Original Naked palette

Original Naked shades.

The original Naked palette is a staple for any makeup collection. The palette is made up of 12 gold toned eyeshadows; A couple matte but mostly shimmer. The shadows are Silky to the touch which is so nice and they're easy to work with. The price tag on this one is a little bit higher than the other two palettes but the quality you get with it makes it more than worth it. As with all Naked palettes, you get the staple brush which is high quality and blends shadows so nicely (I actually use this with all my eyeshadow palettes).

I heart Revolution rose gold mini palette

I heart revolution rose gold palette

I Heart Revolution Rose gold Shades

This little palette is such a bargain at only £6. It's perfect for travel because of its size (smaller than my iPhone) it's honestly the perfect palette to chuck in your make-up bag. The palette itself has 8 shadows; 6 mattes, 2 shimmers which are all rose gold toned. I found with this I did have to build the shadows up for a decent colour pay off. However, saying this I wasn't using any primer and I also get quite oily eyelids (I know, grim) so some shadows generally don't work well on my skin, especially without a primer. The packaging is very 'Kylie' cross 'Too Faced' a rose gold dripping effect and it's actually really pretty.

How to fit blogging around full time work.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Hello lovelies, I'm currently sat in the corner at work with a cuppa, a Cadburys break bar (shh, it's a nutritious breakfast), no customers (not entirely true I've had the odd few and I'm bound to be hit with a lunch queue any second) and I felt like writing a lil post, about how flipping hard it can be to squeeze blogging around a full-time job. Don't worry, this isn't going to be a ramble or a massive moan I'm actually going to be dishing out a few pointers on how I manage to do it all. I feel like honestly this whole year, I may as well of live in this lil' building and whilst my blogging uploads have slacked a little bit, they're still happening and somehow I'm still managing. So how the heck do I do it?.

Enjoy blogging 

There's no point having a job which sometimes may run you down (I said sometimes, that wasn't a moan). To then go home or do something you hate when you get rest time, this isn't to say it can't be stressful or even at times you might not hate it you might hit a slump of writer's block and honestly not even want to look at your blog, that’s okay. I just mean in general you deserve to enjoy whatever you're doing in your rest time. So for me, blogging is my switch off. I started this blog as a hobby to do in my spare time and I don't even think I expected It to last or even get views or anything, I just enjoyed doing it and I still enjoy it just as much now, the only difference now is I think this could potentially grow into something so I've started being more serious about it.


Lists, Lists, Lists

I have lost count of the number of lists and 'schedules' I write to keep this up to date alongside working; Lists for posts; lists for social media; lists for lists. I have a full diary just for blogging. I'm naturally quite an organised person so this isn't too much of a hassle for me to do personally but if you're hella unorganised reminders on your phone are a perfect way to just give yourself a lil' nudge when something needs doing.

Little & Often

I'm a firm believer in this one purely because work does me over enough as it is that I don't want to wear out doing something I enjoy as well. I have my weekly schedule and I try my best to stick to it and whilst sometimes it doesn't work (cmon' am only human) 99% of the time it works for me. Below is my exact schedule (literally just copied and pasted) so please take some inspo from it;

Weekly -

MONDAY -TAILWIND LIKE MAD; Schedule your pins, if I have a busy week coming up do a couple of weeks at a time, Ideally a Monday or Tuesday would be perfect for this when I'm not in spar, I need to get out of the 'cba'  mindset (lol but seriously once it’s done it's done, simple and you pay for it so get your moneys worth).

TUESDAY  - Take photo's for a week worth on Instagram and also any photos you need for Thursday's post.



FRIDAY -  could be used to write posts up. SHARE YESTERDAYS POST (REFER TO SOCIAL MEDIA LIST).

SATURDAY -   plan out future posts

SUNDAY  - Use Sunday for whatever you need that week.

Keep an eye on stats but don't stress over them, They're just numbers!!!.
(Sorry for the atrocious spelling etc here, it's usually for my eyes only)

So as you can see apart from Wednesday and Thursday there's always something for me to do somewhere (I was just so engrossed in writing there, I completely forgot I was at work… it's okay there's still no customers).

Hopefully, this post helped someone but if not I hope you at least you enjoyed a lil chuckle at how busy my life is and how poor my list making skills are (seriously, I'm telling myself off via list because I already know in advance that future Charlie has not filled her tailwind schedule).

Mini Boots Haul

Sunday, 4 November 2018

oooh, the first late post in a couple weeks like Legit I've been rushed off my feet and currently I may as well live at work but onwards and upwards as they say and hopefully next week will be back to our regular Thursday. So grab a cuppa and a hot water bottle (how cosy does that sound) and let's all indulge in the fact that I broke my spending ban, again. It generally feels like I haven't had a lil splurge in ages. I was on my last pump of foundation (actual horror story) and decided to go after a new one so I've literally been scouring reviews for the last week trying to find an affordable yet decent foundation. I kept leaning towards too faced and benefit but I was strict on myself, stuck to boots and fell into the 3for2 trap.

CYO stay matte foundation

I've tried foundations from CYO before and I find the brand itself can be a little hit and miss, the bits I've tried have been a good enough quality for the prices (it's the cheapest stand in my local boots). The actual foundation itself I actually chatted about in my last post in summary though the shade range is pretty limited, I picked up the lightest and it was still too dark but once I have blended it out properly and I've applied the rest of my makeup it works. Although I loved how it looked when I'd finish all my make-up  It did melt off a little in my oily areas (as do most foundations on me) but I didn't have any setting spray on and I also didn't get chance to re-touch through the day so it may be that. 

NYX lip lingerie in Cabaret show,

I've never tried anything from NYX before so this is my first goodie from the brand and I took this as my freebie in my 3for2 and I honestly can't wait to try more, the colour is absolutely gorgeous. The lipstick generally lasts well ( I wore it for 5 hours as well as through eating and drinking with roughly 2 top ups) the only thing I would recommend is using a balm before applying it because it can be a little drying. I'd love to grab this in a few more colours.

Real Techniques Brush cleanser

I've never actually owned a proper brush cleanser (don't judge me) I usually use a hand soap and whilst that usually does the trick just fine I just wanted to give an actual cleanser a go to see if it makes literally any kind of difference and I'm generally not sure if it did. I do like the cleanser you only need a little bit of gel per brush and it brings them up like new and I feel like it didn't take as long to do my brushes as it usually does (with soap it usually takes a few goes before the brush is completely clean). It suggests you use this weekly and I do like the fact it's formulated specifically for brushes rather than essentially whatever I can get my hands on (I'm usually partial to shower gels and shampoo).

I'm so happy with my goodies and I can't wait to grab more of those NYX lippies!, have you tried any of them?




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